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Chapter 22

I stepped off the elevator and made my way to my office. I was going to tell Weston what happened between Oliver and I. He deserves to know, I don’t want to hurt him. We’ve become so close.

I just didn’t know if I wanted to be with Oliver or not. Had you asked me a year ago I would have said yes in a heartbeat. Now my mind was so conflicted, Oliver was familiar, but Weston was new and exciting.

“I’ll see you on Saturday!” I turn my head towards the familiar voice, and I see Oliver walking out of Riley’s office. He turns around and sees me, then makes his way to me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask him. It was eight am and he just had to go talk to Riley?

“Riley invited me to the engagement party this Saturday. I also wanted to talk to her, I know I’m not exactly on her good side, so I wanted to make my intentions clear.” I’m confused.

“Intentions?” I ask.

“Yes, with you. I know Riley is your best friend, and it’s important I win her over because you’re important to me.” He pulls me in close to him. “I’m trying, Hanna. I want you to know I’m serious.”

He kisses me. I pull away after a couple seconds. “Sorry, we’re at my job, I have to keep it professional.” I turn around to see who saw us, and I freeze as soon as I see the person I didn’t want to see. Weston.

He’s at the bottom of the bull pen, at the far end, he has his camera around his neck, he had two coffees in his hand. I felt sick to my stomach.

I look back at Oliver who is smirking. “I have work to do, I’ll talk to you later.” I knew he kissed me because Weston was watching. He knew. Oliver knew it would hurt him.

“He had to know, Hanna.” He says to me before he walked down and to the elevators. I watched him leave before I looked for Weston. He was nowhere to be seen on the floor.

I had to go talk to Riley. I would have to look for him later and try to explain the situation.

I closed the door behind me as I walked into Riley’s office. She looked up from her desk.

“Why did you invite him to the engagement party?” I ask her. I was upset. I just didn’t know where to start.

Riley is concerned. “I’m sorry, it slipped out when he said he was going to take you out on Saturday. I told him you couldn’t because you’d be at my engagement party, and I felt obligated to invite him.” I sit down in front of her. “When he mentioned the date I thought you had made your decision, Hanna, I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t even get the chance to tell Weston first, Oliver kissed me in front of him to prove a point. I hadn’t made the choice yet.” Now I felt like the choice had basically been made for me. “He looked so devastated.”

“Hanna, you need to go talk to Weston. He’s a good man, he will understand.” Will he really? I don’t know.

Weston was in the conference room all alone on his laptop. He had managed to avoid me all day successfully, but I got some of the interns to text me when he was all alone. I needed to talk to him. I know he was going to be upset, I didn’t expect this talk to go well at all.

I walked into the conference room and sat next to him. He didn’t look at me. I cleared my throat. He still didn’t look at me.

“Weston.” I say softly.

“Don’t.” He was mad. Understandably so.

“I can explain.”

That’s when he looked at me. I could see the hurt in his eyes, I was the cause of that pain.

“Are you with him, Hanna?” I looked down. “How long?”

“It’s been less than a week, but you have to understand that Oliver and I have a lot of history, it’s messy and complicated, but I will explain it to you.” He shakes his head and refuses to look at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

“You chose him. Doesn’t seem that messy or complicated to me.” That stung a little bit. “Your choice is clear. I just need time to move on.”

That hurt quite a lot. The thought of him moving on could send me into a spiral right now, it was taking everything inside of me to keep it together.

“I’m sorry.” It’s all I could say.

“Me too, Hanna.” He grabbed his laptop and I watched him get up and leave the conference room. I felt the tears in my eyes, but I did my best to not start crying.

This felt like heartbreak.

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