I Dare You (#2) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Violet's POV

I ran to Khaos and threw my arms around his wolf, not caring that I was getting covered in the blood of my enemy. My wolf growled in happiness, loving the scent of it as it coated our skin, even if I was slightly sickened by it. I ripped the stupid silver necklace from around his neck and watched in satisfaction as the few wounds he had stopped bleeding and began to knit themselves closed.

He licked my face and wriggled out of my grasp, shifting into his human form as he addressed the crowd.

"Can each and every warrior please step forward," he called out and I watched as a dozen men stepped into the arena and stood before him, showing their neck in submission.

"Thank you." Khaos murmured. "Now, can every omega who has been raped by one of these wolves, please step forward" a gasp went through the crowd, quickly followed by angry shouts. I tensed as the warriors scowled at Khaos, looking ready to kill them.

Half of the females stood up and came into the arena.

"Ladies" Khaos grinned when they were all in place. "They're all yours. Let justice be served."

I ran to Eros and scooped him up into my arms, tucking his head into my chest to prevent him from seeing what was about to unfold. It was one thing to watch his dad get his revenge, it was another to let him watch the carnage that was sure to take place.

He struggled in my arms but I held him firm, the shouts wails of utter agony coming from behind us letting me know that I had made the right choice. I forced my hands over Eros' ears as the sounds of flesh being ripped and the overwhelming squelch of blood sickened me.

I knew justice was being served but I almost wanted to scream out loud, to beg for it to stop. I heard she-wolves snarling at each other as they fought to be the next to take the next chunk of the warriors.

It wasn't even minutes later before each warrior was dead, completely torn about by the angry wolves. I heard their paws pad along what remained of them, the sickening sounds of squashed flesh burning into my mind and painting a perfect picture of what had happened.

I felt Khaos' hands on my shoulders as he gently aided me to my feet and led me away from the destruction and into the packhouse.

I sensed the crackle in the air before I saw her, knowing immediately who it was.

"To what do we owe this pleasure, fair Goddess" Khaos murmured, confirming my suspicions.

She wrinkled her nose at him, noting the blood that coated his skin. "I take it justice was served correctly?" She asked, looking over his shoulder at the she-wolves that were still happily playing in the shredded bodies behind us

"They're dead if that's what you mean. Every wolf in this pack who has caused unnecessary pain or forced themselves on any of the females are now slaughtered. You can't ask for fairer than that."

"Is that so?" she murmured, her gaze running over the three of us. She broke into a huge grin as her eyes landed on Eros.

"Ahh, there's the little one. I'm so happy to finally get the chance to meet you" she breathed, lowering herself to her knees in one graceful movement. "I bet you're happy to have your daddy back, arent you?" she asked

Eros stared at her in awe, unable to form a response as the nerves overtook him. I spoke for him, asking a question that had been burning in my mind. "Is this it? Did we fix it? Khaos has his memories?"

She shook her head softly, looking unbelievably sad. "I'm afraid not. The memories are gone for good - It wasn't in my power to return them forever."

I turned to Khaos with a sob and he wrapped his arms around me, picking up Eros and holding him close to his side.

"I don't need them, Violet. I came back to you today, didn't I? I will always return to you. We are two halves of the same person and will be drawn together regardless of what life we are living. We have all the time in the world to make new memories and nothing can take that away from us. I'll remember everything from this moment forward. Besides" he finished with a grin, "I'm sure you'll only be too happy to remind me of what I have forgotten and keep me in line" I laughed with him, loving as he nuzzled into Eros' neck and making him squeal with happiness.

The Moon Goddess stared at us with a soft, dreamy expression. "I'll leave you to enjoy eternity together" she whispered, fading away in her signature shimmer.

Khaos turned to Eros with a tight grin, "what did you say, buddy?" he asked Eros, a slight tension in his shoulders. "Will you have me for eternity? I always wanted a son you know"

Eros' only answer was to shout out in happiness and throw his arms around Khaos shoulders. "I'll take that as a yes!" Khaos laughed.

We stayed like that for a while, the three of us huddled together until Eros pulled away, his little nose wrinkling with a frown. "What is that smell?" he muttered.

"Hey!" Khaos spluttered in mock offence. "I think I smell pretty good all things considered."

"Not you! Her!" he said, pointing an accusatory finger at me. "You smell weird"

"Charming" I muttered dryly, crossing my arms over my chest as Khaos scented the air. "He's right you know, you do smell different." he brought his face closer to me, snapping back with a look of pure astonishment. "Is that...?"

"What?" I gasped, growing more and more concerned.

Eros caught on to what was happening before I did and rested his head against my stomach. "I can hear it!" he shouted.

Khaos fell to his knees and pressed himself against my stomach as well. "You're right, buddy, it's a new beginning for all four of us. How do you like the sound of being a big brother?"

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