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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Violet’s POV

The Moon Goddess stared at the floor, a sheepish look marring her beautiful features. Khaos grabbed my hand, linking his fingers with mine. I could feel the tension running through his body and gave his fingers a tight squeeze. He shot me a grateful smile and I knew once again I was his anchor, preventing him from giving in to his anger

"It's so lovely to see you both together again." The moon goddess grinned, her face radiating her happiness

"Thank you my goddess" I murmured back when it became evident that Khaos had no intention of making her feel welcome.

The Moon Goddess smiled at me, giving me one of her intense stares as her swirling eyes held me captivated. "I know you don't mean that, Violet, but it's very sweet of you to pretend. I can't say I blame you, not after everything the two of you have been through. Please believe me when I say I am very sorry and I played no part..."

"Why are you here?" Khaos demanded, interrupting our goddess before she had chance to explain. "What else could you possibly do to us?"

"As direct as ever I see, Khaos. Aren't you even going to thank me for bringing back your memories?"

"I should never have been resurrected without them" he folded his arms over his chest, staring down at the goddess with blazing eyes

"I agree. I'm not here to argue with you. Had I known of the situation sooner I would have stepped in long before now. It's up to you whether or not you believe that but I don't want to waste time arguing with you about it - not when there are much more important things to be discussing."

I looked between the two of them, absolutely aghast at Khaos' behaviour towards her but also understanding his hatred. The gods had been having their fun with him from the moment he was born, it was no wonder he no longer held any trust in them.

I, on the other hand, was able to see things a bit clearer. Whilst I was still angry at what had transpired, I knew that we had let her say what she came here to say as the gods still had full control over our lives whether we liked it or not, there was no point making an enemy of them,

"I'm not your enemy, Violet," the moon goddess said with a giggle, causing my cheeks to colour with embarrassment as I realised one of her powers. "There's no need to be embarrassed, its understandable that you would feel that way." She crossed the distance between us and gathered my hands in hers. As soon as her skin made contact with my own, I was hit by an overwhelming sense of comfort and love, my worries seeming to melt away under her gentle, assuring touch. "I would never want to cause any of my wolves unnecessary harm, I love each and every one of you as though you were my own children and I promise you that your pain is my pain." She briefly glanced at Khaos before looking away ashamed. "I'm sure that offers you little comfort, my strong, brave warrior. If the people responsible for your pain were still alive I would personally see to it that they left this world in the most brutal, soul-crushing way possible. There's a very special place in Hades domain for those that abuse children and I hate that that happened to you."

Khaos froze at her words, his mouth opening and snapping shut numerous times. I internally cringed at what I thought he was going to say, the angry was I believed he was going to react. However, he surprised me by simply dropping his arms from his chest and inclining his head to her respectfully.

"I appreciate that."

The moon goddess radiated from the inside out with her euphoria, she knew that she had not lost Khaos. He may be angry and hurt but he still loved and respected our goddess and just like myself, she was willing to be patient with him as he worked on mending all the wounds that had been inflicted upon him.

"I'm sure you know by now that your death was an unusual one," she began, sitting on the chair before us. We followed her lead and sat on the edge of the bed, my face flaming at the memory of what had happened here just minutes earlier. "When you died, your soul cried out its injustice, knowing that you had been taken well before your time. You should have been able to join me in the kingdom of paradise, however, your soul had unfinished business. I'm afraid to say that Hades took advantage of this, snatching you up before your cries of help reached me and he kept you for his own - he has never explained what his intention was for you, but count yourself lucky that Grey decided to bring in the healer to perform the ritual when he did. Hades isn't the ruler of the dead for no reason, any job he had for you would not have been a pleasant one.

"Hades is bound by law, much like the rest of us. If someone performs the ritual, he has no choice other than to let you go. Ordinarily, it would be me that determines whether or not the sacrifice is great enough to warrant releasing the soul back to the land of the living. I hate the practice and wish with all my heart that it would be forgotten from memory, it never goes the way people plan. It would be much kinder to allow the soul to be resurrected, much like your friend Erin."

I let out the breath I hadn't realised I'd been holding when I heard that at least one member of our old pack had enjoyed a safe passage to the afterlife. She deserved a lifetime of happiness and I silently prayed that she would find it in the next life. I wanted to ask about Jasmine but I held back, not wanting to interrupt the story in case she forgot any details.

"Clearly, your soul was returned to your body and clearly this was not done properly. I gave Hades a stern talking to, you can believe that." I glanced at Khaos and we both sucked in our lips to stop the laughter that threatened to erupt. Imagining this slip of a goddess standing up to one of the most powerful gods to ever have roamed the universe was almost unbelievable. She barely reached my shoulder in height and the last story I had heard of Hades stated that he was at least 7 foot tall.

"It was me that returned your memories, Khaos, however since it was not me who owned your soul, I had no right to do so, I'm not even sure if they are all returned, though clearly you two remember each other well enough" she smiled, a look of adoration on her face as she glanced at our linked fingers resting between our bodies. "I'm afraid to say that your memories are a temporary thing. I was only able to muster up the power to return them to you for 24 hours. It's up to the two of you to find a way to return them forever. Once these 24 hours are over, the memories will be gone for good and the bond between the two of you will shatter forever."

Fantastic. I loved her for trying to help but it seemed to me that she had made things worse. Khaos had been remembering me without her interference and now there was a very real possibility that I was going to lose him for a good - there would be no second chance this time.

"You're right, Violet. I've probably made the situation worse but I had to free Khaos from Hades completely." Shit. I would never get used to her ability to read my thoughts. She turned to Khaos with a sad smile. "So long as he still had access to your memories he still had a hold on you, however slight it may have been. You're completely free from his service now and there will be no way for him to try and collect any repayment from you for your time spent residing in his kingdom - he never gives without asking for something back, despite the fact that no one in the underworld is there willingly."

"So what do we do to keep the memories? Can we mate again and secure our bond once more?" Khaos asked. He dropped my hand and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees as he fixed the goddess with an intense stare.

"I'm afraid not. As far as Violet is concerned, she is already mated. Both her wolf and her human soul claimed you for her own as soon as she saw you again. Your soul was too broken to recognise her, which is why your wolf has been screaming at you to take her back and make her your own, but your human side has denied her even when presented with the evidence of your mark. In short, you cannot mate because Violet already has a living mate - you all know the only way to get a second chance is if your first mate has passed away. Clearly, you're both still alive and well. You will need to find a way to restore those memories permanently, there is no shortcut around this, unfortunately."

Khaos gave a growl of annoyance. "But you can't help or aid us in any way? There's no hint you can give us to help? I could potentially be leaving my mate and child for the second time - but this time much worse as my child will be old enough to understand." He pushed his hands through his hair, pacing up and down the room with long, angry glides.

"I'm sorry Khaos, I truly am - if there was any other way..." she looked to me for support, tears pooling in her eyes.

"We appreciate everything you've done for us - thank you" I murmured, crossing over to Khaos and wrapping my arms around his back as he stared out of the window.

I felt the air around me shift, seeing out of the corner of my eyes that the moon goddess began to shimmer, slowly fading away as she left us in peace to enjoy the time we had together.

I kissed Khaos shoulders, gently drawing him out of his own mind and back to the moment. "Talk to me" I whispered against his skin, planting soft kisses along his back.

"I can't lose you again Violet. How can I do this to you, knowing I'm going to be leaving you with a heartbroken boy to deal with at the end of it?"

"We won't tell Eros. That way, if the worst happens and we're not able to return your memories, he won't know what he has lost. We'll spend this time together as a family, making memories that will carry me through the rest of my life should I lose you. Let's not spend the next few hours resenting how our lives have turned out and instead be grateful for the short time we've been promised. We've got a second chance, Khaos, not many people can say that. We should make it count whilst it's here and not regret a thing."

He turned and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close until my body was pressed tightly against his. He pushed his nose into my hair and inhaled deeply. "Once again, little one, you're absolutely right. And since we can't spend time together as a family until that son of ours wakes up, I have another way we can pass the time." He bent down low and scooped me up into his arms, carrying me bridal style towards the bed.

"Lead the way, Alpha" I whispered into his ear, shrieking with laughter when he slapped my ass and threw me down on the bed.

I clenched when he looked down at me, his face fierce and full of desperate need. "I'm going to have my fun with you tonight"

I smiled widely. I couldn't wait.

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