I Dare You (#2) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Khaos' POV

Dozens of memories flashed through my mind, some making me burn with desire, others making my chest rumble with laughter and some making me cringe in shame and embarrassment.

I saw Violet on her knees before me, moaning her pleasure as she took my cock down her throat. I saw her in the shower, running the sponge over her luscious, full tits.

I saw myself as I held her parents captive, demanding Violet come with me. I saw Logan trying his best to stand up to me, ending with his severed head in my hands.

I saw myself ripping through the wall to reach her as she clapped her hands sarcastically, feeling the anger I felt in that moment, though I had to laugh at her bravado.

Finally, I saw us both as we sank our teeth into each other's necks, solidifying the mating between us.

My entire life with Violet flashed through my mind in a whirlwind of colours, ending with her looking up at me, her voice breathy and wanton as she whispered how much she loved me, how much she wanted me.

My eyes shot open and for the first time in a long time, I was seeing the world with complete clarity. She had been telling the truth.

I jumped to my feet, stumbling slightly as the dizziness subsided and headed for my mate. My mate! My Wolf was overpowering me, screaming in my head to go and take her. Gloating over the fact that he was right and I had been too stubborn to listen.

I was almost to her room when I heard the sound of my name being barked at me, an angry Grey grabbing my shoulder and turning me around.

"Khaos! Where do you think you are going? Have I not made it clear that you are to stay away from that woman?" I looked at the pathetic man in front of me. What the hell had I been thinking when I decided to play along as his beta? Grey growled at me in warning and it was the push I needed to teach him a lesson.

Before he could react, I grabbed hold of him and threw him against the wall, trapping him there with my arm across his throat. His eyes bulged in surprise that quickly turned to terror when he realised that no amount of struggle would loosen my grip on him.

"Don't ever touch me again." I snarled, my canines elongating in anticipation of ripping out his throat. The only thing that held me back was not wanting to turn up at Violets room covered in blood when I had so much more planned for our time together. "Whatever hold you think you had on me is gone. Fucking gone! Do I make myself clear? You won't ever come near me, my mate or my child again. The next time you see me, I suggest you run, and run far. Now fuck off." I hurled him away from me, sneering down at him as he fell to the floor

I wanted desperately to end his life, to slice his throat until his warm blood coated my fingers and ran down my arm, watching the light in his eyes dull as he crossed from this life to the next.

Mate! My Wolf growled, reminding me that there were more important things happening right now.

I twisted, my eyes honing in on her bedroom door. With my breathing coming in ragged pants low growls, I crossed the hallway towards her.

Violet's POV

The knocking at the door had me cursing, quickly trying to wrap the towel around myself. How fucking typical! The moment I decide to go for a shower is the time when someone wants to visit me!

Another pounding on the door had me gritting my teeth impatiently. "I won't be a moment!" I called with barely concealed anger.

I screamed as the door was kicked off the hinges, sending it careening across the carpet. Khaos stood on the other side, his chest rising and falling rapidly as his breathing came in short shallow pants. He came towards me with a predatory stride, his eyes burning holes into mine.

My stomach flipped when I saw the recognition behind the darkness. He knew who I was!

He reached me within seconds, grabbing me in his arms and shoving me against the wall. "Mine!" He growled in a voice I barely recognised but one that had me clenching nonetheless.

"Khaos" I breathed, tears pooling in my eyes with happiness. "You've remembered?"

"Later" he muttered, running his nose up my neck and inhaling deeply. "We'll talk later. Right now I want nothing else other than to sink my cock into you over and over again and all I want from you is to take it like a good girl. Can you manage that?"

I groaned my pussy clenching in anticipation. As always, it was his filthy mouth that won me over. "What are you waiting for?" I hissed, loosening the towel from around my chest. "Take me. I'm yours."

His eyes gleamed with desire as he set me to my feet, ripping the towel from my body. "Sit on the bed and spread your legs" he demanded. "I want to see all of you." I did as he asked without hesitation, my body humming with need.

I sat down and leaned back on my elbows, my feet resting on the edge of the bed. I slowly dropped my knees apart, revealing my soaking folds to his greedy eyes.

Khaos sank to his knees with a groan and stared at my core. "Open yourself, I want to see how wet you are for me." Swallowing deeply, I reached a hand between my legs and spread open my pussy lips, sucking in my breath as the cold air hit the damp skin.

"You always were so ready for me, little one." He whispered, running his finger over my folds and gently circling my clit. My head fell back with a loud moan as I thrust my hips into his face.

That was all the invitation Khaos needed. He sucked my clit into his mouth, flicking the tip relentlessly with his tongue. His fingers slid inside me with ease and he curled them towards him, stroking over my g-spot.

"Goddess you taste so good," he said, his breath hot and heavy. My moans became louder as his fingers thrust harder and deeper, his tongue moving in torturous circles over my clit.

His fingers became rougher as I clenched around him, feeling the tightness in my stomach as my pleasure built higher. He rammed his fingers inside me last time, holding me on the edge of my orgasm.

"Please, Khaos" I begged, my hips bucking wildly in an attempt to get him to move again. He shifted slightly, using his shoulders to keep my legs pinned to the bed.

"You'll cum when I tell you to, Violet." He pulled his fingers out of me and brought them to my lips. "Suck." He demanded, pushing his fingers into my mouth.

I ran my tongue over them, tasting my own creamy wetness as I licked and sucked on his fingers. I moaned on him, feeling my juices gush out of my pussy at my own actions.

He pulled away from me to stand up and my eyes devoured him as he loosened his belt and tugged down his pants, pulling out his huge, thick cock for me.

He ran his cock over my folds, making it glisten with my juices as he leaned over me and bit down on one of my nipples. "Fuck" he groaned against me, placing sloppy kisses over my tits.

"I want you inside of me" I pleaded, raising my hips higher and grinding my pussy over his cock. I slid my ass to the edge of the bed and offered myself to him, my head falling back with a moan. "Please, Khaos."

He took his cock in his hand placed it at my entrance, fisting the base as he pumped up and down against me, teasing me as the head slipped inside me and pulled back out again. Just when I thought I couldn't take it any more he slammed inside of me, burying himself all the way to the hilt.

I screamed his name, feeling him deep inside my pussy as he began his long strokes in and out, my tits bouncing with the force of his thrusts.

"Goddess you feel so fucking good" he ground out, his jaw clenched with the effort of holding back. Seeing him on edge had my pussy clenching once more.

I sat up to wrap my arms around his neck and dig my fingernails into his shoulders. I ran my tongue over his lips as he continued to thrust his cock inside me.

"Fuck me harder," I whispered against his skin, "fuck me like it's the last time you'll ever have me. Destroy me, Khaos, I want my pussy to hurt with the force of your cock ramming inside me." I rotated my hips, beginning to take control of my own release and the pace of our fuck.

I whimpered when he pulled out of me but he simply grabbed my ass in his firm grip and hauled me against him. He squeezed my ass tightly and picked me up, my legs spread wide.

"I'm in control here" he growled, thrusting his cock back inside me. "I'll decide how fast I fuck you and how quickly you get to cum, understand?"

All I could do was desperately hold on to shoulders as he fucked me like never before. His hold was firm on my ass as he slammed me up and down his cock. He brought his lips to my ear and whispered, Is this what you wanted, Violet? Me tearing up this tight little pussy?"

I shook my head, unable to speak. The pressure in my core was building higher and I was fast losing control.

"More" I managed to pant, "make it hurt"

He grabbed my hips and, with his cock still inside me, twisted me around until I was facing away from him. I held on to the bedpost as he lowered my feet to the floor and spread my legs wider. I gasped as I heard him spit on his cock before he did as I begged and fucked me harder.

My pussy began to throb with the friction of his thrusts but I didn't care, I welcomed the pain as it built my orgasm higher. He fisted my hair, pulling it back with a sharp tug as his mouth found mine, his tongue sliding against my own.

My legs began to shake as he let go of my hair and wrapped his hand around my throat, his tongue mimicking the actions of his cock as it slid in and out of my mouth.

His other hand delivered a painful slap to my ass, rubbing it afterwards to take away some of the sharp sting. I thrust my hips backwards, slamming myself down on his cock harder, meeting him stroke for stroke. One more slap to my ass and his hand reached around to open my folds, his fingers sliding between them to find my throbbing clit. He squeezed it tightly between his fingers as he tightened the grip around my neck.

"Cum for me. I want your juices running down my cock" his words sent me over the edge, screaming as my orgasm slammed through my body, my pussy clenching on him as I sobbed out my released, my hips bucking wildly against his.

With a shout of my name, I felt his warm cum spill inside me as he gave a final few thrusts. He pulled out of me and sank to his knees, taking my still throbbing pussy into his mouth. His tongue pushed inside me, lapping up the cum that had begun to leak out. He moaned, the vibrations shooting straight to my clit.

He stood up and grabbed my face, "kiss me" he demanded, his mouth pressing against mine. I tasted our release on his tongue and it almost sent me over the edge again.

"Are you two finished yet?" A soft voice giggled behind us. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I screamed in fright. A stunning woman shimmered into view and my mouth fell open in awe at her titan-haired beauty.

I had read enough of her to know exactly who she was. The question was, why was the Moon Goddess in my room the same night my mate got his memories back? It wasn't going to be good news, I knew that much.

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