Virginity Thieves

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11B: Swimming Lessons

Earlier that night all the petting and making out had been above clothes, so Blue didn’t know I’d been wearing the lacy green underwear he’d bought me from Victoria Secrets or the matching bra. Three days ago, I found out that Blue had a fetish for lingerie so I caved in letting him buy me some. I told him to surprise me and he presented me this little number that very same night, saying it would go well with my skin tone.

He hadn’t wanted to wait. Demanding I put it on there and now, tonight was supposed to be the night I surprised him with it. Tonight was just going to be all around surprises.

I smiled widely as I stripped in front of the mirror. Making sure everything was in place before they came back. I moved a chair next to the bed, thanking my lucky stars it was a lower seated chair, and then kneeled on the floor waiting for them.

It was then I remembered Blondie, her words, and the tour she promised. “After,” I whispered to myself, knowing the party would go on for hours after they’d finished. I got up and reached for the emergency cell phone Blue had gotten me. Why I had needed the latest iPhone with unlimited service for emergencies was beyond me, but it had kept me up many nights texting him, talking to him, facing timing him when we had to find a way around my mom’s curfew restraints.

I’d never seen my mother so happy when I asked for her to extend my curfew because Blue and I were now dating. She’d been real happy lately. Another perk of having Blue in our lives. Even Jack warmed up to him. They had a weekly gaming night on Sundays.

Getting Blondie’s number had only happened because Blue required it. Blondie wasn’t my friend, but apparently she, along with a few other people I wouldn’t necessary call my friends, were good numbers to have in a bind. I’d tested the theory when my mom, after meeting the sperm donors lawyer, forgot to pick Jack up when I’d been at work and the four had gone on one of their many adventures leaving them un-contactable. Blondie picked him up, took him out for ice cream, and then dropped him off. Safe and sound, if a little upset.

Give me two hours, my text to her read.

Okay. After your fun with them, I’ll be on the second floor, third room on the left.

I wanted to ask how she knew what I was going to be doing those two hours, but as much as I disliked the girl, she was everything but stupid.

I set the phone down, and went back to my place, kneeling on the floor.

*~*~~**Blue’s PoV**~~*~*

“Jensen, hurry the fuck up,” Kie whined, shaking his leg so hard it bounced off the bottom of the steering wheel.

“Damn man, you are amped up. What’s going on? You’re never this excited getting it,” Jensen grumbled. “Jaq, get out, you’re coming with me!”

I’m glad Kie kept his mouth shut. Normally, I wouldn’t mind sharing this information with the rest, but something was different this time. We both knew it. Grace was different and if having it pointed out by them almost every day, particularly at our secret meetings wasn’t enough to let me know it, I could feel it too. I just hoped when all was said and done that she would pass the test.

When they were out of the car, I glanced over at Kie. “You are really excited,” I said. “It’s not like we haven’t done this before.”

“Not with someone you’re in love with and most definitely not with someone I like entirely too much as well.”

“I’m not in love with her.” Regurgitated words. Words I’d been saying to everyone entirely too often as of late. I liked Grace. I really did. But love? Love was another level. And no one, not even Grace was going to make me love without my permission.

Kie glanced over at me and rolled his eyes. “Okay.” We were silent for a few minutes and then Kie spoke again, “Are we still gonna do this thing?”

“Grace seemed okay with it. I actually think it turned her on. You’re probably right, we should hurry. She gets so wet when--”

“I meant the end of the year thing. You haven’t had feels like this since... well, you know. Even then you didn’t love that bitch as much as you do, Grace. I think we should call it off. Seriously Blue. Plus we all really like her.”

“That bitch I was with since middle school. I’ve only had Grace for a couple of months. You can’t compare that to years of--fuck, it wasn’t love, it was sadistic is what it was.”

“Blue, you need to think about this. And you have to admit you’re the one that’s always rough, even cruel to the girl afterwards. Maybe you don’t have to do this to Grace. She doesn’t seem like a psychotic gold digger.”

“Right. Then explain why every girl we’ve put to the test has failed.”

Kie shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe we expect too damn much.”

“Well I’m not settling. Maybe she’ll pass.”

“If she passes, it might be too late. What then?”

I swallowed, ignoring the burning in my chest at the idea of hurting Grace. “We’ll figure it out.”

“Whatever you say, man. Whatever you say.”

It took another twenty minutes before we could get back to her. And fuck was it twenty minutes too long once we walked into his room. The sight that greeted us made me slide down the door after I’d slammed it shut.

“Have you’ve been kneeling on the floor this whole time? It’s hardwood,” Kie said with a gasp. “And God damn you are hot as fuck!”

I watched the pink tinge flush her cheeks and she bowed her head, waiting for my permission. “Co-” I paused, clearing my throat. “Come to me, Grace.”

“How?” she asked.

Closing my eyes, I took a breath, trying to calm my rabidly beating heart. My hands were shaking so bad I had to curl them into fists on the floor. Knowing full well she wanted my eyes on her, I opened them and whispered what she wanted to hear, “Crawl to me, baby.”

The corner of her mouth tilted upwards as she dropped her hands to the floor in front of her.

“Holy shit,” Kie mumbled, his eyes glued on the girl who’d been haunting my dreams.

“These are her rules for me,” I started, “anything goes, but I need to not ask. I have to demand, so don’t think I’m being forceful. Now, these are my rules for you.”

“Me?” he asked.

“You don’t touch her unless I say you can,” I said, watching Grace pause in her slow crawl to me. “You want him to touch you?” I stared at her, frowning at her pout, but curious of her response. “Tell me now.”

“I wouldn’t mind it,” she said.

I snarled at the thought and shook my head. “No. You can touch him, but he only touches you where and when I say.”

She nodded and proceeded towards me, “Okay.”

“Are you guys always like this?” Kie whispered.

“Not all the time. We have a fetish night once a week were we try things and Grace liked this from the beginning,” I said, shivering as Grace hummed her approval. I reached forward and cupped her face, letting her nuzzle my hand like a kitten. “My little submissive,” I whispered. “Tell me where you want to do this. In the chair?”

She nodded. “For Kie.”

“And you’ll be kneeling on the floor over him. I’ll get the pillows. I just need a minute before I can stand again.”

Grace smiled so brightly it took my breath away and she sat her cute pert ass on the back of her calves. She wiggled her hips, running her fingers under the trim of one of the straps on her underwear. “You like it, huh?”

My jaw clenched. “More than you know.”

“Good. And no, I want to sit in you lap. Not the floor.”

“How will that work?” I demanded to know, careful not to sound too timid.

“May I situate you both?” she asked.

“Yes. Start with Kie.”

Before she stood up, she leaned forward, rubbing her nose against mine. “Are your knees still too weak?”

“Is that what you think?” I asked with a scoff.

She laughed, looking thoroughly pleased with herself. “You fell like a ton a bricks. I’ve never made you weak in the knees like that.”

I scowled at her. “Get going,” I demanded gently.

She saluted me. “Yes, sir!” She turned her tiger eyes towards Kie. “Take off your clothes now.”

Kie chuckled, but stopped when she raised an eyebrow. “Really? Just like that.”

“Yes... chop, chop!” she shouted, clapping her hands together.

This wasn’t my first time seeing Kie strip, hell, we’d had sex, but it was the first time I saw him move so fast. He was already hard too and I turned from him to see Grace’s reaction. I chuckled when she circled around him, humming her approval.

“Go sit in the chair. Blue, time to get up. I want you to put your back against the bed in front of the chair.”

I slowly stood, shucking my shirt off and reaching for the buttons to my jeans.

“Your shirt can stay off... you can take your jeans off, but only if you aren’t commando.”

Fuck. She was in that mood tonight. “I have boxers on.”


Once I was finished she sat me down. She faced Kie, pulling the chair towards me, her hot little ass right in my face until the point that my lips touched her. She straightened and then slowly sat in my lap, her back facing me, so she could face Kie.

“Fuck me,” I growled, taking in the perfect view.

“I tried that earlier today. You rejected me, so not right now,” she growled.

I frowned at the hurt in her voice and leaned in closer so that my bare chest was against her back. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, love,” I whispered in her ear, placing a gentle kiss underneath her ear. She wiggled her ass on my erection, making me grunt. “I’m sorry, Gracie.”

She turned her head towards me. “Well, you’re kind of making up for it right now. I’m really, really,” she paused, turned away from me and bent closer towards Kie’s erection. His hands slammed on the arms of the chair and I could see the white of his knuckles as he gripped the wood tightly. “Really excited,” she finished, breathing over the tip of Kie’s dick. “I’ve done extensive research.”

My hands clamped down on her hips at her words, stilling her. Kie wasn’t much of a dirty talker during sex, but I was and so was Grace. Best role playing ever? Was Grace being herself. I glanced at Kie, gaging his reaction. Kie’d always came hard when he was with me. The dirtier I talked the better it was. He even complained that we hadn’t done anything lately and it seemed Grace had him to that point now too. And so quickly. Perhaps he wouldn’t last as long as I’f hoped.

“Tell me what to do,” she said.

“Um, I-” Kie tried. He honestly tried. Admirable.

“Lick the tip of his cock, then wrap your lips around him and suck, but gently,” I instructed, clutching her hips to me, moving her gently over me. I curled one of my hands around her front and skimmed my hand between her legs. “You really are excited,” I whispered. “Absolutely soaking.”

Grace timidly licked the tip of Kie’s cock before wrapping her cute little mouth around him. I watched as she sucked him just as gently as I told her. I slipped my hand inside her panties and pushed a finger against her clit making her moan around him, causing Kie to slam his eyes shut and drop his head back. I smirked as I saw his legs shaking. “Let him go. He needs to calm down before you continue. Perhaps we can send him away if this is how he’s going to be. No better than me... oh, God baby, you’re clenching so tight...” I trailed off, peppering kisses down the side of her neck.

Grace wiggled farther down so that my finger was knuckle-deep in her as she pulled her mouth away from Kie. Kie jerked a hand forward, placing it at the base of Grace’s neck. At first, he pulled her closer but seemed to rethink the action and let up the pressure he’d applied to her head. The pad of his thumb brushed her bottom lip before he caressed her cheek coaxing her bit-by-bit to come back to him.

“I’ll be better,” he whispered, his eyes piercing into Grace’s.

And suddenly, I didn’t know how I felt about anything anymore. All I knew as I watched him watch her, was that I didn’t like it. Not even a little bit.

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