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Destiny Martinez is an epileptic, asthmatic 18 year old, whose birth was a miracle. She is the daughter to the late Oscar, and Hope Martinez. Her father was the leader of the Mexican cartel. After being left for dead along with her parents, her older brother Jesus take his fathers place running the cartel and keep Destiny safe. She's sassy, spoiled and severely sheltered. The only place Destiny sees is the hotel and her brothers clubs. They live in New York City and Destiny has never seen any part of it unless it's from out the window. Luca Rizzo is your typical ruthless playboy Italian mafia leader. The only woman he has a soft spot for is the woman who created him. His father died on his 18 birthday leaving him to run the gang. He's now 24 and is the most feared man. When he comes to America to strike a deal for drugs with Jesus he sees the beautiful girl dancing on the stage so gracefully and hypnotic. Luca wants to know the beauty but learns just how protective Jesus is. What happens when during Destiny's 19th birthday gets crashed by the gang who killed her parents are back for her? ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Warning ⚠️ ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ This story contains •mature content •sexual content • suicidal thoughts •suicidal behaviors! Read at own risk.

Romance / Erotica
crystal rodriguez
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5 years before

Destiny's POV

I'm Destiny I'm 13 years old and I'm the daughter to Oscar and Hope Martinez. My dad is a Cartel leader and we live in New York. We have a mansion in states island. It's on a good piece of land and we don't have neighbors what we have is a community filled with my dads men. I am home schooled because I have epilepsy and asthma.

I was born premie and with epilepsy because my parents had me at 45 years old. I was a miracle, they said I wouldn't make it past my first birthday. In the beginning my parents kept me close, worried each birthday would be my last. My parents keep cameras in my room and a guard posted outside my door because when I was 7 I had a bad asthma attack that nearly took my life. It's still a wonder that I made it.

I have an older brother his name is Jesus he's 14 years older then me. Right now he's away at college in Connecticut. He comes to visit when he can. He's the best ever our bond is that of best friends rather then siblings. He's in Yale studying law and business so when it's his turn to take over he doesn't have to worry about the law because he'll know ways around it.

"Baby girl are you busy?" Mami ask from the living room entry way. I'm sitting on the floor behind the coffee table trying to finish some school work. Her curly gray hair is up in a messy bun her olive skin shimmering probably from her lotion. Her hazel green eyes soft and I see a bit of sadness.

"No what's wrong mami?" I say straightening my back moving my long dark brown hair to my back. My father walks in and looks at me with sympathy in his eyes. He looks tired the circles under his eyes prominent his dress shirt pulled out of his pants. His salt and pepper hair pointing in all different directions as if he's been pulling at it. My nerves begin to rise, my heart beat speeding up.

My father rushes to my side handing me my inhaler, rubbing my back. "Calmatè Hija, it's okay. I thought we should wait to tell you but your mother feels you're old enough to know."

"Baby you know how you're sick b-because we had you so l-late in life?" I nod my head. "You May not be able to ever have Children." I furrow my brows as I try to process what she just said. I feel numb. I feel as if my purpose in life was just taken away. I don't have much time to think. To process. There's gun shots going off all around the out side of the house. The front door is kicked in and a bunch of men in all black break in.

Everything happens so fast. My dad pulls out his gun and shoots trying to block me and mom, but he gets hit then my mom. The bullet went through her and hit me in the chest. We both fall and blackness is all I see.

Luca's POV

I'm Luca Rizzo and I'm 19 years old. My father was the head of the Italian mafia but he was killed last year. My poor mother was a wreck. I moved back home and took my dads spot as the head of the family. I take care of my mom and she's my top priority. She has been so broken I have to fight with her just to get her to eat.

We live in Verona Italy. I've lived here my whole life. I was away on my first year of college when I got the call. I'm sitting in the office of my home. Mom went to bed a little bit ago and I needed a whiskey on the rocks and I needed it now. My phone buzz on the desk and it's Oscar Martinez. My dad and him were starting to partner up. He was going to hook us up with drugs and we were gonna sell them weapons.

"Hello" I say down the line.

"Hello I'm trying to get a hold of Marco Rizzo. This is Jesus Martinez Oscar Martinez son."

"I'm sorry to be the one to tell you but my father has passed a year ago."

"Oh sorry."

"Is there anything I can do for you I am his next of kin."

"I was just calling to inform your father of my fathers passing."

"I'm sorry for your lost!"

"I know they were in a middle of a deal so I just wanted to touch base."

"Yes about that considering that it was my father that knew the operation on how the deal was supposed to work; right now just isn't the right time."

"Yes I was going to suggest we keep the deal but put it off till things calm down?"

"Yes well come back to it. I'll take a trip down and we can work up a deal! I have other dealings in New York anyways so it works out!"

"Thank you. I'll be in contact."

With that we hang up. Nice one thing I can put off until later. I call one Eliza one of my booty calls and tell her I'm coming over. I try my hardest not to bring my conquest home. My mom is old school and won't hesitate to beat my ass.


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