I Dare You (#2) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Selene's POV

I followed him, of course I did. It had been difficult enough to resist him over the years when he had simply been a hot, flirty nuisance. Now he had stepped up his game and given me a glimpse of what could be mine, I was helpless to resist.

I closed the door, the loud banging vibrating through the room sounding almost like the start of a battle call, signalling a long, pleasurable fight was about to begin

He didn't say a word as he came towards me with long, slow strides and I was grateful for that. One word from him and I would snap out of my trance and run for the hills. My wolf was screaming at me to get this over with, rolling over on to her belly leaving all of her body exposed and my conscious was telling me this was a bad, bad mistake. Oh, but how I loved to be bad.

He stroked down my face with the back of his fingers, grinning softly at me. With one smooth movement, he picked me up and placed me on the dresser, burying his nose in my neck, biting down on the bulse that was beating erratically beneath the skin.

I sucked in my breath and twisted my face away from him, still clinging to the last shred of resistance. I wasn't fighting him so much as fighting my own response to him, of how much I secretly wanted this. He grabbed hold of my chin and brought his mouth to my ear. "Tut, tut, Selene. That's not how this works. I won't have a martyr in my bed, sacrificing yourself for the greater good. You're either here because you want this as much as your body is telling me you do, or you can leave. What's it going to be?"

I ripped my jaw free from his grasp and connected with his eyes, shooting him a fiery look as my breath came in short, shallow gasps. I could feel my nipples pressing against my shirt as dampness began to pool in my panties.

I knew that if I was to reach out my hand just slightly, I would brush against the erection that had been pressed against the inside of my thigh from the moment he lifted me up here. A pulse ticked in his jaw with the strain of holding back but he wouldn't touch me. He would make sure that the moves were all mine and I couldn't say at a later date that I was coerced or that I didn't want it as much as him.

Fuck it, life was for living, not for running scared. I gave in to the most carnal, natural feeling there was and let myself go, completely surrendering to him.

I raised my hand and clicked my fingers, my clothes vanishing from my body. He gave me a smile of pure victory and his hand went straight between my legs. I grabbed it, surprising him with my strength as I stopped him from reaching his destination. "Do you want all of me, Hades?" I whispered, reaching up to breath down his ear.

He nodded, swallowing down the words caught in his throat. I grinned, feeling the usual dominance wash over me. "Then you shall have all of me"

One moment he was stood in front of me, in complete control, the next minute he was kneeling on the floor, his arms behind his back and secured at the wrists, a blindfold covering his eyes. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled his head back, "you didn't think I was going to lay on my back and hope that it would all be over, did you? That I would give the big, bad devil the ultimate surrender?"

I clicked my fingers once more and conjured up a whip, running the tassels down his back in soft, gently strokes, barely touching his skin. He moaned softly, his hard cock twitching in front of me. "Selene..." he warned, jumping slightly as I slapped the whip at the bottom of his spin, the loud slap ringing out around the bare room.

"Hades..." I mocked, repeating the motion of stroking his back and whipping his spine at the end. He jumped once more, growling under his breath.

I circled his body, sliding the tassels along his shoulders and down his chest as I sat in his lap, my wet pussy hovering dangerously close over his throbbing cock. I pressed my chest against his, taking his lip into my mouth and biting down on it, smoothing the sharp sting with my tongue.

He moaned into my mouth, opening wider so his tongue could slide along mine. I brought my hand behind my back and whilst he was distracted by having me so close, I brought the whip down on his balls, the tassels snapping against his erection.

He gave a shout of pain, followed by a long groan of pleasure as I sank my pussy down onto the head of his cock. "What's the matter?" I whispered huskily, enjoying having him at my mercy as I teased him, holding myself out of his reach as he tried his hardest to thrust his cock further inside me.

"Let me touch you" he pleaded, the veins in his neck protruding as his body tensed up.

"You want to touch me?" I teased, whipping his balls once more, my pussy clenching at the growl that vibrated through his entire chest. "Your wish is my command" I whispered, standing between his knees and raising one of my legs over his shoulder, clutching onto his hair for support.

"Touch me" I demanded and he instantly shot to action, taking my soaking pussy into his mouth, circling my clit with his tongue.

I moaned, pressing myself tighter against his face, controlling the pressure of his tongue on me. He sucked on my clit, biting down hard, sending a jolt of shock through me. "Hades" I moaned, tugging on his hair to show him what I wanted.

He obliged, rubbing his entire face on my pussy as he ate me like I had never experienced before. His tongue was inside me one moment, circling my clit the next. He stroked me in long, slow movements from my opening to my clit one minute and the next he would switch it up, flicking his tongue from side to side over the tip of my clit in fast, sloppy licks that had my legs shaking

I tightened my grip, yanking his head back. "Enough" I pleaded, lowering my leg off his shoulder.

"Imagine how much more useful I could be if I could actually touch you" he teased and I paused for a moment, thinking this over.

"Maybe..." I mumbled, wanting to sound teasing and sexy but failing, the overwhelming pleasure he had just given me weakening my resolve.

The word was barely out of my mouth when I felt the air between us sizzle and crack, ending in Hades easily breaking free of his restraints. He reached up and ripped the blindfold off his face, pinning me to the spot with a predatory gaze.

"My turn" he laughed, hauling me into his arms and carrying me to the bed

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