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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Khaos' POV

"What are you wanting me to say? There's no huge story, I brought you back simply to manipulate Violet into coming to live here with Eros. She wants to count herself lucky that I did, if not for you she would probably be dead by now - my warriors can be quite rough when they want to be." He said with a disgusting grin. It didn't take a genius to figure out what he meant.

I tightened my grip on his neck, enjoying seeing his skin take on a blue tinge. I was moments away from ending his life when I heard Violet let out a shout of pain next to me.

"Eros" she whispered, clutching her chest as her contorted in more pain. I dropped Grey immediately and rushed to her side.

She looked up at me with wide, panicked eyes. "It's Eros. Something is wrong, the bond its..." she didn't get to finish her sentence. I was out of the room in an instant, flying down the corridor to get to my son's room

I kicked open the door, not missing a beat as I took long, angry strides over to his bed, my heart in my throat. I ripped the covers back and confirmed what I already knew but had to see with my own eyes. His scent had been all over that corridor, I knew he wouldn't be in that bed.

Violet was hot on my heels, falling to her knees when she saw the empty bed.

I raced back to Grey, seizing him by his shirt and hauling him against the wall.

"What have you done with him?" I growled, my canines elongating as my wolf came to the surface, ready to protect my pup.

"N-nothing" he stuttered and I growled even more fierce, bring my face close to him. "Don't lie to me old man - where is my son!"

Warriors raced down the hallway, ready to protect their alpha. I turned on them, bracing myself for their attack, keeping one hand wrapped around Grey's throat.

One of the soldiers shot me a nasty sneer, "The young alpha sounded the alarm - he was last seen shifting into his wolf and heading for the forest to the East."

That was all I needed. I once again dropped Grey to the floor and allowed my wolf to take complete control.

Setting off into a run, my wolf burst free and we were in my wolf form before my feet touched the ground again. I headed straight for the entrance of the packhouse doors, inhaling deeply to catch the trail of scent my son had left behind.

Stay here, just in case he comes back I shot to my mate over the mind link, hoping that there was enough bond left between our wolves for it to work. She was in no state to go looking for him, every breath she took caused her more and more pain as the bond between herself and Eros weakened further.

Heads were going to roll tonight when I found out who was responsible for this.


Violet had taught our son well, he used every trick in the book to disguise his scent. Luckily for me, I had taught his mother everything she knew and it wasn't long before I was able to pick up the scent in his new location, his tactics not throwing me off for long.
My wolf howled out to him, first trying to reason with him, then turning to alpha authority as he refused to listen and still he avoided me, pushing his little body to run faster.
I heard an answering growl shoot back at me, one that was filled with such pain and anger and I knew I was making progress. He was running because he was hurt, the initial adrenaline would wear off soon as his wolf stopped to lick his wounds before coming up with a logical plan.
In the distance I saw a flash of darkness against the trees and made a sharp turn to follow it, gaining on him with every long stride of my legs. Eros' wolf snapped and snarled at me, warning me to stay away but he would submit, if only I could get close enough to him.
I hated to do it, but I had to show his wolf who was in charge here. As soon as the wolf was under control I would be able to reason with the human inside him much easier, I would give him all the love and comfort he needed but his wolf needed to be restrained first
I thought back to how I would have dealt with unruly pups in my back - with them the easiest and most efficient way had been to pin them down by the scruff of their neck. I hated the thought of doing that to my son, but I had to stop thinking with my human way of rationalising things and remember that I had a crazed wolf on my hand that could very easily turn dangerous.
I burst forward, using all my strength in my hind legs to help propel me and give me the extra boost I needed and raced in the direction I had last spotted Eros.
He was slowing, his wolf growing tired and confused, realising that in their haste to get away they were starting to circle around the forest rather than leave it.
I let out a warning grown and pounced, landing straight on his back and pinning him underneath me. His head shot round to try and snap at me as he snarled his anger, but I detected the trace of hurt in his growls. I let my old Alpha power surge through me as I bit down on the nape of his neck, successfully subduing his wolf who realised that he was now in the presence of someone who far outranked him.
With his wolf under control, I climbed off him and moved a distance away, shifting to human as I waited for him to follow suit. I would take this at his pace, I wouldn't rush him.
It didn't take long before I heard the first bone break as he began the shift. I closed my eyes to give him a moment of privacy to complete it before staring at him with a stern look on my face.
I had no experience as a parent - I had never been one before and I had certainly had no leading examples from my own childhood and so I felt out of my depth, having to rely on my instincts that I was approaching this in the right manner.
"Hey, champ. Nice to see you again. Something on your mind?" I asked, cringing at my own tone at how nonchalant I was being about it. My thoughts were that if I didn't make a big deal out of it and stamp my authority all over him he might open up to me and let me be privy to what had made him try to run away.
"Go away" Eros muttered and I simply tutted at him.
"I can't exactly leave you alone in the woods now, can I? If you're not ready to talk, that's cool" I said, settling back against the nearest tree, crossing my legs out in front of me spare his embarrassment as I hid my nudity. Wolves were usually used to nudity from a young age, however, knowing that Eros had not been raised in a pack environment had me knowing instinctively that he would appreciate this. "I've got all night, there's no rush"
For the first time, I noticed that Eros had been carrying a little bag in his mouth that he had dropped to the floor when he shifted. I watched as he pulled out his clothes and his coat and began to get dressed.
"You came well prepared, huh buddy?"
"My mum told me to always keep a change of clothing with me. And anyway, don't call me that. I'm not your buddy" he almost shouted, pouting his lower lip.
I held my hands up in surrender, raising my eyebrows at him. "I was your buddy this afternoon, what changed?"
He didn't answer me, he simply looked at his coat and hesitated a brief moment before handing it to me. "You'll be cold."
Despite myself, I smiled at his consideration. "I don't think it will fit me, but thank you anyway. You wear it, I'm much more used to the cold than you are. Or we could always head back to the packhouse and talk there?"
"No!" he shot out, his tiny face crumpling as he struggled to hold back his tears.
"Why not?" I pressed, knowing that he was on the edge of cracking. "What's upsetting you?"
"You're all liars! I heard you! You, my mum, grandad! You all lied!"
Shit. "What did you hear, bud... Eros?" I caught myself at the last minute and the frown that was on his face deepened further as he contemplated what to say.
"I heard you say you were my dad, I saw you hurting my grandad. Even my mum said you were my dad, you've all lied to me!" He finally broke, choking on his last word as the sobs wracked his little body. I scooped him into my arms, pleased that he didn't resist.
"You're right, we did lie to you. I know its difficult to understand but we did it to protect you. A lot of things happened before you were born and then a lot of people did some silly things afterwards. What did uncle Chris say to you earlier? A grown-up question deserves a very grown-up answer, doesn't it?"
He sniffed and nodded his head at me. "I don't think the forest in the middle of the night is the best time, do you? What do you say we head back to the house and find your mum? We can talk together, the three of us, and try and explain everything that's been happening?"
"Okay," he whispered, looking down at the floor.
I stood him on his feet and shifted into my wolf, crouching down low in front of him so he could climb on my back. The moment he was settled, with his feet tucked under my stomach, I headed off back to his waiting mother.

Violet's POV
"Oh thank the Goddess" I cried the minute I saw my two boys come into focus.
I raced towards them as Khaos lowered his body to the ground so Eros could climb off his back. I reached out to him but he twisted his body away from me, shrugging my hand off his shoulder.
"Eros...?" I questioned, feeling my heart breaking at his reaction as he stomped into the packhouse.
"Let him go, Violet" Khaos said, grabbing hold of my arm to prevent me from chasing after him. "He knows," he told me quietly.
"I don't know, he didn't say, but he knows I'm his father and he's understandably angry that we've been lying to him. I know you know him best and I probably have no right to say this, but I wouldn't push him tonight. Let him have time to process it - he will come to us when he's ready."
"We haven't got longer than tonight!" I snapped, ripping my arm out of his grasp. "We've not found a way to keep your memories so I'll be left to deal with the aftermath of this, once again on my own to pick up the pieces. No! We are dealing with this right now!"
I stormed after Eros, catching up to him before he could enter his room. "Eros. Don't walk away from me."
"Violet..." Khaos warned from behind me but I ignored him. I had no idea why I was pushing this so hard, other than I was scared of the strange twist my relationship with my son had taken. I had never disappointed him before and wouldn't have done so now if people didn't feel the need to meddle in our life! I felt as though my entire life was spiralling out of control, that everyone else was making decisions for me.
"I'm going to sleep," Eros said coldly, sounding much older than his years. He slammed the door shut in my face before I could say another word.
I slumped down to the floor, feeling as though I had failed my son. Khaos sat down next to me, resting his arms on his knees.
"I'm becoming quite the agony aunt tonight" he joked. "First Eros, now you. After I'm done here I might go and see if there's anything Grey needs to get off his chest."
I grinned despite myself. "He hates me, Khaos" I whispered, my face dropping.
"He doesn't hate you. He's hurt and probably more than a little confused. He'll come round and deep down you know it. You're also scared and hurt, so it's understandable that you're thinking the worst. I promise you that he's going to want his mum back, he just needs some time. It's the least you can give him" he nudged my shoulder with his own and I looked up at him, tears threatening to spill from my eyes
"He didn't even give me a kiss goodnight"
"So give him a double kiss tomorrow. Knock on the door and tell him you love him, remind him that you'll be here in the morning if he needs to talk and then come to bed with me. Sleep on it"
I did as he said, telling Eros through the door that he was my entire world and I was sorry for lying. Khaos stroked my arm, reminding me I was in danger of saying too much and led me towards the bedroom.
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