Virginity Thieves

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12: Experimental Kisses

Another update, because ya’ll are awesome! Enjoy and please keep in mind this is a rough draft!

Blue and Grace above--love this gif!

Warning: M/M intercourse and M/F oral

Grace’s POV:

“What happened?” I asked, glancing back at Blue.

“Nothing,” Blue mumbled.

Kie cleared his throat, “Am I missing something?” he asked, his voice hoarse. His hand was still cupping the side of my face when I turned to look back at Blue, so now his fingers were caressing the nape of my neck instead of my lips.

Blue clucked his tongue and settled his back against the bed, pulling his arms from around me and his finger out of me. He folded his arms across his chest and shook his head. “There’s nothing. Keep going.”

“Man, if you’re not okay with this--” Kie started.

Was that it? Could that be why he wasn’t hard anymore?

I tilted my head. “Blue?”

“I’m not okay with it, alright? I’m sorry. I thought I could do this, but--” he stopped talking as he stared at Kie, his jaw clenched as he glared at him.

I turned away from him and looked at Kie giving Blue a knowing look before he pushed the chair back and started to stand up.

“Wait!” I said, saying it louder than I expected to as my hand pushed Kie back down. Once he was back in the chair, I stood slightly, just enough so that I could turn around and sit back down on Blue’s lap, this time facing him. “Talk to me, baby. You were okay with this a few minutes ago. What changed?”

He looked hesitant at first as his honey-colored eyes searched my face, but then his jaw tightened. “I just don’t like you touching him. I’m sorry. I-I didn’t think it would be this big of a deal.”

I bit my lip, trying to keep myself from smiling. Moments like this were happening more and more between us. Things were different with us. No one could deny it. I hoped it was enough to make him stay with me after I let him take my virginity. “Okay, but it’s unfair to let him go when we’ve worked him up so much.”

Blue scoffed, “He’ll be fine.”

“Maybe, but what if I don’t touch him.”

“Well, he sure in the hell isn’t going to touch you,” Blue snapped.

“I don’t think that’s what she was proposing,” Kie said. His voice was different. Curious and surprised all at once. I twisted around enough so that I could see him scratching his chin as he eyed the both of us.

“Then what are you proposing, Grace?” Blue asked.

“What if he’s touching you?”

“What?” he asked, looking stunned.

I wetted my dry lips and started caressing his shoulders. “I know you guys are bisexual. That you’ve been with each other sexually. It’s not like you guys try to hide it is what I’m saying and I’m okay with you both being with each other in front of me.”

Blue looked puzzled as he tried to piece together a sentence, “I-I--are you sure?”

The idea made him twitch back to life and hummed, rolling my hips over him in encouragement. “I think it’d be really hot actually.”

His hands were restless as they rubbed on my thighs while he thought about it, but then, within two minutes, he was nodding, and wrapping my legs around his waist, With the muscles of his legs, he stood, walked to Kie’s made bed and settled me in the middle of it. Blue climbed on top of me and started placing open-mouthed kisses on my throat. He did that for a while, rubbing himself against me, making himself hard again while he sucked at my collarbone.

“Mm, there you are,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around his back and holding him in a tight hug.

“So, if everyone is okay with this, is it alright that I join now?” Kie asked, his voice timid, but thick with need.

Blue didn’t answer, just continued making love to my neck with his tongue, teeth, and lips. So I answered with a hand movement, gesturing him to come over. Kie didn’t stop until his front was against Blue’s back.

“You okay bottoming tonight?” Kie asked, placing a timid kiss against the side of Blue’s jaw when Blue finally decided to pull his mouth away from me.

“Gracie,” Blue panted against me, dropping his forehead to my chin. “How do you want us?”

I scrunched my face up, pretending to think about what I already knew I wanted. “Tonight was supposed to be about teaching me how to give a blowjob. If I can’t do it on Kie, then maybe--”

Blue shook his head. “I can’t, baby. I can’t. Not tonight, but I promise, soon.”

I frowned. “Why don’t you want me too? I don’t understand. I mean, you do want me to, right? So why not now?”

Blue let out a breath and dropped his body more on top of me. “Christ, yes, I want it. I dream about it every bleeding night. I’m just not ready for that. I’ll go too quick.”

I shook my head. “That’s not the reason. You’ve orgasmed quick enough more than a couple of times. Why won’t you tell me the real reason?”

Blue lifted his upper body, moving his arms up so that his elbows settled in the dips of my shoulders. His hands smoothed my hair on the sides of my head as he placed gentle kisses against my lips. “Please, Gracie.”

The pleading in his voice made me stop, but I gave him a look that let him know this would be the topic of our conversation later. He gave a thankful smile and repeated his question from earlier.

“How do you want us, Gracie? Just remember, I don’t want you and him touching. That’s going to be my hard limit for tonight, okay?” Blue said.

I nodded. “What’s bottoming?”

Blue swallowed and cleared his throat before answering, “If I bottom, Kie will be fucking me from behind.”

My eyes widened and the visual wreaked havoc on my mind. “Oh.”

Blue’s smile was slow and steady. “You like that idea? Do you want to watch or should we stay like this? With me on top of you and him inside me?”


Blue bowed his head, chuckling. “Yes what, Gracie?”

I glanced up at Kie. Whatever I chose he was game, I could see it in his face. “Yes, that we stay this way.” I lifted my hands to cup Blue’s face forcing him to make eye contact with me. “It’ll be kind of like you’re fucking me.”

I cradled Blue to my chest watching his jaw clench and unclench. It had taken a while for Kie to get Blue ready for penetration. Blue’s mouth littering gentle kisses across my collar bone and his teeth scraping my neck proved to be playful distractions for me. By the time Blue was ready, it happened fast. Perhaps faster than I would have liked.

It got quiet and Blue’s lips hovered just above the curve of my right cheek. He inhaled through his nose and then the minute of silence was wrecked by the headboard knocking into the wall. The deep guttural groan from Kie followed a vicious curse from Blue as he brushed his cheek against mine like a kitten looking for comfort. I wrapped my arms around the tops of his shoulders, cradling him against my body as his face shoved into the side of my throat. The moist puffs of his panting breath against my neck made me shiver. I peered over the expanse of Blue’s back to see Kie with his head thrown back and his fingers clamped into Blue’s sides, holding him in place.

It was the grunt that alerted me to the intercourse. Blue’s teeth clamped down on my throat, muffling his cry. I wrapped my arms around Blue’s head, caressing his hair as he trembled on top of me, and lifted my gaze to watch Kie. Sweat clung to his skin as his chest heaved and his head was no longer thrown back. He was gazing down at Blue’s back then he glanced at me, his eyes wild with desire as he withdrew and snapped his hips back into Blue. The skin slap seemed to echo throughout Kie’s room.

The bed creaked as the rhythm started and I widened my legs, trying my best to join in. I reached between us, trying to pull my underwear to the side so I could feel Blue, so I could coax him to push inside me, if only just a little.

He grabbed my arms and put them up over my head. “No. No, Gracie. I can’t be like this right now. You’re way too tempting,” he whispered against my lips and then lifted off me.

I cried out from the loss of his weight, of the friction his and Kie’s body had been causing. “Please-” I started and reached out, but Blue had somehow managed to move him and Kie further down the bed.

Blue’s hands clamped on my thighs, roughly pulling them apart and pushing them up. His tongue teased me at the edge of the green underwear but never went under. He’d go back and forth between kissing my thighs and gently licking up, almost touching my slick lips, but never actually getting there. And then, he pushed his tongue through my panties inside.

My fingers gripped the bed and I slammed my head back as I came. It was fast and hard enough that I dozed off only to be woken up by fast, head-board-smacking-the-wall, fucking between Blue and Kie. Blue’s teeth gritted at the fast pace and he gripped the bedsheets as he kneeled on the bed, trying to keep himself from being pushed forward.

I turned myself around so that my feet were towards the headboard and slinked down under Blue until my mouth was almost even with the tip of Blue’s cock. I wouldn’t really try much, it was clearly something Blue didn’t want me to do yet, but I could kiss his weeping tip. I could open my mouth and take his seed. That didn’t count, right?

So I did. The minute my lips touched his tip, he cried out, his voice hoarse. “Oh, Grace! Suck it,” he growled.

Arching my neck, I took the tip of him into my mouth and sucked gently, kissing him like I was kissing his mouth. I held him off with my forearms pushing at his hips and the tight suction cup my mouth had around him.

Blue came before Kie. The warm salty eruption in my mouth made me gag as it touched my tongue, but I swallowed quickly. When it was done, I licked the opening of his urethra, causing another startled shout out of him as aftershocks shot through his body, before I wiggled out from under him so I could see his face. I cupped his cheeks and kissed his closed eyes.

Kie’s orgasm stopped the rocking noise the bed had been making. His hips flush with Blue’s ass as he jerked his load quietly into the man panting beneath him. When it was done Kie fell to the side of Blue, but Blue didn’t move. His eyes were still shut and he was shaking.

“Blue, come hold me,” I mumbled against his lips as my hands rested under his armpits to haul him up.

His eyes finally opened and he stared at me. “Why did you do that?” he whispered.

I bit my lip. “It was good, wasn’t it?” I rubbed my hands in circles at his sides.

“Earth-shattering,” he mumbled, but I could tell he wanted to say something else, yet he didn’t as he allowed me to pull him towards me.

He cradled me sideways so that the front of his face was directed towards the side of mine. I drifted asleep to Kie’s gentle snores and Blue’s fingers tickling down my arm as he continued to stare at the side of my face. And ten minutes later that was how I found him when I woke back up. He hadn’t slept and he was still gazing at me.

“What? You haven’t been staring at me this whole time have you?”

Blue blinked, gave a crooked smile, and lifted himself up from the bed, but not before giving me a hard kiss to my lips. “I’m gonna go take a shower. Go enjoy the party, I’ll be down in five, okay?”

“Want me to join you in the shower?” I asked, wiggling my chest at him.

His eyes widened in surprise, but it wore off quickly as he contemplated the question. That was something we hadn’t tried yet. Now that I think about it, I don’t think that we’ve ever been fully naked in front of each other. At least not both of us at the same time. I thought he would decline, but that panty-dropping crooked smile came and he held his hand out to me.

I bounded off the bed, reaching for his hand.

It was awkward at first. I didn’t expect it to be that way. For the most part, Blue and I were both thoroughly familiar with each other’s bodies, with each other, but when I removed the lingerie he rubbed the back of his neck. His chest expanded as he held his breath. For the first time since the beginning, I wanted to tear my eyes away from his.

The way he looked at me made my heart heavy in my chest.

I bit my lip and took a step towards him. “Blue, are you gonna stare at me all night?”

“It’s tempting,” he said with a chuckle.

“Pft. You act like you’ve never seen me naked before.”

He tilted his head and gave a shrug before turning towards the shower. His hand waved under the droplets of water waiting for the temperature to rise. And finally, when we were enclosed in the stall, I thought we’d play, but instead he turned me towards the showerhead, rested my back against his chest, and reached for the soap.

He rubbed the bar of soap over my hardening nipples. With a soft moan, I dropped my head against his chest as he focused on my breasts. Each breast, shoulder, and arm got equal attention from him. He paid the same attention to my lower body before he reached forward, detaching the showerhead so he could wash away the suds from my body.

I licked my lips, stiffening slightly when the pattern of the shower head changed after he’d rinsed off the soap between my legs. The harder pressure from the water and the shift in his body as he hunched over me had me whimpering with anticipation.

He nuzzled the side of my face with his nose as his free hand came around to cup me between my legs. He positioned the showerhead so that the beat of the water hit my clit and he pushed a finger in and out of me.

When the orgasm hit me I was on my toes, my arms wrapping awkwardly around his shoulders, holding his body to me, holding his head to mine so our foreheads met. I lifted my face seeking his lips at the end and when I pulled my lips away I couldn’t keep the whispered ‘I love you’ to myself.

He stiffened. “What?”

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