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You were otherworldly, inevitably meant to be soaring through various galaxies, astronomical in a sense everything mundane could not comprehend.

Romance / Poetry
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Hey. I hope everyone is safe and doing as well as they can be, during these trying times. Thank you so much for joining me on this ''astronomical'' journey! This book is inspired by a girl who lives beyond the stars...One girl I haven't met yet.


I always believed the word perfect wandered beside the edge of superficiality and vanity, however, you were far from both those things yet, it’s the first word I would use to describe you. Without any form of exaggeration, I can sincerely say...

You were perfection.

When we initially met, I recollect always knowing this world was undeserving of you. The soil seemed too obscure to be graced with the pads of your feet, the air too corrupted to be granted residence in your lungs, and scenery too dull to even contemplate bestowing its vision upon your orbs.

Grasping all that though, I didn’t seem to know that the very same cinnamon that coated your body would be beneath mine. That the same bowlike lips assigned to your oval face would be gently nipping on my skin. That those eyes of yours that held not only stars but entire galaxies in them would look at me with so much love and adoration. That a body sculpted by the Divinities themselves would be so familiar with my fingertips. I never would have guessed, all because...

You were perfection.

You were otherworldly, inevitably meant to be soaring through various galaxies, astronomical, and far too good for this world of mine but, I couldn’t be more grateful that this spherical ball of green and blue is where you took your last breaths. I couldn’t be more grateful knowing that when you left this world, you chose to do so holding my hand.

A life lived like yours is a life well spent, and a bond like ours is one I’ll never forget. Maybe now you get to do what you were destined to do; make galaxies unfold.

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