Wrong Wedlock

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She wished to marry for love. So, when her father announced that she had a arranged wedlock and had to marry the man she had not even met yet, she picked the next best option. She fled. But, what will happen when he took his chance. Will she resist his charm? Or, will the Wrong Wedlock turn out to be their right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Romance / Humor
Muskaan Madan
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Chapter 1. “Evie.”

“I refuse.”

The chair was vehemently pushed back as she stood up from her seat, without caring for what was proper conduct for the lone heiress of f hundred thousand million dollars, at the dining table.


“No! No! No!”

She slammed the fork down on the table and David Stone flinched as the door of the dining room was slammed shut, before looking at the deliciously garnished food on the table. All were her favorites, to make the effort.

What now.......



A sling purse filled with ready cash, her private cards, ID cards, and passport, was stuffed in her white duffel bag with the teddy bear charm, among her clothes. She would not be taking her phone in case her father decided to track her with it.

She walked over to the beautiful white princess bed and picked up the photo frame with a teary smile. Her green eyes skimmed over the tall man holding a tiny black-haired girl high up in the air as she cooed back at him in delight. She sniffled as she kissed the picture before placing it back on the bedside table.

Take care, papa.

She took a final glance at her room and walked towards the balcony of her room before slinging over the railings. Her room was just a few inches above the ground because she was scared of heights and always felt faint at the higher grounds.

She slithered her way around the lawn towards the storeroom and pulled out the ladder, before leaning it against the wall.

I’ll be back soon.

She climbed up the ladder and looked back at her house one last time before she jumped down the wall.


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