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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The Moon Goddess' POV -

The beautiful goddess cringed as she made her way through the many cages lining the walls of the underworld. Creatures of all shapes and sizes called out to her, begging her to end their torture. They had no idea this was Hades equivalent of a waiting room, the real eternal pain and suffering was waiting for them on the other side of the black doors. Poor souls

She dismissed that thought immediately and hardened herself to her surroundings. She had to remember that these creatures were in this place for a reason.

Tartarus was more than just a prison for the dead. This was a special section of the underworld that was reserved solely for the most ferocious and despicable criminals, their souls banished here forever.

The Moon Goddess looked to the left and saw the remains of a young Prince demi-god who was being used as a feeding aid. He was tied to the wall, his wrists raw and bloody as the shackles dug into his skin. Hades' loyal servants would rip chunks out of the demigods flesh and drink his blood to gain access to his powers, helping to keep him under their control. The moon goddess adjusted her earlier thoughts; this wasn't just a prison for those that prayed on the vulnerable, Gods were banished here if ever they were foolish enough to wound the ego of one more powerful than them. Vanity and pride would see that the demigod was kept down here for all eternity.

This is exactly why I avoid them all the moon goddess thought with a twist of her full lips. She had no interest in befriending the power-hungry deities that played with human life, she preferred to remain in her kingdom of perpetual moonlight, living happily with the souls of the wolves that chose to remain with her in paradise rather than be reborn

The only reason she was here was because word had gotten out that Hades was playing with her wolves. An agreement was made long ago to stop any interference with her domain but clearly that had been broken.

A beautiful young Wolf named Erin from the Dragonheart pack had informed her that her entire pack had been slaughtered and she was almost positive her alpha had been captured. Erin had wanted to be reborn but first she wanted to be sure her old Alpha was okay, as well as looking for her best friend.

I had assured her that Jasmine was fine, she was easily found and I was pleased to inform Erin that her friend was happily mated with a young child - though I can't say I approved of her chosen mate, I would need to keep an eye on that situation.

Her alpha though, that was another matter. The Moon Goddess had tracked his soul to the domain of Hades and had been in negotiations to bring him back to her kingdom. Yet, the small progress she had made had been shattered in a moment when 3 foolish mutts decided to play God themselves and begin the process of claiming his soul for their own.

She hadn't be too concerned until she found that the order of Fate was being meddled with now that Khaos was once again paired with his mate, with no memories to help him recognise her.

Fate was a precarious thing that should not be altered without having assessed the dire consequences that could follow- and she certainly did not expect other gods to mess with the fate she herself had decreed.

Which was how the moon goddess found herself in the deepest depths of Tartarus looking for the very God who had set the plan in motion

She knocked on the heavy door, ignoring the many skulls and bones that adorned it. Hades had a weird sense of humour when it came to decoration.

"Hades!" She screamed, growing impatient with how long he had kept her waiting. She respected his rules and hadn't wanted to enter his domain without invitation however he had ignored many of her requests and now she was stretched to her limit. She banged on the door once more, her eyes gleaming gold, the molten colours swirling in the way that was unique to the Gods. She readied her Wolf, ready to bring her forward and wreak havoc over the underworld when the door cracked open, revealing the stunning god on the other side.

Hades could take many forms but the human skin he currently wore was his personal favourite. Almost painful in his beauty, it was hard to look at him without desiring him. Many a human had fallen prey to his ethereal good looks and not many lived to tell the tale of their accomplishment.

"Little Selene, to what do I owe this pleasure?" He drawled, picking up a strand of her titan hair and curling it around his finger. It was no secret that Hades had long since desired the moon goddess and lived for the day she would be a permanent addition to his bed. The King of the underworld and the Queen of the Night, as she was often nicknamed, would be a force to be reckoned with and he wouldn't rest until he had her forever by his side.

Selene batted his hand away and stood before him, the hatred pouring from her body. "If you really have to ask that question, you're even more ignorant than I thought."

He grinned at her wickedly, a stark contrast to the innocent demeanour he tried to adapt over his facial expressions just seconds later. "I'm not sure I'm following, beautiful Selene. Have you been requesting my company? You should know you're welcome here anytime..." His eyes roamed her body, growing larger with lust and desire as he took in all of the curves she proudly displayed.

"Let's cut to the chase. Where is Khaos?"

He scoffed and rolled his eyes. "That useless oaf? He's playing weatherman on Earth again. You'd think he'd create another mass devastation event again but no, he's just blowing a soft wind and leaving me with no new souls to snack on."

Selene gritted her teeth, knowing full well that he was deliberately mistaking who she was on about. "Not that Khaos. I couldn't care less what that useless God gets up to in his spare time. I want to know about my Khaos, the Wolf who's soul you returned without my permission." Hades at least had the decency to look halfway bashful as she confronted him.

"Don't look at me like that Selene, your wolves came to me for help. Was I to deny them? They said the right words and performed the right ritual. The Healer willingly came to my domain, was I to ignore the calling? I thought it would please you to know I was helping your Wolves."

"Cut the shit." Selene snapped back. "I don't care about the stupid healer and the man you took alongside her - Yes I know about them both." She barked when Hades eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Keep them. They should have known better than to mess with the order of Fate. I want to know about Khaos and what exactly you did to him."

"I returned him, just as the ritual promised I would."

"No" Selene's jaw was tightly gritted, her fists clenched at her side. "The ritual says I will return any soul should I consider the sacrifice worthy. That makes sense considering I am the goddess of the wolves. You had no business playing with them."

He spread his hands wide in mock innocence. "Khaos was in my domain. I saved you a job."

"He was in your domain because you snatched his soul before I had the chance to claim it."

"Oh what difference does it make?" He snapped, growing bored with the back and forth.

"The difference" Selene ground out, "is that you returned him unwhole. He has no memories and no ability to feel emotions, especially the call of his mate. Tell me, Hades, what happens to a God who no longer has any worshipers or followers?"

He paused for a brief moment. "They're weakened"

"And then what?"

"They eventually die" he muttered, his voice barely audible

"What was that?"

"They die!" He roared, hating the thought of that happening to the one woman he could see himself having a life with.

"Exactly Hades! They die! What sort of faith do you think the wolves are going to have in me if they think this is the sort of the thing I would do? How long do you think they are going to keep worshiping me and nourishing my powers if word gets out that i abandon them to a life of being a shade, forever hungry and thirsty, stuck between living and death? Or even worse than I turn them over to you and not welcome them into my eternal paradise as promised?"

His eyes burned fire but Selene refused to be intimidated. This was his mistake and his anger was at himself. She had done nothing wrong here and was one of the few Gods who dared to stand up to the ruler of the underworld.

She gave him one last nasty glare and delivered a stark warning. "Do not mess with my wolves Hades. I won't warn you again. They are off-limits to you. Remember what happened to the last god that crossed me." She popped out of his domain without another word and transported herself into her throne in her kingdom, the moonlight casting shadows in the great Hall.

She racked her brain trying to think of the best way to deal with the situation. The most sensible thing to do would be to remove Khaos' soul once more and have done with the situation. It would put the order of Fate back into place with minimal fuss. Yet Selene knew no action was without consequence. The lives of his mate and child would be forever altered were Khaos to leave without warning, his chosen mate would be angered, the alliance between the two packs weakened. Grey would take his anger out on his poor grandchild and likely Eros would lead the same life as his father before him. She had to think of another way.

She shot up suddenly as a plan came to mind. It wasn't a permanent solution by any means but it bought her some time while she tried to fix the mess she found herself in the middle of.

Calling all her powers forward, she focused on Khaos, seeing him in her mind as he paced his bedroom, his face taut with emotions.

"May you know a brief moment of happiness" she whispered, clicking her fingers. Khaos fell to the floor instantly, clutching his head in agonising pain. "I'm sorry" she whispered, seeing his body stiffen before laying deadly still. She severed their connection,not wanting to watch the reaction to her meddling right now.

I did the right thing she assured herself, hoping it was the truth.

Khaos POV

My body burned to return to Violet. I had seen the look in her eyes as she walked away from me and knew that if I entered her bedroom tonight, I wouldn't be leaving.

My mind was torn. I knew I wasn't going to mate with Astrid but I still felt I owed Grey a debt far greater than I could ever repay. He had brought me back to life and gave me a second chance. Still, second chance or not my life was still my own to live, did I really want to live it at his mercy or with the woman I desired more than anything?

I ran my hands through my hair, but I knew my choice. It was Violet. Somehow I just knew it would always be her. The more time I spent in her company, the more I knew she was telling the truth. She was my mate and I was going to claim her once more.

Headed for the door with growing impatience. Now that I had decided what path to take I couldn't get to her quick enough. I was reaching for the handle when my body was hit with fire, my skull bursting into a million painful shards. I hit the floor, clutching my head in my hands. There were no injuries on my body but still I felt as though I was being ran through with a red hot poker, my skin burning to the touch. Colours exploded behind my eyes as sweat poured down my body.

As quick as it appeared, the pain relented and my mind cleared, yet my body was spent. I fell forward, unable to hold myself up any longer as the last of my strength was zapped from me. I welcomed the blackness as I sank into it's comforting folds.

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