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Chapter 12

Everyone had come back from lunch and I was just barely about to go down and get lunch. The conversation with Oliver this morning put me very behind on my busy work day, I finally got far enough that I decided I could have lunch now. I did bring some work for me to do as well, there was always more to do, I didn’t want to fall behind again.

I clicked the button for the elevator and looked around the bullpen. I haven’t seen Weston all morning, it was almost two, he should’ve been here by now, and if he was here I should’ve seen him by now. Maybe he was taking a sick day? That was unlike him, but who knows?

I looked at Riley’s office, I could see that she wasn’t there. She must be in a meeting somewhere else on the floor. We haven’t talked much since she confronted me about the nightmares, I knew she wasn’t going to push me to see a therapist, but I knew she would keep a careful eye on me from now on. I just didn’t think I was at a point for a therapist again, I felt mostly fine.

The doors to the elevator opened and standing inside was Weston. He was dressed in slacks, and a black fitted button up. He was also staring at me with his light blue eyes, I suddenly couldn’t move or breathe.

“Late lunch?” He asks me. It’s like nothing is wrong, like New Years didn’t happen. Like he didn’t punch Oliver because he tried to kiss me and then proceeded to get in a brawl while I had a panic attack.

I breathe slowly then I talk. “Yeah, a working lunch.” I say as I hold up my laptop and step into the elevator.

I hit the button for the cafeteria floor and I can’t turn around to look at him so I just stay in place. “Mind if I join you?” He asks as the doors close. It was a quick ride, I could make it.

“I don’t mind.” I say quietly, I’m afraid that he didn’t hear it, but then he answered me.

“Great.” He says.

As soon as the doors open I step out, his cologne was intoxicating. Why was I acting like this?

“Work, I’ll get you lunch.” He says and that’s when I finally look at him. I thought about fighting him, but I decided against it.

“Chicken wrap.” I say to him and he nods. “Please, thank you. I’ll get us a table.” I walk away without waiting for him to respond.

I head to my usual spot. Since the cafeteria is pretty much empty, it was the balcony, and we had it all to ourselves. This was a hard spot to reserve unless you got here early, or this late for lunch.

I set up my laptop and began responding to some emails that needed my attention. It wasn’t too long until Weston came with our lunch.

“Here you go.” He puts the plate in front of me and see that he also brought me fries even though I hadn’t asked, I appreciated the gesture. I immediately dig into them as he puts his burrito down and sits next to me.

“I have to admit that those aren’t regular fries.” He says and I look at him very confused. I wasn’t aware that our cafeteria had other types of fries. “They’re ‘I’m sorry I got drunk and picked a fight with another drunk guy and ruined your night’ fries. They have intentions.” Weston was trying to be funny, and he was succeeding. How was he able to make me laugh about a kind of serious situation.

I grabbed another fry and popped it in my mouth. “Well they’re delicious.” I say before breaking into giggles.

Weston smiles at me. “I am so sorry about what happened, something came over me when I saw him try to kiss you when I knew how much you had to drink...” I clear my throat. “Had something gone wrong I would have never forgiven myself. I thought he was taking advantage of you.”

“I appreciate your apology, Weston.” I say to him. “Oliver didn’t mean any harm, he was just trying to kiss me.” There’s a flicker of something in Weston’s eyes, jealousy, maybe?

“Are you two dating? Definitely seemed like you two knew each other real well.” I unwrap my chicken wrap and shake my head.

“Oliver and I...it’s very complicated, and confusing, but no we are definitely not dating.” I take a bite of my food. It was really good, probably one of my favorite things to get here.

“Is he an ex?” I chew then swallow my food.

“Not exactly.” I didn’t really want to elaborate more. “I appreciate you very much for looking out for me, Weston. I don’t have many people in my life that do.”

It was the very truth.

Riley was the number one person that has always looked out for me. She is genuinely like a sister to me, she’s my family.

Weston grabs my hand.

“I’ll always look out for you whenever possible. You can count on me.” I could tell that he was being genuine.

“Thank you.”

“Now I have to tell you about this up at the crack of dawn photoshoot I had this morning.” I laughed.

“I am all ears.” He smiled at me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his, they were quite mesmerizing.

It was a moment. There have been very few people in my life that I have had moments with, and none of them have ever felt like this.

Did I like Weston? Like more than a friend?

Did he like me?

I was a mess. He shouldn’t like me. I’d ruin him, he’s a great guy, deserves the world. I am not it.

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