I Dare You (#2) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Khaos POV

"I couldn't agree more, Astrid," I muttered, having not really heard what she was saying.

"Well, you could sound more enthusiastic about this, Khaos. Mating is for life, I hope you know that."

"Here's hoping the Goddess makes it a short one then if this is the attitude I have to deal with." I didn't really understand where the attitude was coming from, I had agreed to this mating after all but for some reason, I couldn't hold back. Astrid must have felt the same way as I heard her catch her breath in shock, screeching her next words at me.

I drowned her out, placing the phone on the table whilst she threw her strop, my eyes drawn to the window where Violet was overseeing her son's training. I was on her side, it did seem much too early to start him with combat, especially against experienced warriors. I had grown protective over that little boy in the little over 24 hours I had known him and my Wolf already vowed to maim anyone who harmed him. He wasn't even liking the scene out of the window, growling every time he was handled too roughly.

"Are you listening to me, Khaos?" Astrid demanded, pulling my attention back to her.

"I'm hanging on your every word."

"What has gotten into you today? I'm going to assume it's last-minute jitters and ignore your sour attitude. As I was saying, you're welcome to use my body as much as you like when the heat hits and only then. Once the heat has gone I would like at least 24 hours notice if you plan on sharing my bed and you must shower and shave before you come to me. Now, my father brought up an excellent point today - I come from a long list of Alphas, so really, being mated to you is slightly below my standards, you being a beta and all. For that reason, I will require a few...gifts. When it comes to children, should I have a boy I expect him to be named after my father and also expect you to buy me something substantial. This could be land somewhere out of the pack that I can escape to, I'll leave it up to you to decide. Should we have a girl, I expect jewellery. My body is off-limits for 6 months after having had any of our children."

Was this woman for real? Either she was deluded or she genuinely thought I was in this for a love match. I couldn't care less if we never slept together, she bored me beyond belief out of the bedroom, I would rather not picture how cold and robotic she would be once in my bed. My cock twinged, remembering how responsive and wild Violet had been in my arms earlier.

I looked out of the window once more and saw Eros doing his best to fight against the warriors. I was pleased to note that they were taking things very easy with him, slowly easing him into using his fists and feet together in combo action.

"Do you have any questions?" Astrid queried sounding slightly relieved when I didn't shoot down her demands.

"Just the one: Are you out of your goddamn mind? Do you honestly think I care whether or not we sleep together? Let me assure you now, what I can't or don't get from you, I can get from a dozen other shewolves at the click of my fingers."

"So long as you don't come home reeking of another woman, I don't care what you get up to." I tried to imagine saying the same thing to Violet and smiled to myself as I thought of how different her reaction would have been. She would geld me if she thought I had been with another woman. A blurry image of Violet slapping me around the face as she screamed at me for kissing someone else flashed through my mind, but before I could get a proper view of the image it faded away as quickly as it had appeared.

"Of course, you can't father any other children so you must be careful about how and when you sleep with other women. If you do somehow knock up one of your whores, I would expect them to be moved to a pack far away so that they never get to know any of the children we have together."

Astrid continued with her lists of rules and expectations but my attention was once again at the window as I heard a vicious shout come from Violet. She was stood in front of one of the largest warriors out there, her arm movements fast and jerky, letting me know that whatever they were talking about wasn't pleasant.

I watched as they shook hands, moving to stand at opposite ends of the training arena. Violet took up a fighter's stance and I have to admit the sight of her took my breath away. Her golden hair was piled on top of her head in a messy bun, a few strands catching the sun making it seem as though she had a fiery halo around her head. Her legs were long and toned, her hip slightly more rounded than any other she-wolf I had seen in this pack and her ass was thick and firm. My mouth watered, knowing exactly what that ass felt like being squeezed between my fists, what those silky thighs felt like wrapped around me, the strength in her muscles holding on tight to my waist.

"Khaos? Are you ignoring me again?" I didn't even bother to respond to Astrid, my attention completely focused on the radiant beauty outside. She laughed at the something the warrior said, her lips forming what looked like "bring it on".

The warrior came towards her with a predatory lope, eyeing her up in a way that had my Wolf growling in annoyance. Violet circled him, keeping out of reach of his long arms. She knew her strengths and weaknesses and knew he had a much longer reach than her so couldn't afford to be caught off guard.

"Khaos this is completely unacceptable." I rolled my eyes upon hearing the male voice over the phone. How typical that Astrid had once again run to her father to sort out any issues she had.

"What's unacceptable?" I murmured, my tone bored and uninterested.

"You are. You and your lack of manners towards my daughter. Need I remind you that it's not too late to back out of this arrangement."

"Indeed. Maybe you should bear that in mind before you play the protective father and start threatening me hmm? I'm just as capable of backing out of this as she is. In fact, I'll leave you to think about that. Goodbye"

Maybe I should have listened to Violet when she told me to end things with Astrid but I still couldn't be sure she was telling me the whole truth. Instinct told me she was being honest, her eyes showed her innocence and seemed to appeal to my Wolf who was already completely smitten by her.

Grey had filled my head with stories about her and her mate but I knew what I felt when my tongue had run over that mark on her neck. I had even tested it with my canines and the puncture wounds fitted perfectly. Could it be that he had lied to me all this time? I didn't even want to consider that possibility. Besides the fact that it meant that he had denied me my mate for over a year, it would also mean that man was, in fact, my father. Which meant Eros was my son whom Grey had denied me access to whilst he plotted and schemed

I walked over to the mirror, pulling down my shirt to expose the mark on my neck. Khaos had already informed me that I was stabbed by my mother and her warrior lover so I ignored the scar running from my collar bone to my ear and concentrated on the mark underneath. There was another puncture wound there that made the mark difficult to see and without looking closely it was easily overlooked. Now, however, my eyes were open to the possibility that Violet may be my mate and I needed to see for myself whether or not, beyond the scars that covered it, if my mark there matched the one on Violet's neck.

With some curiosity my fingers glided over the puncture wound hiding the mark, wondering what had caused that particular scar but I quickly dismissed it, covering the majority of the wound with two fingers so I could concentrate on the faded pattern beneath it.

It looked similar, although I couldn't tell if that was merely wishful thinking on my behalf. Violet was everything I could have wanted in a mate, was I reading too much into this to try and validate her claims?

Yet how would that explain the reaction my Wolf had when we were caressing that mark? My tongue had felt as though it were on fire when I had licked over it, not to mention when I had sucked the skin into my mouth. Sheer bliss had exploded through my body and my Wolf had howled in victory, shouting out that we had finally returned, we were home.

I pulled my shirt back into place and made my way out to the warrior's Arena. Rather than trying to guess and overthink the situation, I decided to spend as much time with Violet as possible and see what developed between us.

As I approached I saw Violet take down the warrior, twisting his arm behind his back as she kicked his leg out from under him. She was on him in a split second, straddling him low on his back and twisting his arm as far behind him as she could until he tapped the ground, calling for a time out.

I stepped out of the shadows, clapping at her victory and saw the surprise flare in her eyes closely followed by lust that made them sparkle when she watched me pull the shirt over my head.

I saw Eros staring at me, his face pulled in to a puzzled from clearly trying to figure out my intent here. I shot him a playful wink before calling out to his mother. "Great job, Violet. How about you show me a few of your moves?"

Violet's POV

Eros cheered, stomping his feet on the floor in excitement. He liked what he knew of Khaos so far but he would love nothing more than to see his mum take down this fierce man.

"Are you up for the challenge, old man?" I called back cheekily, my breath catching in my throat at the radiant smile he threw my way.

The man was simply stunning. He looked like something crafted from the gods themselves as he stood before me, his knees slightly bent, his feet firmly planted on the floor evenly spread apart.

"Try me, little one." Maybe I was imagining it after our moment together but that "little one" seemed to have much more feeling behind it than the ones I had been hearing recently. I grinned back at him, accepting his challenge.

Any excuse to be able to touch that body I almost laughed out loud at my own thoughts. I could live a dozen lives with Khaos and still not get bored of exploring all that luscious golden skin.

Eros cheered louder, yelling at me to kick his butt and chanting my name over and over.

Khaos made the first move, catching me off guard as he flew at me. I barely had time to brace myself as he caught me around the waist, tackling me straight to the floor and pinning me down by my shoulders. I strained to arch my back up enough to flip him off but with his hips straddling mine this was near impossible.

"If that's all you've got, Violet I'm seriously disappointed." He mocked, rubbing himself against my core discreetly so Eros didn't see, leaving me in no doubt as to what was on his mind with me in this position.

I smirked up at him, appearing to submit to him as I raised my lips to his. He took the invitation, his head bobbing low to mine but instead of waiting for the connection, my head flew up, hitting him on the bridge of his nose with my forehead, a loud crack indicating his nose was broken.

As I expected, his hands flew up to his nose as his eyes watered and I took advantage of the opportunity, wrapping my legs around his waist and flipping him over until I was on top. I mimicked his actions, grinding my pussy over his firm erection

"Is that all you've got?" I mocked. "I'm disappointed." We smiled into each other's eyes, both of us standing up and dusting off before we took up our fighting stance once more.

We battled for a while, each of us groping the other when the opportunity presented itself, growing more daring as Eros grew bored with the fight.

We were getting reacquainted with each other's bodies, Khaos grabbing my nipples through my sports bra during one takedown, his long fingers sliding over pussy through my damp leggings during another. I had managed to snake my hand up his shorts and cup his balls in my hand, hearing his gasp of pleasure as I gave them a gentle squeeze. The next attack had me on top of him once more but before I could begin my teasing act he thrust his hips up, his hard cock bashing against my clit causing me to fall forward, my arms braced against either side of his head.

He wrapped himself around me like a snake, our bodies rolling from left to right as we each tried to pin the other's shoulders down and win the match. I could barely catch my breath I was laughing so hard, Khaos using cheap tricks of tickling me to weaken my arms so he could pin me to the floor, his entire body covering my own.

The laughter died in my throat as I felt every inch of him pressed into me, our eyes locked. He looked surprised but at peace, a moment of recognition flaring behind them and I knew he was slowly gaining back what had been stolen. His Wolf was showing him exactly who and what I was to him.

"Hi, you" I grinned, loving that he returned the gesture to me without hesitation

"Hi back" we were lost, staring at each other as though we had never seen each other before. He rubbed his nose against mine and we both nodded, though what the question was I couldn't say. I'd give this man anything.

"Mummy!" Eros called, stomping over to me to frown down at our bodies on the floor. "You let him win!" He wasn't happy, his tiny foot stomping on the ground in annoyance.

Khaos laughed as he climbed off me, extending his hand to me to help pull me to my feet. "She's a strong one your mum isn't she?" Eros nodded fiercely, his face glowing with pride.

"She once fought a bear you know!"

Khaos looked over at me and I stared at the floor sheepishly. "A bear?"

My toes kicked against the floor and I refused to make eye contact with him. "Baby bear"

Khaos let out a bark of laughter. "A baby bear? You can't be serious"

"Shut up! Those things are vicious!"

"Yeah, he really badly scratched her arm, she was complaining about it for days," Eros interjected, not at all helpfully. Khaos just laughed louder.

"You're a dick." My playful tone took the edge off the insult.

"Swear!" Eros shouted, "You have to put money in the swear jar!"

"You're right" I looked up at Khaos, suddenly feeling awkward now that the laughter between us had died out. The air began to thicken with sexual tension once more.

"Come on, Eros." I held out my hand to him. "Let's go sort that money I owe."

We walked away but I made sure to shoot a look at Khaos over my shoulder, silently letting him know this wasn't over. Tonight we would have a rematch and this time there wouldn't be any interruptions.

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I love interacting with you all and your input is always so valuable and helpful, it really does mean the world to me :)

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