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Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Violet’s POV

Every member of the pack came together in silence before they shot to their feet and raced for the door, sickening me with their excitement of seeing such a fight.

Grey puffed his chest out, a worried look crossing his face for a split second. He knew that he had to do this, he couldn’t refuse a challenge such as this, doing so would result in an automatic forfeit of the fight and he would be sentenced to death anyway. He had no choice but to commit to it.

He walked out of the hall once all the wolves had left, throwing an angry sneer at the three of us.

“Khaos” I breathed, turning my attention on him, “you don’t have to do this. We could leave now. Why risk everything now? Now that we have it all?”

“I can’t do that, Violet, you know that. Grey has to pay for what he’s done. It’s not just what he’s done to you and I... the way that he leads this pack is despicable.” I knew he was right. I remembered all too well the threats he had thrown my way in regards to the vile acts he committed alongside his warriors. Khaos was thinking beyond the two of us, he knew the Omegas in this pack were living a life of pure terror and fear - his video had informed me of that much. They had no choice but to accept the brutal treatment as night after night they were used in the worst possible way.

“You better return to me, Khaos” I warned, poking him in the chest. “If I lose you after all this, I will personally ask Hades to make your afterlife the worst pain you could ever imagine.”

“I’ll be back before you know it, I promise”

He gave Eros a kiss on his head and headed towards the fighting arena. I didn’t doubt him, I knew the anger that he was holding back. As soon as that was unleashed, he would be a force to be reckoned with. Deep down, I knew that Grey didn’t stand a chance against someone so formidable.

“Well, kiddo, what do you say we go and watch your daddy kick some ass?” I was slightly worried how he would respond to the whole situation - Grey was his grandfather after all and despite my hopes he had formed a bond with him over the few days we had been here.

Eros’ eyes sparkled as his wolf came forward, relishing the thought of such a fight and putting all my fears to rest. “Let’s go!” he called excitedly and ran out the doors.

Khaos POV

I entered the fighting arena, noticing that Grey was already in his wolf form, ready to get this all over with. He growled at me as I stepped closer, shredding my shirt and stepping out of my trousers.

One of his warriors called out to the pack, letting them know the rules, though this was just a formality. There wasn’t a wolf here who was in any doubt as to what the outcome of this fight would be. One of us would die and the other would rule as alpha. There were no ifs or buts about it.

I shifted into my wolf, standing on my hind legs for a brief moment, causing a gasp to ripple through the crowd before I fell to all fours with a loud thud.

Grey eyed me, a look I couldn’t quite figure out sparking in his eyes. His warrior came forward, clamping a silver necklace around me that would prevent me from being able to heal during the fight before moving to his alpha and doing the same to him. This would make things trickier as I knew that Grey was ruthless with his attacks, often cruel with the way he inflicted torture on his prey.

However, I was not an ordinary wolf. If that video was to be believed, I was once one of the most feared and respected wolves there was. His warrior signalled the start of the fight and the crowd fell silent as they waited with bated breaths for the outcome.

Grey made the first move, flying at me with a speed I hadn't expected as he tore at my chest, his teeth bared as he went straight for the kill, hoping to rip my heart out of me in one smooth movement. I barely had time to duck my head down protectively, knocking him out of place so I ended up with just a large gash rather than sliced open. The pain from that bite was unreal, the shape of Grey's canines clearly visible, showing just how deep he had managed to get.

He quickly recovered from my defensive attack and charged me once more. I anticipated this and dodged at the last minute, managing to grab hold of his tail and give it a sharp tug, seeing the blood spurt out as I ripped off the tip. Grey gave a howl of pain, tucking his tail under his legs and spinning around to face me. He lowered the front half of his body low to the ground and growled low and deep, warning me that he was reaching the end of his tether.

I let my Alpha powers surge through me, throwing back my head to send a ferocious howl to the sky and lowered myself into the same position as him.

Grey's eyes widened as he took in my stance, my wolf seeming to grow larger before his eyes. He wasn't, of course, but the confidence that pored from me made me seem all the more threatening. His wolf wanted me dead as he realised how much more powerful I was than him.

We both charged forward at the same time, snapping at each other's faces as we fought to be the first to clamp on to the other's neck. My teeth caught on to his fleshy skin and I took the opportunity, biting down with all my strength as, with a twist of my head, I ripped a huge chunk of meat from his shoulder.

He gave a howl of pain, flinching away ever so slightly before coming back for more, clamping his paws onto my head and digging in his claws as he snarled, his canines dangerously close to me. I pushed back with my own front paws, managing to hold him at a safe distance.

We were stuck, neither of us having the strength to push the other off whilst in this position and neither of us being able to clamp down on the one spot that would mean instant victory.

I made a decision to trust my instincts, completely stepping back as a human and letting my wolf do what he did best.

Without warning I relaxed my hold on Grey, knocking him off balance as he surged forward, not having had the time to adjust the force of his pushes towards me. I shifted the strength to my hind legs and propelled forward with a jump.

I gave up trying to go for the neck, knowing that Grey would not allow the fight to be that easy and instead I clamped down on his leg as I jumped, using that to twist his body around with mine as I knocked him onto his back, snapping the bone in my mouth as I did so.

He gave a howl of distress as he tried to get to his feet again, his front leg hanging lamely in front of him. This was the perfect opportunity for me to surge forward but I no longer wanted that. I wanted to take my time with him, to toy with him.

I began to circle him, relishing the pain in his eyes as he copied my movements, knowing that failure to protect himself and anticipate my movements right now was certain death.

Without warning, I shot forward, seeing how he braced himself, almost as if he anticipated where I would attack.

He had expected me to go for his side but I changed at the last minute, raising my head to clamp my teeth down on his ear. The blood spurted out as I ripped it straight from his head, running down his face and into his eyes, blinding him to my next attack.

I spat his ear on the floor and without missing a beat I raised my paw and clawed down his face, slicing open his eyelid that immediately swelled to double to side as his body protected the sensitive eyes behind it.

I backed off, knowing that he had minimal senses to rely on. He couldn't afford to waste time getting the blood out of his one good eye and he only had one ear to hear my approach.

I could smell the fear and pure adrenaline ignited my body. I stalked him slowly, letting him hear the noises I wanted to hear. A soft growl to his left, the padding of my paws in front of him.

He twisted his body, following each sound the best he could, shaking his head to try and stop the continuous flow of blood from going in his eyes.

I sank down low, my belly on the floor as I crawled forward. I shot out one paw and sliced it along his side, feeling the ridge of his lowest ribcage. I dug my claws in and pushed them forward, going straight through his skin and under the bone, ripping it out as I yanked my paw out of him.

He fell to the floor, whining in agony as his legs began to shake wildly with the pain that was coursing through him.

I heard the shouts of delight run through the crowd, noticing the way the ground was turning almost black with the amount of blood that was currently flowing from the Alpha.

Any other wolf would offer him a merciful death at this point but I was not a merciful wolf. Seeing my son on the guidelines sent another wave of anger through me, reminding me that Grey was the one who had prevented me from being a part of his life.

I let out a growl that shook the ground and shot forward, knocking Grey onto his back. He offered me his neck in submission but I ignored it, jumping off him so that I could bite down on his taut stomach, ripping huge chunks from it over and over. Bite by bite I dug further, spilling his insides in huge, gory chunks. His intestines were the first to be pulled from him, quickly followed by his liver and then his kidneys. I felt his body shaking beneath me as death began to claim him, but not quick enough for his liking. He was still conscious as he watched me throw his liver high in the air, catching it in my mouth and swallowing it whole, shooting him a malicious glare.

His eyes glazed, rolling into the back of his head as he left this world and went to his internal resting place in Tartarus with the rest of the wolves who meddled with fate and betrayed those who trusted them.

I spun round to face the crowd, blood dripping from my teeth and jaws as I growled at them, challenging each and every one of them at the same time, letting them know that if any of them wanted the alpha position, now was the time to speak up.

Noone moved other than to shrink away from me.

I turned to Violet and her eyes burned with pride. She began the clapping that was quickly caught by the rest of the pack as one by one they joined in, bowing down low to me and exposing their necks in acceptance of me as their alpha.

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