I Dare You (#2) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Violet's POV

Khaos banged on the door, demanding that I open it and let him in, we needed to talk. My mind flashed back to the beginning of our relationship when I had locked him out - Back then I had been determined to keep him out because I was scared of falling for someone who I thought was a monster. Now I was scared because he was my mate who was days away from mating with another. What would become of my Wolf then? She had barely made it through losing Khaos the first time.

"Violet, I'm not messing around!"

"I've heard that before, sweetheart!" I called back sarcastically, flopping down on the old, stale bed that was in the room. It was a surreal experience to remember everything and know I meant nothing to him.

I heard Khaos sigh and then a huge bang that shook the four-poster bed. I looked up to see Khaos stood in the now destroyed doorway, holding the door handle in his hand. My Wolf shot to life, believing that he was finally coming to claim us again. I wasn't much better. I looked at my fierce mate, his face as handsome as ever. His dark hair had grown slightly and it flopped into his eyes as he smiled at me. My toes curled, remembering the wicked things that mouth had done to me.

My Khaos was in there somewhere, I knew it. Surely I wouldn't respond to him the way I did it he was completely changed? I just had to figure out a way to get through to him

"Knock, knock," Khaos muttered dryly, using the broken door handle to knock on the door.

"It's a bit late for that, people with their sanity intact usually knock on the door before they break it down and enter the room.

He grinned at me, a genuine smile that lit up his entire face. "I did. Besides, my feet are still in the hallway - look" he made a show of tapping his feet on the carpet outside the room. He wiggled his eyebrows at me, trying to coax me into joining hi,s playful mood and what did I do? I continued to stare at him blankly until the smile dropped from his face. He threw the doorhandle to the floor and looked around the room sheepishly, discouraged by my sombre mood.

"Sorry," he muttered, still looking anywhere but at me. "I'm never like this. You bring out a side of me that I don't recognise.

I got up and strolled over to him, planting my hands on his chest. I ignored the instant fire that warmed my palms at the brief moment of contact and whispered into his ear. "That was always the case, Khaos." I felt his erection press into my stomach, proving that he wasn't immune to me, that Grey hadn't planned everything. Not even the gods could deny the insane pull Khaos and I would always feel towards one another. I tossed my hair over my shoulder and tilted my head back to look him in the eyes. The moment we connected there was a flare of recognition in his eyes.

"Kiss me" I whispered, lifting my lips until they were inches away from his. His breath hitched in his throat and he let out a low growl, showing his Wolf was close to the surface, ready to take back what belonged to him.

I bit the bullet, closing the distance between our mouths and lightly pressed my lips against his. My whole body ignited, the memory of this moment deeply imprinted on me. I opened my mouth to deepen the kiss and felt his arms come around my shoulders and I involuntarily smiled against his mouth, finally feeling as though I was getting somewhere.

"No." He said simply, pushing my shoulders ever so softly until our bodies were no longer touching. "You're a very attractive woman, Violet, but my mate will be here within days. I won't do this to her and I won't do it to Grey. I owe him my life, I won't let him down like this"

My heart broke and it felt like I was being stabbed in the chest with every word he spoke. "What about me? You've no problem letting me down or hurting me, right?" I pushed past him, pausing to look at the door handle on the floor. "You know, there was a time when you would have smashed through the entire wall to get to me. What happened to that man? He may have been brash and rude and borderline cruel but at least I knew where I stood with him." My eyes pooled with water and I was grateful that I had my back to him. I would have been humiliated beyond belief if he saw the tears that threatened to spill down my cheeks.

I heard the soft whimper of my son as he thrashed about in his sleep. I twisted the door handle but before I opened the door I said the final thing that was weighing heavily on my mind. "The man I knew would never have played these games with me and he certainly would never have let someone else dictate how he lived his life. I miss him." My voice betrayed me, cracking over my final words. I pushed open the door and closed it softly behind me.

I took a moment to catch my breath and compose myself before I went to kneel at Eros' bed, soothing him gently.

"Hey baby, shh, don't cry. Mummy's here." I scooped him into my arms and climbed into his bed, settling him down into my lap as I gently rocked him from side to side.

His tiny hand reached up to grab at my shirt, fisting in his grasp and pulled it closer to him, needing my scent to calm him down.

I heard the soft click of the door and knew Khaos had entered the room, his eyes glittering in the darkness, watching the distressed hiccups of our son with a frown

"I thought you were gone, mummy." He sobbed, clinging to me tighter

"Where would I go without you baby? My home is wherever you are. We're a team, remember? Me and you, forever. I promise you I'm not going anywhere. You've nothing to be scared of."

"You won't ever leave me here with Grey by myself?"

"Never, ever!" I almost wished Grey was here to hear this, even though I was slightly ashamed of myself for thinking that. My ego had no place here, this was about comforting my son but I couldn't help the victorious shout that echoed through my head. "What if mummy reads you a bedtime story? What about the Elephant and The Bad Baby? You love that one"

He sniffed softly and I couldn't help but smile, knowing he was now putting on a good show of trying to stay sad. "We don't have any of my books"

I clicked my tongue and tickled his side, loving the burst of laughter from him. "I don't need the book, mummy has it all up here," I told him, tapping my temples.

We stayed like that for a while, telling the story of the bad baby who had no manners. Along with his elephant friend they went from store to store, taking what they wanted without ever saying please or thank you causing every shop owner to chase after them. It was a simple story but Eros loved it.

He struggled to keep his eyes open, each time he blinked they stayed closed for longer and longer until eventually he loosened the grip on my shirt and fell back into the peaceful land of sleep.

Khaos POV

She wasn't what I was expecting. Grey had warned me she was as cold-hearted as they come, caring for nothing other than her own well being.

I wasn't completely stupid, I knew that he must be exaggerating slightly due to his own hatred of her, which was why he wanted to keep her around for his grandson's sake. He wouldn't do that if he wasn't certain that Eros would need his mother and their bond was clear for all to see. What I hadn't been expecting was the endless patience she showed him.

Whenever I saw her with anyone else she was as feisty as they came, ready to tear someone's head off if they said the wrong thing to her. I had certainly never got through a conversation with her without her snapping at me.

Violet sniffed quietly, the telltale sniff of someone who was trying to disguise their own unhappiness and tears. I walked over to her, wiping the tears from her face before she even knew I had crossed the room.

"What's wrong, Violet? I want to help you but I can't if you don't open up to me" she shook her head, swallowing down the lump in her throat, her small body shaking with the effort of holding back her emotions.

I sat on the bed, feeling a strange sensation shoot through me at the intimate scene I found myself in. My Wolf enjoyed the feeling of having a she-wolf and child in front of us, seemingly almost protective of them both.

"I wish I could feel things like you, Violet," I confessed. "You're so open and free with your emotions, you hold nothing back"

She gave an angry scoff, shooting daggers my way. "That's not true. I was raised to hold everything back. Emotions were not something that we were supposed to show the world. I remember attending my grandmother's funeral and my mother warned me not to cry. She said dignified wolves did not cry in public and if I must shed a tear I was to do it privately in the comfort of my room. It's only with you that I'm this free and open, you always made me feel like I could tell you anything."

"You speak as though you've known me forever." She was so convincing, her voice steady. She didn't sound as though she was lying but I knew she was and for some reason, this angered me more than I thought it would, more than it should have. I wasn't supposed to feel intense emotions but she brought out a side to me I didn't know I had.

She sighed and reached out for my hand, linking her fingers with mine. She was careful not to disturb the sleeping child in her lap as she shuffled slightly closer to me until our legs were pressed against each other. "I have known you forever, Khaos. Deep down you know this too, you can feel it, I know you can. Listen to your Wolf, does he not crave me? Does he not demand you take me and make me yours again? I can hear him calling to my Wolf. He misses his mate, Khaos and I miss mine. What we had was beyond anything I had heard of, a love like ours was not something that was found every day."

I ripped my hand out of hers and shot to my feet, a tidal wave of emotions rippling through me. I looked down at her and forced myself to remember Grey's words. Oh, she was good, but hadn't she done this with Grey's son? She knew I had no knowledge of my former life so what better opportunity would she have to secure her place in this pack but to try and mate with me? Every single member of this pack would attest to the fact that she had another mate that was not myself.

"Do I look stupid?" I barked, giving a nasty bite of laughter that I knew mocked her words. "Let's play along. Suppose we were mates, am I supposed to be impressed? The love between mates isn't real, it's a feeling that is forced on you due to the bond. Grey already explained this to me. He was able to deny the feelings for his mate, you chose to give in and live your life like a puppet on a string. Just because the Moon Goddess decided you should be with someone doesn't mean you have to be and doesn't mean that you have to feel anything for them."

To give her credit, she didn't react to my harsh words, she simply lifted her son to lay next to her and once she was assured he wasn't going to wake up she climbed off the bed to stand before me.

"Okay. I'm not going to argue with you. It's never gotten me anywhere before and I doubt it will now. I will say one last thing though; you're not yourself. I understand that and I will wait for you, I'll do whatever it takes to get you back to the man I knew, the man I know you still are somewhere in that crazy head of yours. I love you, Khaos and I'm not giving up on us."

"I don't feel the same way."

"You do," she shot back, "You just won't allow yourself to believe it because Grey has his claws too deep in you." She tried to reach for me and I pulled away, wincing as the pain shot through my back.

"What was that?" She demanded

"What was what?"

"You're in pain. I noticed you were walking all stiff and weird but I thought it was just another of your new quirks but it's not, is it? You're in pain" before I could stop her, her hand shot out to lift up my top, revealing all the angry-looking welts from my shoulders to my waistline.

She gasped in horror, her hand flying to her mouth. Her eyes met mine in silent question.

"It was my punishment. You know Grey wanted you locked away and I defied him. This is what he does to keep me in line."

"Khaos" She breathed my name on a whisper and without even realising it, I had pulled her into my arms and buried my nose in her hair, needing to feel her touch for reasons I had no explanation for

"You smell so good, little one" I groaned, feeling the tremble of excitement shoot through her body.

One minute I was stood in the darkness, holding her shaking body close to mine, the next I was in a small wooden cabin, Violet laying in bed next to me, her eyes shining bright with her love.

" We'll make this work because we love each other. I'm not afraid of you, I'll help you be better and I'll point out if you're being unbearable or hurting me in any way. I've got you, I've got us, I'm strong enough to carry us both whilst you work on your demons."

"Khaos? Are you okay?" I was ripped from the scene as Violet held my face, her thumb caressing my cheek. "Where did you go? You saw something, didn't you?"

I panicked. I ripped away from her gentle hold and headed for the door, my entire body screaming at me to go back and grab her again. It was cowardly, I knew that but for the first time that I could remember I was scared. I was coming to the realisation that everything I knew could have been built on lies, they the foundations of my life may have been nothing but a cleverly orchestrated ploy. I needed time to myself, to think about what I was going to do so I left her standing there, hurt evident in her face.

As I walked out the door, determined to put a stop to the wild feelings that threatened to overtake me I had the feeling I had done all this before.

I had barely made it out the door before my Wolf pushed forward, causing me to drop to my knees as he forced the change on me, taking over completely.

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