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Binding Snow

By Therius Tale All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Binding Snow

Her eyes gaze towards the sky, the light white fragments of ice crystals finally broke from the clouds, the snow falling gently from the skies. The once threatening black clouds have become greyer, floating like a blanket across the skies. The breath of the cold wind flows through the ice tipped branches, crossing the remaining leaves of small bushes. Rustling as the wind passes them, knocking a few more to follow into the breeze. The days draw from autumn and into the serenity of winter.

She looks out from the window of her room, reaching her hand out to catch a snowflake, letting it land gently on her hand. A calm gaze falls onto the snowflake, watching it as it slowly melts on her finger. A deep sigh flees from her lips, her breath frozen and cold. She shivers and takes a few steps back to close her window slight ajar, the hinges squeaks lightly as the window is hooked lightly open.

The wind has taken up in force, inviting the branches and small twigs for a dance with the crystal flakes of snow. Carrying the snow across the street and houses, letting it coat the area of a sheet of white and clear snow. The trees creaks in the distance, the dark forest once in front of her house was now clear. There were no dark pathways she feared, no broken lights flickering – she could see the whole forest now from her window.

She pulled her chair up to the windowsill, sitting back as she looked over her little room. It felt more like a prison at times, only venturing out when she was convinced to do so. Stretching her left leg out, she pulls swiftly some clothing on the floor towards her to place her feet on. Clenching her toes against the fabric of what felt like her pants, and a little softer of her shirt, her feet was at least safe from the cold floor.

A low rush of boiling water flows through the pipes as they struggle to heat her room up enough. The old radiator mounted to the wall, flakes of paint missing but still it fought well to do its job – to keep her warm.

The lights were dimmed down; she did not feel the need for bright light, or the need to actually leave her room. Leaning over towards the window, she tries to pull the thin curtain; blocking curious eyes but still allows her gaze to fall upon the white landscape.

Taking small steps in the little pile of clothing as she heads towards her chair again, slumping into the chair with a drawn out sigh. Sitting back with the dreams of leaving this room, to walk across the failed paths she had taken before, to find the one path she might had missed. A light dreamy sigh flees her lips as she stares out, eyes gazing towards the grey clouds that are letting go of waves of snow.


With the white forest, the snow crunches beneath his feet. A wonderful feeling that has always been loved since his youngest years, calming him and making him forget that he is actually lost. Sniffing and shivering, he looks around the many doors. He has traveled far and long, for one goal. Unsure if a home welcome, a loving smile or a stranger’s regret would be the result.

A low beep escapes his pocket, buzzing and fighting for attention as it becomes louder. He digs into his pocket, finding his phone. The buzzing and beeping was not what he wished for, just another message welcoming him to their network. Instantly, his finger slides over the delete button, clearing the screen to allow him to see the online chat on the phone. It has been dead since last night, the only message that was left was – “I do not want to be alone”.

He sniffs again as he wraps his scarf around him, the cold wind trying to toy with it but does not manage to steal it. He slides his phone into his pocket as he steps through the branches and twigs. Trying to warm his hands with his breath before sliding on his gloves, the cotton warms so wonderful around his frozen fingers.

The snow crunches under his feet again, leaving behind large prints of his shoes. The oddest pattern they make under the boots, which was his thought when he bought them, never that they would lead him to where he was. Luckily the names of the streets did not seem strange or unknown; he could understand the words quite well.

He frees himself from the last grasp of the forest, shaking his right left a little to rid himself of the twigs not letting go. The streets had not yet been cleared, but the distant hum of the sweeping machines could be heard.

A small note reveals where he should head, but during his many times of looking at the note, the house number was unclear. The town was right, the road was right but now it left him with a guessing game. Which door was going to welcome, and what other would turn him away.

He steps out into the open as he looks around, crossing the barren and cold road. Leaving behind his weird boot prints as he quickly crosses over to the first house, a dark wooden door. The door did not feel welcoming; there were no name plates or door bell. He breathes out calmly, the first door lead to an empty house. He did not wish to bring his hopes down as he crosses a new set of snow white stairs to the next door, it was a little lighter. The name plate seemed old, but not faded. He smiled as he stepped back, looking up the front of the house, this was not it either. He could not figure out what did the decisions for him, but it had to feel right, else he would end up looking oddly at a different family.

His steps lead him to a new door, light brown and looked laminated. The name plate looked more familiar as it should, this could be it. His heart raced as he did not ring the doorbell, but softly knocked in the door a few times. He was nervous; he did not know what to say if anyone opened the door.

The door-hinges creaked as it was opened; an older man faced him now. He smiles and nodded politely towards the man in the door, speaking in kind as he introduces himself as a friend of his daughter. His voice calm as he tries to avoid not being too loud, this was to be his surprise.

The father in the door smiles and nods, looking a little confused at first to why this stranger in his door was speaking quietly. Took him a few moments with his thoughts to return the nod with a warm smile, speaking softly, telling him she is upstairs. He then steps to the side with a low cough, reminding this stranger to take off the snow covered boots, as coat.

The light click is heard behind him as the door is closed, his coat quickly taken off as the home seems quite heated up already. The day was young as he could see further into the house, a few other members sitting with breakfast. His loosens the binds of his boots and slides them off, placing them kindly to the side of the hallway. His gaze runs up along the stairs as he hangs his coat into a hook, looking towards the father with a soft – “May I?”

The father nods and smiles, shaking his hand firmly as he joins the rest of his family. His hand felt rough as they shook hands, was a weird feeling he thought.

He slowly takes a few steps up the stairs, trying to tread lightly to avoid them making any sounds. He with problems climbs the stairs after a little, avoiding the creaking stairs. Revealing another hallway, at the end, he can just see a small window – holding out the snow which is dancing across the winds.

Step by step, passing one open door by the other none seemed to hold the one he sought. The last door was closed; a light breeze of wind from under the door could be felt on his feet. Even wrapped in a pair of socks, he could feel the air flow. He leans against the door lightly, holding his breath to listen to any sounds inside. The soft blowing wind could be heard, that was most likely what he felt on his feet. He clenches his toes lightly, nervously breathes as his fingers wraps around the doorknob. He turns it softly; a few clicks as the lock turns the pin more and more to the other side. As he pushes the door lightly open as smile forms on his lips, in the room is the one whom has made his heart urge to venture this far. Light steps across the carpet on the floor, he slowly moves towards the chair where she sits. Shivers flows through his body as he steps closer towards her, his heart beating firmly like a drum. He kneels lightly down to her, still not noticed, his right hand would slide over her right arm. Meeting at her right hand as their fingers fold together. He whispers into her ear in a kind and loving voice – “I promised you that I would be there when needed”.


A gleam in her eyes shines bright as the shivers awaken her body, the calm touch of her skin and the leaving whisper into her ear – tears runs slowly down her left cheek. She tries to look back, but is scared; she does not wish to ruin a good dream. But it felt so right to her. Her heart beats unevenly, like it does not know if this is a dream and should slow down, or the real thing, allowing it to dance away with her feelings. Her hand turns lightly, holding his into it. Clenching firmly to his hand as her body finally finds out what is happening, the beating heart sands blood through her body. Signals in her mind tell her thousands of commands, yet her body only reacts to few of them. A smile cross her lips, a soft slide of the fabric as she swings around to meet his gaze. Her hands meet behind his back, forming a warm and needed embrace. She holds him close to her, now and then.

Her body becomes a precious treasure to him as his arms slides around her, holding her close to him. Holding her in a warm embrace as a light kiss is offered on her nose, making him smile.

“Thank you”, her voice whispers out into the room.

She leans against him and does not let go, her hands clenching at his clothing, making sure this feeling would never leave her. Her head falls to his shoulder as she nudges against his neck lovingly, there is no need of words, and her mind knows how to lead. The tears flow down her cheeks, rolling onto his shoulder, turning the light fabric of his shirt a little darker from the tears.

In a soft voice, he hushes her softly. Lightly his hand runs along her back, following up towards her hair as he then strokes it. Softly his fingers slide through the smooth hair as he does his to calm her down. He places a few loving kisses on her neck.

“You will never hold a day alone as long as I have a say in it”, his voice was calm and yet commanding.

She smiles as she could feel in his words, how right he would be.


The morning passes very slowly for them, as they both are holding in the moment that they have found each other. Not even the family below comes to knock on the door, for a good while they are just standing there in the embrace of a long needed love. A company they sought each and the feelings finally merged as they met.

As the day was permitted to continue, the snow fell heavier across the lands. The two were just sat on the bed, talking and holding each other. Laughing together, and not about something on the chat. They were sitting and talking about how much they had guessed right. Was he tall as she guessed, was she as beautiful as he had guessed – they both agreed to one thing, he would not leave till the time to do so. They wished to share as much of the days they could, and what better day would it not be with the snow covering the lands, the same thing they both enjoy.

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