I Dare You (#2) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 24

Chapter 25 - BONUS CONTENT

Selene’s POV

"Hades!" I screamed, marching into his temple, this time not caring about my surroundings and the utter decimation of human remains. "Don't make me hunt you down you worthless, pathetic dog!"

I heard a throat clear behind me and turned to see the man himself, standing tall and formidable in front of me. He crossed his arms over his chest and began to shake his head, tutting at me. "Little Selene, how your words hurt me. You know I have gutted men where they stand for saying such hurtful, mean things to me?" He clutched at his chest in mock horror.

I rolled my eyes, my foot beginning to tap on the floor with my impatience. "That's not true, is it? They are gutted in the human world, you just capture what remains of their souls - they're easily controlled that way. Your minions do the torture down here and we all know it"

He sucked in his breath and pinned me to the spot with a fierce glare. I almost stepped back, a wave of fear rushing through me. Almost.

What was I doing here, messing with the god of the underworld? No good could come of it, yet he had gone too far.

It was one thing to steal the soul of one of my wolves, or to play Fate with their lives as he took part in the resurrection ritual. I had won that battle eventually and it really was in the past.

No, what angered me now was the grudge he seemed to hold against that family, Khaos in particular of course but it seemed as though his son was now getting a taste of Hades Hatred.

"We'd be explosive in bed together, you realise this don't you?" I shook my head at him. That had not been the answer I was expecting from him. I had just insulted his entire way of life and reduced him to nothing more than a showman with no real talent or skill and here he was imagining us in bed together!

"It will be a cold day in Hell before I ever share your bed Hades. I've told you that at least one thousand times over the centuries and I'll continue to say it now..." my words drifted off at the end of my rant as, with a click of his fingers, the fire surrounding me turned to ice, the air had a misty chill and my breath came out in frozen gasps.

"Cold enough for you?" He laughed

"How.. how did you do that?" I breathed, gaping at the scenery around me.

"I have my secrets, you have yours," there was that sadistic grin again as he once more clicked his fingers and turned the room back to its usual fire and brimstone. "Now, why don't you tell me what has you coming in here like a little spitting kitten and I can tell you how it wasn't my fault and how I've been the victim of circumstance once more."

His reminder had my anger rushing to the surface once more. "Why have you mated Eros to Sophia?" I demanded, gritting my teeth when he raised his eyebrows in surprise. "You know full well I had it destined that he would end up with the firstborn daughter of Astrid as a way to ease the tension caused from Khaos not going through with their mating."

He simply shrugged his shoulders at me. "Had Khaos remained in my possession as he should have done, he would have gone through with the mating and there wouldn't be any tension to speak of. Since you took away my warrior, I took away your fate, it seemed only fair."

I bristled, feeling my wolf ready to burst free. With what remained of my restraint I bit out, "he wasn't your wolf to have control over anyway! Seriously, Hades? Why Sophia of all creatures?"

"Creatures? Why, Selene, what a cruel thing to say. You're thinking about her father aren't you?" I was moments away from slapping the stupid smirk off his face. "Just because he's different, does not mean he's not useful"

"I have no control over them, as well you know. They worship their own God, as useless as she is"

"That's my cousin you're talking about.." he interrupted

"Artemis is as useless as her brother and we all know it"

"I wouldn't let her catch you saying such things, especially as her creation now runs through the veins of your precious wolves"

"You have no idea what you're about to unleash" I gasped, seeing a flicker of the future flash through my mind, a lonely wolf clutching his side as the silver burned through his wound.

"Oh, I think I do. You see, Artemis owes me a favour. You may have control over Jasmine, but her mate is free pickings. Artemis has too many worshipers and she has gladly handed over control of his life to yours truly" He reached into his trouser pocket to pull out the orb that contained Mark's soul

"Give it to me now" I demanded, reaching towards the orb. Hades held it over his head and out of my reach - he needn't have bothered. I barely reached his elbows in height. He was as tall as I was small, complete polar opposites and yet a voice in my mind had whispered for years that despite our differences, we would mould together in ultimate bliss

"Sweet Selene, if only there was a way to bring me to heel, to have me walking to the beat of your command."

"You cannot be serious" I gasped, completely appalled.

He glanced down to the massive bulge in his trousers. "What does it look like to you?" He murmured, placing the orb on a shelf high out of my reach. He turned back to me and shredded his shirt, leaving his chest completely exposed. My mouth watered but as I had been doing since the dawn of time, I pushed down those feelings and denied my response to him

"What's it to be, Selene? One night in my bed in return for Mark's Soul? Or are you going to relinquish control of this one animal over to me? Remember, Sophia is a delightful mix of both her parents, a very intriguing mixture indeed - she'll fall under my control too. The choice is yours, join me in the bedroom when you've made your mind up." He came towards me and ran a finger down my cheek, sliding over my lips and gently into my mouth, sending a dart of desire to my core as I tasted his masculine, salty skin.

With a small wink, as though he could sense my response to him, he turned on his feet and headed to the bedroom, stepping out of his trousers as he did so. The door closed just as my eyes finished running up his legs, leaving me with the tiniest brief of the sexiest behind I had ever seen.

I was in trouble.

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