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Chapter 7

I decided a couple days before the new year that I wanted to throw a New Year’s Eve party. It was so last minute, I wasn’t even sure if people would come, but it was worth a shot.

I just felt like if I threw this party it would be like it was before. I would be who I was before the miscarriage. I could be fun again.

As I finish setting up decorations and a table with party hats, kazoos, funny glasses, you know all the essentials, I get a call on my phone. I look to see who it is, and it’s the one person I don’t want it to be.


I take a deep breath and answer his call. “Hey.” I go to my room. I needed to pick out what I was going to wear, I just knew I wanted it to be black or shiny. I wasn’t set on anything specific.

“How were your holidays?” He asks me like we were already having a conversation. I used to like that about Ollie, he was an easy going guy, always made me feel good whenever I was around him. In more ways than one.

“Fine, yours?” I was trying to keep the conversation short, I didn’t have much time until Weston came over with the alcohol he picked up for me.

“The usual. I called to let you know I was back in LA in case you finally wanted to have that dinner you promised me.” I roll my eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, Hanna Wilson.” I don’t know how he did it. How did he know what I was doing? He was good at guessing, maybe it was because he knew he was being arrogant.

“If I remember correctly, and I do, I never promised you anything, Oliver Dunn.” I pull out this black dress in the back of my closet. I think I bought it for New Years last year.

“Fine, you promised to think about it and you never gave me an answer. You just kept ignoring my calls, and you know I don’t like being ignored.” There was an insinuation behind his words.

I told him last year, exactly a year ago today that I didn’t want to be friends with benefits anymore. I was catching feelings for him, feelings I knew he didn’t share and told me he would never share. So I did what was best, and I ended it for my sake. I didn’t go to parties I knew he would be at, or lunches with our friends, and he took offense to it.

My twenty eighth birthday, he showed up. He confessed feelings for me, he said he might like me. We were both drunk, and he admitted that he didn’t like being ignored by me. It bothered the hell out of him, which definitely gave me satisfaction at the time. Not now.

Anyway, it’s what lead to me getting pregnant. We had really hot and steamy sex, better than we’ve ever had before. And then he went back to Nashville where we didn’t talk until I was telling him that I was pregnant with his baby.

“I told you I’m not ready, Oliver. We’re just not there, yet. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever be ready for that conversation. You have to respect what I want.”

I didn’t have to be there with him to know that I hurt his feelings. That was only going to end in one of two ways, he was either going to ignore me, like he has a million times before, or he was going to confront me by catching me off guard.

“Hanna-” I hang up on him.

I turn off my damn phone. If this was the only I was going to get him to stop and understand that I was serious, then so be it.

I looked at the dress in my hand. It’ll just have to do.

It’s a bit of a tight fit. I look at myself in the mirror, it’s showing off curves that I have hidden for the last few months. I don’t know how I feel about that.

The dress is black, but very shimmery, it even has see through shimmery sleeves. It has a nice neckline that shows enough, but not too much, and the dress is short. This was something old Hanna would wear. I even put on these shimmer black shoes that match perfectly, and put on a silver choker. I let my brown hair down, it’s in its natural curl form, which I hardly ever wore anymore.

I jump at the sound of someone knocking at my door. I forgot that Weston told me he was on his way.

It was getting dark outside, people should be here soon within the hour, Riley and Grant were both coming in the next ten minutes also. We were all going to pregame before the actual party.

I open the door and Grant stuns me. He’s dressed in all black, in a fitted suit, and he looks really good.

“You look amazing, Hanna.” He says, and I have to remind myself to freaking breathe around him.

“Weston, you look really good, too.” He usually dresses really well for the office, but this was fancy Weston.

I see that he’s carrying a few bottles in one arm. “Let me help you with that.” I grab a couple of them and we walk toward the kitchen where we are going to keep the alcohol and other drinks.

“The rest is in my car, I should probably go get them.” I grab his arm to stop him.

“Why don’t we toast first?” I ask him.

“For?” He asks, and I grab two shot glasses.

“I’m glad I met you this year even if it was less than two months ago, you’re a great person, and to a new year.” I say as I pour us tequila shots.

“We’re going to have a rough start to the year if this is how we end it.” He says as he’s holding the shot glass in his hand.

“Are you scared, Weston?” I can’t help but giggle.

He smirks at me. “Never.” We clink our shot glasses and down the shot in one go. Tequila was my favorite drink of choice.

“Oh, I can already feel the hangover we are most definitely going to have tomorrow.” Weston says as he sets his shot glass down. “And without a chaser, you are a wild one, Hanna.”

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