I Dare You (#2) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 23


6 years later

Eros POV

"Eros!" I spun as I heard my name being called, seeing the beautiful new girl, Sophia, running after me. "Wait for me!" I stood still, letting her catch up.

She had raven black hair and dazzling hazel coloured eyes. She had only been in school for two weeks, having missed the first 4 months of the new school year. She never told us what she had been up to in that time, but she and I quickly became friends.

She said she liked me because I wasn't like the other boys, I never teased her simply because she was a girl. This was probably thanks to my sister, Antheia. She was 5 and already she ruled our house. My dad couldn't do enough for her and she knew she had him wrapped around her little finger, following my mother's examples.

He often told me he would do anything for his girls and I knew that Antheia held a special place in his heart. I wasn't jealous, I understood that he had missed out on so much of my life when I was younger and he was making amends with my sister. Despite how scary he looked, my dad was a big softy at heart.

We still lived in the Blood Moon pack and even though I was now 12 and ready to begin my Alpha training, my dad kept putting this off, telling me he wanted me to remain a child for as long as possible. I didn't know the full details but I knew he had been through some awful things when he was my age and so I didn't push it, even though my wolf sometimes pleaded with me to at least try.

That's not to say that my dad didn't allow me to train. I could fight with the warriors and already I was helping train the pups that were younger than me how to track scents.

"Will you walk me home again today?" Sophia asked, linking her arm with mine.

She already knew that I would. I had walked her home every day she had been at school. There was something different about her and my curiosity got the better of me, I needed to know what she was hiding. She was also my best friend, but I didn't like to admit that to her.

She smelled like a wolf but she had never admitted to being one. Wolves were only required to attend the pack schooling whilst they were unable to control their shifts. The minute high school started, which was aged 12 for us, we were allowed to enter mainstream schooling so that we got used to interacting with other species as well as humans. I was used to coming across people that were different to myself but Sophia was more than that. She was definitely a wolf and... something else.

We walked slowly, catching up on each other's days. Sophia didn't live too far from the school so we spoke fast as we tried to cram our entire day into a short walk. She asked about my parents and Antheia, whom she was dying to meet and I asked about hers. We swapped stories of our day since we rarely had a class together and she filled me in on the latest drama with her female friends.

I couldn't help but stare at her in admiration as she spoke, her hands waving around. She was so free and open with me. My stomach lurced with butterflies and my wolf growled at me in my mind. I frowned against the unfamiliar feelings, not sure what was changing between me and my friend.

She let out a scream of delight as we rounded the corner to her house and she saw her mother waiting in the garden for her. I scuffed my feet, feeling slightly awkward. I had never met her mother before, had never really met anyone's parents before, certainly not a girls parents.

"Come here, Eros!" Sophia called, "My mum wants to meet you since apparently I never shut up about you" she laughed, not at all embarrassed by her revalation

I held out my hand to the older lady as I murmured politely. "It's nice to meet you ma'am"

"What lovely manners!" She grinned, shaking the hand I offered her. "Any friend of Sophia's is welcome here. Please, call me Jasmine"

To be continued in book 3!

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