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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Violet's POV

I woke in the morning, an eerie feeling of dread settling around me. It felt strange to wake up and have no one here - Khaos had already up and left and Eros didn't come running in for his usual morning kisses, not that I could blame him after what went down last night.

I rolled over and cuddled the pillow that Khaos had been using, inhaling his unique scent as I let the events of the last few days replay in my mind.

I was almost scared to leave the warmth and security of this bed, it seemed, despite my best intentions, that things were destined to always turn into a heaping pile of shite wherever I was concerned.

Sighing heavily, I swing my feet out of the bed and that's when I saw the piece of folded paper on the bedside table underneath the base of the lamp


Eros is spending the morning with myself. If you haven't forgotten, we have a very busy afternoon ahead of us and Eros needs time to prepare for this, considering he now knows the truth about who and what he is. I've already seen Khaos and he's more than looking forward to it.

See you at the ceremony,


Ceremony? What on Earth was he talking about? There was no ceremony taking place that could possibly concern Eros. Unless once again something had been planned behind my back - no doubt to do with the ridiculous notion of Eros replacing him as the next Alpha. Though why Khaos would be bothered about this... I passed it off as the crazy ramblings of an old man and strengthened my resolve to get out of this place as soon as possible

I was about halfway through getting ready for the day when it all came flooding back, sending a rush of nausea through me. Today was the day that Khaos chosen mate was due to arrive!

I grabbed the nearest clothes I could find and raced down the corridors of the packhouse towards Khaos' rooms, banging on the door with my fists

He answered the door with a casual stance, staring at me with a blank look on his face.

"Good morning, omega." he smiled politely, though his eyes held a confused gleam. "Did Grey send you? I didn't think Astrid was arriving until this afternoon"

I felt as though I had been punched in the stomach. I closed my eyes and sent a silent prayer to the moon goddess, hoping that this wasn't happening but knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that we handn't been successful and his memories were gone.

"Khaos" I breathed, "please don't do this to us. You know who I am, if you look inside yourself deep enough you'll remember, I'm sure of it"

He looked at me as though I was insane and lifted his arm up, holding it on the doorframe as though to prevent me from entering the room. "I'm really sorry but I don't know who you are? My memory isn't the best these days so you'll have to forgive my rudeness. Grey gave me all the omegas names but he didn't have time to introduce me to all of you..."

"I'm not an omega, I'm your fucking mate" I burst out but he simply shook his head sadly.

"I'm sorry, you're mistaken. It's Violet, isn't it?" my hopes were raised slightly, only to be shot down with his next words. "Grey stopped by this morning and warned me that you might be paying me a visit. I realise you have recently lost your mate and your wolf is having a hard time coming to terms with it - I can only imagine that pain you're in.."

"No, that's not what's happening here!" I knew I sounded desperate and pathetic. Khaos shot me a sad smile, shaking his head with a look of pure pity.

"I understand you're confused, but it would be cruel of me to pretend. I'm not your mate, Violet. My mate is arriving in a few hours, I think its best if you and I keep our distance from this moment on. I promised her there was no one in this pack that I had been with and I don't want to start our mating with her thinking I lied to her. I'm sorry" and with that he closed the gently in my face, leaving me standing on the other side with my mouth agape.

I heard an alarm sounding out in the room, probably a reminder set so that he would get ready for the ceremony in time.

I slouched back to my room, my shoulders hunched over as self-pitying tears spilt down my cheeks. I couldn't do this again, I couldn't go over this once more. This was the second time I had lost Khaos and I simply didn't have it in me to fight for him any more. It was different when it was just myself, but now Eros was mixed up in this crazy mess and it wasn't fair to keep hurting a young boy like this.

As though he could sense I was thinking about him, Eros rounded the corner of the corridor heading for my room, drawing up short when he saw me.

For the first time in his life, I didn't know how to greet my son. Any other day I would be throwing my arms open wide and he would come running, chatting in his sweet voice, his words rushed and excited as he filled me in on every detail I had missed the brief time we were apart.

Not today though. Today he stared at the ground, scuffing his toes along the carpet.

I pushed my ego to the side, refusing to wallow in my hurt. My son came first, always.

"Hey, munchkin" I called out to him. "I've missed you. Do you have a hug for your mummy?" Of course, he did, he raced down the corridor and threw himself into my waiting arms, needing me as much as I needed him.

"I'm sorry baby, so, so sorry. I should never have lied to you" I sobbed, planting kisses all over his face. "You are the most important thing in the world to me and I am so sorry that I hurt you. I promise to never lie to you again. I sometimes forget how old you are for your age" I brushed the hair off his forehead and gave him a wide smile. "Am I forgiven?"

He sniffed as he nodded. "Where's Khaos?" he asked, looking behind me as though Khaos was about to jump out at any moment - I could understand him thinking this way. Khaos and I had been stuck together like glue ever since I had stepped foot into his life.

"Oh honey, Khaos is... Khaos isn't well. Come with me, I'll tell you everything"


I did my best to explain the situation to a visible confused Eros. How did you explain to a child so young something that you barely understood yourself? It was near impossible.

I could see his heart breaking as I explained about Khaos' memories and how any moment now he was due to commit to another woman during his mating ceremony and this time there was no place for us in his life, not now he had forgotten us again. I emphasised over and over that this was not Khaos' fault, he had done his best to fight against the Moon Goddesses words.

He looked sadder than I had ever seen him as he asked, "can we leave here, mummy? I don't like it here any more, I want to go back to my own room in our cottage. Nothing good happens in this pack"

"We can leave as soon as you like, however, I think we should watch the ceremony, we'll sit in the back and watch as he starts his new life with his mate. It'll be a nice way for us to say goodbye and wish him a lifetime of happiness, then the two of us can slip out unnoticed? What do you say?"

He hesitated a moment but nodded, as I knew he would. Even if he hadn't agreed I would have pushed the matter, knowing that in a few years he would regret not having this opportunity to say goodbye, even if Khaos didn't realize what we were doing.

We both turned our head to the window as we heard the fanfares ring our, signalling that Astrid had arrived.

"That's our cue buddy. You ready?" I asked, standing up and holding my hand out to him, squeezing his little fingers when he placed his hand in mind.

As I closed the door behind us, I gave one last look around the room. So much had happened in such a short time in that tiny space, it was as if the ghosts of the past replayed in my mind to torture me. I saw Khaos as he kicked the door down and joked with me, saw him as he knelt by the bed in front of me and kissed his way up my legs. I closed my eyes against the vivid memories and tried to shake them off

Eros wasn't the only reason I was attending this ceremony. My wolf and I needed the chance to say goodbye as well. We were finally letting go of Khaos, as we should have done years ago.

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