I Dare You (#2) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Violet's POV

Khaos never came back that night. I stayed awake until my eyes were dry and scratchy, craving his presence more than anything but I stayed firm and clung to my pride, wrestling with my Wolf, determined not to run after him.

The birds were singing their songs and the odd noises of pack life began to filter through the thick wooden door, letting me know that the day had begun. It was only then that I was forced to admit to myself that he had bailed on me, yet again.

As I jumped in the shower to try and bring some life back into my body I had to remind myself that though Khaos and I were mates, we were at very different stages of our relationship. I had loved him for almost 7 years and though our time together had been brief, it was the best experience of my life. Khaos, on the other hand, was starting from scratch. This time yesterday he had no idea who I was and was ready to choose a mate for political reasons. Less than 24 hours later he discovered his entire life was a lie, he had a mate and a child, neither of whom he could remember. I had to be patient and take things slow.

I readied my son's clothes for the day, folding them on the small table as I waited for him to wake and drifted off into a perfect world where Khaos would be doing this with me, annoying Eros in his playful, impatient way, coaxing him awake ready to start the next adventure.

It was the knocking at the door that had me jumping to my feet and my heart hammering in my chest, fully expecting to see him on the other side, giving me that mesmerising look that never failed to make me weak at the knees.

I threw open the door with a huge smile on my face, only to be greeted by the last man I wanted to see.

"What do you want?" I snapped, glaring up into the cold eyes of Grey.

"Good morning to you too, Violet. We missed you at breakfast this morning. Or should I say we missed your cooking at breakfast this morning? Forgetting the rules so soon?"

I gritted my teeth and planted my arm on the door frame, preventing him from entering any further as I half-closed the door on him. "Eros isn't awake yet. I couldn't leave him on his first morning here."

"What do you mean he's not awake yet?" He spluttered, looking mortified at my confession. "What sort of Alpha sleeps in until this hour? I'll wake him myself!"

"You will do no such thing." My voice was surprisingly calm as I planted my feet firmly on the floor. "It's not even 8 am, you'll leave him to wake up on his own time, that's none negotiable, Grey."

His eyebrows shot up in surprise before he narrowed his eyes at me and fixed me with a nasty glare. "I think you're forgetting who's in charge here, Violet. We had an agreement, you and I."

"Did we? Because I seem to remember you saying a lot of stuff and me remaining silent. Do you have any evidence of this agreement? Is my signature written down anywhere signing your silly little contract? No? Then you'll forgive me if I plead the fifth on this one. You should know better than to just assume my answer." I gave him my best sarcastic smile, the one I knew would piss him off the most and followed it up with my best shit-eating grin.

He growled at me, low and deep, the sound seeming to come straight from his toes as it vibrated through his entire body. "Please" I scoffed, rolling my eyes at him, "there's no need for the dramatics. Khaos gave me the same warning growl within 5 minutes of me meeting him and I'll give you the same answer I gave him; You don't scare me, You don't own me and I'll do as I want when I want."

"I'm warning you, Violet. It wouldn't be in your best interest to get on my bad side, I'm not the type of man you make angry."

"Why? What will you do? Have me whipped like you did Khaos? I dare you. Seriously, try me and I think you'll be surprised at what measures I will take to defend myself."

He glared at me, his eyes changing colour as his Wolf took over, trying to force mine to submit to him. That was his first mistake this morning. He should have known better than to bring a Wolf-like me into his pack. As much as I hated my mother, she had a point. My bloodline was as pure as they came, I was at least the 15th generation of Alphas on both parental sides. My Wolf wouldn't back down to anyone. We were meant to lead and Grey was in for a nasty surprise if he thought he could have me rolling over in submission this easily.

"Is everything okay here?" Khaos called, seeing the two of us standing toe to toe and scowling at each other.

"Oh, we're fine." Grey beat me to answering, shooting me one final nasty look before turning to glance at Khaos. "Young Eros here will be receiving his first Alpha training today, no point going easy on the boy is there? After all, being an Alpha is not an easy job. Inform the warriors that he will be doing his combat training as well as runs around the property perimeter this morning."

"Combat training?" I spluttered, completely aghast at what he was suggesting. "He's just a child! You can't expect him to fight against your warriors, surely?" My Wolf was screaming in my head, demanding we take him down and protect our young.

Grey shrugged, "I don't expect him to win, but I certainly expect him to fight. What did you expect when I brought you here?" I snarled at him, my jaw snapping and my breathing fast and shallow. I clenched my fists at my sides and closed my eyes, trying to fight off the change before I did something stupid.

Eros chose that exact moment to wake up, bouncing out of his bed full of energy in that unique way that children did. He flew to my side, wrapping himself around my legs in a huge hug, turning his innocent face to look up me, his eyes gleaming when he noticed Grey and Khaos in the hallway

"Grandad!" He called out, throwing himself into Grey's waiting arms when he crouched down to Eros' level.

"Morning, champ! Do you want to do some training with Grandad today? All the warriors are dying to meet you! We'll fix you a special breakfast first of course, anything you like!"

My heart was pounding as I noticed Eros begin to shake with excitement. "I really don't think..."

Grey must have anticipated my reluctance as he simply brushed off my concerns with a wave of his hand. "Nonsense! Let the boy decide for himself." He stood up, holding out his hand to Eros. "Your mother is just scared that you're growing up too quick! You don't want to be a baby forever, do you? You want the warriors to be your friends don't you?"

"I'm not a baby!" Eros frowned, shooting me a hurt look. "Did my mummy say I was?"

"Your mother would keep you a baby forever if she could."

That did it. I wouldn't have him poisoning his little mind with his warped lies. I let my Wolf take over, feeling the surge in strength as she shot to the surface, my jaw partially shifting as I snapped and snarled at him, fur beginning to sprout over my body. I went flying forward, ready to latch on to his throat and rip out huge chunks of his flesh until he went limp in my arms when Khaos jumped in front of me, blocking my path and murmuring in my ear low enough for only myself to hear

"Cool it. Don't do anything you'll regret. Look at your son." I glanced at Eros, seeing his huge eyes full of fear. He had never seen me like this, I never lost my temper around him, had never even so much as needed to raise my voice at him. My Wolf backed down instantly, a little whine of regret bursting from my throat.

"When you've finished with your tantrum, come and find us. My grandson and I have training to begin." Grey bent down low to scoop Eros into his arms and carried him away from me.

"Are you always that easy to rile up or is Grey a special case?" Khaos questioned, raising a mocking eyebrow at me

"Don't push me, Khaos. I'm warning you, I am far from being in the mood for your smart mouth today."

"That temper of yours is going to get you in big trouble one of these days, you know that right?"

"What's new?" I snapped, spinning on my heels and storming away.

I heard Khaos scoff, stopping me in my tracks as a new wave of anger surged through me. How dare he scoff at me, how dare he try and ridicule my feelings after the way he ran from me last night!

I spun back around and marched towards him, my skin coming alive, electricity humming through me with having him so close. "Do you have something to say?" I barked, jabbing my finger into his chest, ignoring the way the air around us crackled. He opened his mouth to reply but I cut him off as I continued to mock him. "At least I allow myself to feel something. I don't block off my emotions and run at the first sign of confrontation, and I certainly don't hide away all night because feeling something might make my life that little bit more difficult!"

He sneered down at me. "You think I was hiding? Don't flatter yourself. I couldn't be bothered returning to your dramatics."

"I wasn't the one running out of the room unable to control my Wolf, was I?" I shot back without missing a beat. "If that's not dramatic I don't know what is! Goddess, when I think of the man you used to be, the man who owned the world and took what he wanted, consequences be damned! You're a poor copy of that man Khaos, you may walk in his body and have the same face but you're nothing alike!" I was on a roll, the words spilling from my mouth before I had time to stop them.

The static that always sizzled around us turned to lightning, snapping between our bodies, raising my anger higher and higher. "He knew how to seize the day! He saw his opportunity and he took it! He didn't hide away like a bitch, dancing to another man's tune! He would have had this pack under control within minutes! You..."

One minute I was screaming at him, the next moment I found myself in Khaos' arms as he pinned me against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist. My hands were in his hair, tugging at the roots as his mouth clamped down on mine in a punishing display of power, my lips pushing against my teeth with the force of his kiss.

His tongue pried my lips open and he wasted no time deepening the kiss, caressing my tongue with his own. I tugged his hair harder, biting down on his lips in a silent challenge, not surrendering complete control to him the way he wanted, the way his kiss demanded.

His hands ran over my body, cupping my ass and pressing his hips against me, his hard cock rubbing against my core. I moaned into his mouth, tightening the grip my legs had on his waist, drawing him in tighter. He ground against me again, rubbing against my sensitive pussy and I clenched, feeling my wetness leak out of me, my leggings growing damper by the second.

He grabbed my top at the hem, frantically pushing it up my body and exposing my skin inch by inch. His greedy eyes took in every detail, lust written over his face when he exposed my tits, covered in a black, lacy bra.

He growled, sounding almost feral as his head dipped to suck on the curved mound spilling over the top of my bra, his fingers tugging on the material until my nipples were exposed, the peaks stiffening under his hungry gaze. I thrust out my chest in a silent invitation, moaning out loud when he grazed the sensitive nipple with his teeth and sucking it into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the hard tip.

I gasped, circling my hips on him, grinding myself against his cock, desperate to relieve some of the tension between my legs. He lifted his head to my neck, sucking on the frantically beating pulse under my skin and feathering kisses all the way up to my ear, biting down on the sensitive lobe, his hands still caressing my nipples as he rolled them between his fingers.

I was coming undone in his arms, feeling the pleasure build low in my stomach even though he was barely touching me. I moaned his name as his tongue found the mating mark he had given me, clenching my pussy once again at the answering growl he gave, his teeth nibbling the mark sending a dart of pleasure straight to my core.

My hands slid down his body, my fingers scraping down his back through the thin shirt he wore, gliding over his hips as I reached between our bodies to fumble for the button on his jeans.

"More," I whispered in his ear, slowly pulling down his zip, "take me. I'm yours."

I was inches away from his cock, moments away from holding the firm shaft in my hand, seconds away from gliding my fingers over the soft skin when we heard someone clear their throat behind us.

"Sorry to interrupt Beta Khaos." A young she-wolf called out, her face flaming with embarrassment. We pulled apart, both of us struggling to fix our clothing, avoiding looking at one another. "Astrid is on the phone. She says it's important. She needs to speak to you about her requirements for your mating ritual."

His mating ritual. Astrid. How the fuck did I forget about his new chosen mate?

"I'll be there in a moment" he called back. I felt his eyes burning into me but I kept my gaze on the floor, my body still burning for release.

"You should probably go deal with that," I muttered, doing my best to disguise the hurt that was stabbing through me.

"Violet..." He began, reaching out to pull me back into his arms, his breathing still heavy and uneven.

"No," I whispered, pulling away from him and folding my arms around my chest protectively. "Deal with her. I won't be second best, someone to have fun with until your shiny new mate appears. If you want me, Khaos, then it's only me. Stand up to Grey and tell him you're choosing me. Come find me when you're finished." And with that, I walked away from him, my Wolf in agreement for the first time as we headed to find our son and lick our wounds in peace.

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