Virginity Thieves

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08: After Party

Blue lifted me bridal style out of the hot tub and made the descent down the stairs at a slow, leisurely pace. Kie was already in the house as the two of us swayed behind him. Blue was rocking me and nuzzling his nose into my neck.

He was a cuddler and I can’t say I minded.

“Did you like it?” he whispered.

I curled my toes and circled my feet, feeling the gentle crack of my ankles while offering up a moan of satisfaction. “I did. Now that we’ve gotten past finger jobs---”

Blue snorts, “Hand jobs.”

“Well, for guys I suppose it would be the whole hand, so hand job does apply. Finger jobs for girls.”

“Or fingering.”

My eyes widened, but I nodded, “Oh, that’s a good one.” I could feel his lips morph into a smile against my temple and I let out a sigh of content. My body was still tingling from that hot tub explosion.

“What were you gonna say?”

“About wha--oh, yes. As I was saying, oral sex should be next.”

Blue stumbled to a halt. “What?”

“Oral. Mouth. Sex...oh, well, I mean with the mouth. Also, I’d like to see you fully naked.”

His mouth dropped and he blinked, his head doing an exaggerated shake as he stared down at me.

“So over dramatic,” I mumbled.

“Gracie, you make my head spin,” Blue said.

“Is that good?”

“I-I,” he stumbled, looking puzzled before pausing to really think about it. “I don’t know.”

By the time we got inside, Jensen’s arm was exposed, his bicep tightening at certain times as Kie’s tattoo needle buzzed.

“You gonna do a shot?” Jensen asked me, pushing a small glass with golden sloshing liquid my way when I took a seat next to them, intent on watching.

I was going to decline. Follow Mom’s orders--addiction is genetic, after all. It was the honey tint of the beverage that changed my mind. It danced with waves in the clear glass and looked almost sweet. My curiosity, once again, got the better of me. “Um, okay. Just one though. So, how do I do this?”

The buzzing of the tattoo needle stopped as Kie glanced up at me. He swiped at the blood on Jensen’s arm while fixing his gaze on me. “You’ve never had a shot before?”

“I’m only sixteen. Why do you sound surprised? Technically, all of this,” I paused and gestured at the open beer bottles, the kegs, and the bit of green sitting on the glass table in Jacques living room, “is illegal contraband. We could get into some very real trouble.”

I almost missed the amused twinkle in Kie’s eyes because of the loud, animal-istic guffawing Jensen made.

“Grace, just knock it back. No girly sipping, nothing. One big gulp,” Jacques offered, coming into the room with his beautiful animals trailing behind him.

I jerked up, almost breaking my face with the smile I delivered to his dogs when their wiggling, excited bodies, came my way. “Hello!”

Sliding to the floor to better accommodate the dogs, I hugged each one individually, making sure to hold their faces between my hands so I could deliver a kiss to each ones mouth.

“I take it you like animals,” Blue commented, standing next to me and looking down with a soft, yet curious expression on his face.

“Like doesn’t do justice, really. Love. Adore. Infatuated... those work better. I like all kinds of animals. I want to be a vet with a background in law, biology, genetics, and engineering so I can work as an endangered species biologist.”

“Wow, that’s specific. How did you decide on that career so early?”

“Have you ever heard of the Kauai O’o?”

Blue shook his head.

“Well, it’s a bird species from Hawaii that mates for life. The last recorded sound of a Kauai O’o was from a male, searching for his mate who would never come. He was the last of his species and he died alone. Can you imagine the loneliness?” My gaze drifted as I continued petting the dogs. “His mama and papa tweeted to him about how when he found the one she would be his forever, but she never came. I don’t want that to happen to other animals, even the ones who don’t mate for life. Everyone deserves to live. To be loved. To not have to worry about being the last of their kind just because a race different than their own do not care enough to offer assistance.” I huffed, feeling my face burn. I wasn’t embarrassed... well maybe a little, but I was angrier than anything. No animal should be extinct. It was the biggest sign of human failure.

Jacques bowed over me, my forgotten shot glass in his hand. I glanced up at his face and then back down to the drink. Reaching for the tiny cup, I lifted the contents to my nose. “Ooh. I’m not gonna like this.”

Jacques gave a high pitched whistle and the dogs obediently heeled next to him. Their tails thumped loudly, their tongues lolled out of their mouth, and the happy, expectant gaze darted between master and new friend.

“Okay,” I said mostly to myself, shifting to my feet so I could set back on the chair. I placed the glass on the table, tucked my hair behind my ears, and exhaled.

“Is this gonna take awhile?” Jensen asked, eyeing me curiously.

I frowned, folded my hands on the table and dropped my chin onto them, examining the liquid that changed people so much. Pulling myself up, I shook my head. “No. Just drink it all in one gulp?”

“Yes,” Blue supplied, taking the closest seat next to me. He moved his chair closer, and turned my chair towards him so that our legs intertwined before settling lazily back.

Inhale. Exhale.

I lifted the glass and knocked it back. The sting on my tongue, the burn in my chest made my eyes water. I had to open my mouth to relieve some of it. “Bleh-eh.”

Blue leaned forward, a large smile gracing his face as he tapped his finger on the tip of my nose.

Jacques cleared his throat and I didn’t miss the raised eyebrow he shot Blue’s way. Did they think they were really that slick? They couldn’t possibly think I was stupid?

“So, Grace, want another?” Jensen asked.

I shifted my gaze to him, watching his triceps tense slightly with each buzz of the needle as it inked his flesh. Kie paused and wiped the tiny drops of blood away and the buzz continued. “A world of no. I can feel why people drink it though,” I mumbled settling back in the chair as the light headed feeling washed over me. “Anymore and I’d think I could fly.”

I watched Blue smirk at me as he lifted a bottle of water to his lips and sipped. Biting my lip, to keep from drooling as I watched him, I leaned forward to scratch my nails down his bare thighs. saw his inhale before I heard it.

“Besides, Blue has promised that I can see him naked with some oral stimulation. I don’t want to be drunk or tipsy for that. Of course, I wouldn’t mind a notebook to take notes.”

Blue choked and coughed the water up that he’d just swallowed. “Grace, stop!”

I tilted my head, searching his face. “Why? Is it a secret? Or, wait, you didn’t lie, did you? You know, it’s not polite to be a tease.”

They didn’t say anything. In fact, it continued to be quiet most of the time. The buzzing of the tattoo gun barely filled the silence, but I wasn’t bored. I had shrugged off the silence after five minutes and hunched over the table, trying to get a better view.

My silence stayed because the burning buzz of alcohol had stopped two minutes after saying that and my face refused to stay a normal shade of pale pink. I could feel the heat of my embarrassment, but I knew some of that was anger at my loose tongue. I couldn’t help noticing Blue’s curious gaze studying the side of my face every minute either.


Note on the last scene: I know I’ve made Grace fairly outspoken, but not this outspoken. The shot worked fast on her and loosened her tongue more than she anticipated. She’s not drunk, she’s not tipsy. I’m not saying that, but one shot for a non-drinker, after that initial burn, can make things fuzzy for a little bit.

The best way I think of this moment [the moment Grace took that shot] is when Buffy was drinking with Spike view here:

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