I Dare You (#2) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Violet’s POV

All Hell broke loose.

Astrid let out a screech of anger and embarrassment that echoed off the walls, her father demanded to know what the fuck was going on. Grey was headed towards Khaos, his face red and tight with his fury. Every member of the pack began to shout out, demanding answers and only Eros and I remained silent, staying exactly where we were out of the way.

Khaos looked unfazed as he walked towards the laptop that had been playing the beautiful song that Astrid had walked down the walkway to. He plugged in his phone and the entire room went hush as an image of Khaos appeared on the projector.

He looked around the room, catching my eye and smiling as he pressed play and we were all held enraptured as he began to talk

I recognised immediately where he was in that video and when it had been recorded. He was in my room last night, making sure that my sleeping body in the bed behind him was in the shot as he addressed himself:

"You're probably wondering why there was an alarm on your phone asking you to check the videos that had been recorded on it that day and why I set this to happen exactly an hour before Astrid was due to arrive. I had to make sure you didn't see this too early, I knew Grey would be looking for you this morning and I wanted you to be able to lie to him convincingly. His wolf may be old but he's sharp - he would have known if you were hiding something from him. There are three reasons I have made this video for you.

"The first one is to let you know, beyond all reason, that Grey is a liar. Do not trust him.

"The second is that you are a pawn in a game with the Gods. They have tried to take any shred of happiness away from you. You're probably confused and can't remember ever making this video and there's a very good reason for that, which I will explain soon

"The third, which is the most important and the reason for your happiness is that you are already mated. If you can see this beautiful, ravishing creature behind you" he moved out of the way so the camera could focus on me, "this is your mate. This wonderful, amazing wolf who has single-handedly raised your child and stood by your side throughout everything is the woman you have given your life and soul for time and time again. She is the very reason for breathing."

I didn't hear anything else that was said for a moment as I fell to my knees and sobbed.

He had done it. He had fucking done it.

Despite the odds, he had found a way to defy the gods and come back to me.

Members of the pack began to turn their heads back as they noticed my presence, their eyes widening as they realised who I was before turning back to watch and listen to the rest of what Khaos had to say.

He held no prisoners as he revealed everything - starting from his awful childhood, to finding me, to finding out I was pregnant with our child. He revealed thoughts and feelings that he had never uttered to me before. He told of the attack on his pack, the desperate search for Jasmine and all the other members he had lost, how his mother had almost killed him and how he had eventually sacrificed himself to save me and Eros a life of pain.

Angry eyes turned towards Grey as Khaos hardened his tone and revealed exactly what part their alpha had played in all of this.

The video went on, leaving no stone unturned, no detail spared as Khaos reminded himself of everything that had happened. He left a special message for Eros, letting him know how much he loved him and how much he regretted not being there for him but that he would be honoured to have a place in his life going forward, so long as Eros wanted him that is.

Before the video had even ended, I couldn't take it anymore. I launched myself to my feet and raced down the aisle, throwing myself into his arms.

He scooped me up and held me close, whispering his love in my ear. He opened his arms once more as he saw Eros approaching in a run and the three of us held tight to each other as the crowd cheered, a few of them wiping their eyes at the sweet sight we made. Even Astrid removed the scowl from her face, knowing that choice mates were no comparison to true mates, two souls that were destined to be together.

Khaos planted one last kiss to my lips and pulled away to turn off the video and once again address the crowd.

"I think you all know what's coming next. As much as I want to take my family far away from here, there's one person here who still needs to be punished for their crimes. So, Grey, I hereby challenge you to death for the position of Alpha of the Blood Moon pack."

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