Virginity Thieves

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04: Cruel Intentions

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I’d made him uncomfortable with my staring. I could see it on his face as he scrubbed the back of his neck while offering a half hearted chuckle. My glasses slid down my nose, and for once I didn’t adjust them. A moment of reprieve from this beautiful specimen before me was enough to kick me into gear. It was the one time I thanked God for having such bad eye sight.

Without another word, I nodded my polite--impartial--goodbye and walked around him. Or at least, I thought I had walked far enough left to by-pass him, but woe is me. In all my intelligence, could I not even calculate the amount of steps needed to be taken to avoid another collide with... Blue? His name whispered in my mind as I held still against his chest. His hands clutched both of my upper arms.

“Whoa!” His grunt of surprise breezed against my cheek and the smell of mint toothpaste made me want to lick his teeth. If it smelled that good, it probably tasted better, right?

I exhaled slow enough so that it didn’t show in my stance that I’d been holding my breath. “Sorry, my glasses...” I trailed off and pulled away, pushing them up my nose. “I-I couldn’t see.”

Blue frowned down at me. “Like, at all?” He leaned forward and stared at my eyes.

For a moment, I pretended that he was staring into my eyes and not searching for a defect. I knew what he was doing, other people had done it too, and no one believed I was as blind as I said I was. It’s why my grandmothers’ glasses worked so well.

My gaze shifted down and I pulled away from him. “It’s not a visible defect.”


I cleared my throat, kept my glasses in place with my index finger, and walked around him. Hoping I had at least thirty minutes to meditate before the day started. I had a feeling bumping into Blue was going to be the biggest mistake of my life.

*~*~~**Blue’s PoV**~~*~*

It was her freckles. No, it was definitely those lips, with the freckles. Absolutely not even that...

“I have a new taste for fuck-me librarian glasses covering the lightest blue eyes I have ever seen,” I mumbled as my best friend Kieran walked up beside me. “And the freckles.”

Kae frowned as he positioned himself behind me so he could follow my line of sight. “I heard we had a new girl.”

Flipping around, I eyed him and licked my lips before turning to catch one last glimpse of the petite pixie faced-girl as she entered the school.

“Blue, you’re gonna have to work harder for this one,” Kie said with a chuckle and patted my back.

I tilted my head, still transfixed with the school door she’d entered. What was her name again? “Why do you say that?”

Kie shoulder checked me before walking towards the school. I scowled at his back, but jogged to catch up to him. “She didn’t look back at you once.”


Kie heaved a sigh. “It must be stupid day for you, or something. That very small girl you were eye-fucking didn’t turn to look around to catch just one more glimpse of the great Blue,” Kie said, his voice going into a high pitched pseudo girl voice that made him sound like somebody had punched him in the balls.

“Who’s that supposed to be an imitation of?”

“Every girl you’ve ever looked at.”

I paused, knowing Kie would as well. He turned, raising a golden eyebrow. “Only the girls?”

Kie gave me a knowing smirk and started walking again. “Do you remember her name?” he asked.

“She told me, but I don’t remember.”

Kie tsked his tongue. “Already falling a couple of steps behind? She comes from a dirt poor family. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father was simply a sperm donor that disappeared about ten years ago. She has a younger brother and she spends her free time at an animal shelter.”

“How do you know all that? Are you--you didn’t choose her did you?”

Kie shrugged. “I made it my business to know.”

I glared at him.

He smirked and offered another shrug, “I got curious when I heard her raccoon story.”

My eyebrows fell so far down I could practically feel them in the sockets of my eyes. “There’s a raccoon story?”

He nodded, but didn’t explain.

“Come on. You’re not gonna tell me?”

“And make it easy for you to win? I don’t think so.”

I reached for the door first, holding it hostage. Kie raised an amused eyebrow and made a gesture for me to continue.

“I thought you weren’t trying to win. You would need at least more virgins and you and Jensen both said you’d step aside and let it be between me and Jacques. There’s no way you could do it before the end of the year!”

Kie scowled, and glanced around to make sure no one had heard. There was no one around and he knew it. We were too early for there to be a lot of people around. “Would you keep your voice down?”


Kie’s smile morphed into a shit-eating grin. “I just got a little interested, I’m still stepping aside. Doesn’t mean we can’t do what we did last time.”

I licked my bottom lip and bowed my head, fighting off the grin threatening to break free. “I take her virginity and you’re there to pick up the pieces when I drop her? If she’s gonna take more work than the last girl I did, do you think you can manage being the good guy for that long?”

Kie scrunched his lips up and scowled at the same time. “Are you saying I’m not a good guy?”

“Compared to the rest of us? Yes. You’re cruel even. Your last one--do you know where she is right now?”

Kie scoffed. “She brought it on herself. I told her it was just sex from the very beginning as I usually do. They all think they can change it. They think they can make me love them. I’m clear as crystal with them from the start. It isn’t my fault she thought she was the exception to the rule... what she did, and where she is now, that’s on her, not me. The rest of you, on the other hand, make them believe they have a chance with you. To me, that is cruel.”

“Eye of the beholder,” Jensen interrupted and gave Kie a hard slap on the back.

Kie jolted forward and cursed as his face almost knocked into mine. He flipped around and glared hard at the sun-kissed blond grinning widely at us. “No!” Kie snapped.

Jensen’s shoulders shrugged high and his arms lifted in a ‘what I say’ gesture. “You don’t even know what I was gonna say... so, you done with that tat design yet?”

“I did know and you don’t disappoint. You really want a full sleeve?” Kie asked for the thousandth time.

“Yes. How many ways can I say it?”

Kie licked his lips and unzipped his bag to reach in for his art pad. He’d been done for weeks. I’d drooled all over the artistic swirls and different colors he’d blended together, wishing I’d thought of it.

“I finished it almost a month ago.”

Jensen’s blue eyes sharpened as he glared daggers into Kie’s gray ones. “What the--”

Kie held a hand up, cutting Jensen off. “Forget about it. We can do it at Jacques party this Friday. Now, onto Blue’s new conquest...”

“New girl?” Jacques popped up behind Jensen. “If I said I called dibs would that detract your attention?”

I raised an eyebrow. Jaq, as I called him, had that good boy, bring-home-to-your-mama look, but that was only half of what made girls cream their panties for him. “I already called dibs.”

Jaq snorted and rolled his puppy dog brown eyes. He ran a hand through his hair and offered me a saucy wink. “I was kidding. She doesn’t have enough padding for me. Feed her a little and then maybe you might have to worry. Nothing you can do about her ass though.”

I frowned. “What’s wrong with her ass?”

Jaq shrugged. “It’s not big enough. I need cushion for my pushin’. She’s super tiny--in the back and the front. And before you start in, make sure she didn’t skip a lot of grades.” He nodded his head at Kie. “Her file said she had an eidetic memory, right?”

Kie nodded. “She’s sixteen, and yes, I remember that sour look you got when I told you.”

A deep seeded scowl settled onto Jaq’s face, “Well, some of us actually have to work for our perfect scores. She doesn’t even have to try.”

“Well, look at it this way, you got a shit ton of money, she got a shit ton of brains,” I mumbled.

“Yeah. And I’ll bet she’s bored of everything. Can you imagine having everything come so easy?” Jensen spoke softly.

“No, we couldn’t possibly imagine that,” I said in mono-tone.

Jensen scoffed and shook his head, a seriousness creeping into his features. “This goes beyond money, Blue. There are no surprises for this girl because she knows everything she’s ever looked at, everything she’s ever read. Knowing the answer to the question every time--where’s the fun in that? Pointers to whoever gets her, make her experience the fun side of life, not the boring ‘I know everything and nothing surprises me’ side. It’s gonna be rough with this girl!”

I frowned. “Have you been binge reading romance novels again? I thought you were too busy scuba diving.”

“Had some down time. So, who does New Girl belong to?” Jensen asked, looking between me and Jaq.

Jaq was one of my biggest competitors. Kie was too mean, but his looks, bank accounts, and artistry saved him. Jensen was obsessed with every sport he’s ever tried and that kept him busy most of the time--this month it was scuba diving and next month he’d gotten us all prepared to go sky diving. Then there was me, the singer and guitar player--girls flocked to me when I performed--it was instant for me, but when they find out Jacks is the lyricist of those songs I sing, they swoon. And then they find out he writes romance books. They beg to read them, but the only one who has ever read them is Jensen.

“Me,” I spoke instantly.

“Blue,” Jaq agrees. “Like I said, I like my girls to be around the one-sixty or the two-hundred pound range. She might be one-twenty and that’s dripping wet with clothes on. You start feeding her though and then you might just have a problem. To show you that I’m a good sport, I’ll even help you out: invite her to my party this Friday.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Why? So you can see her in her bathing suit?”

“Don’t tell her it’s a pool party. Might just get to see what’s going on under those rags she wears. Maybe her figure is hiding. Either way, this gives you an opportunity. See, I’m all sportsmen like and shit!” Jaq said with a chuckle before pushing me aside to open the doors. “You guys aren’t gonna stand there all day, are you? We have our cruel intentions to discuss.”

*~*~~**Grace’s PoV**~~*~*

The day had been boring considering what had happened earlier. I heaved a sigh and settled my chin on the palm of my hand, drowning out the teacher going on about stuff I’d known three years ago.

I thought this place was supposed to be intellectually stimulating to me and more difficult. Well, to be fair, most of the classes were extremely advanced. If I hadn’t been so curious when I was younger I wouldn’t have read about this stuff, but alas...

When the bell rang, tearing me from my thoughts, I cringed. Hunger pains were always difficult to deal with around lunch time. The smell, the sight--it proved too much for me the first few days and I’d searched for the library. Only to find it just as busy. My one sanctuary remained though, the girls bathroom on the second floor, third stall. The additional meditation helped me get through the rest of the day. It wasn’t like I could afford lunch anyway. At least, not here.

Casting a smile at Ms. Paige, I gathered my books, clutching them to my chest, and inhaling the new smell of paper and ink. If the books hadn’t been handsomely provided I would have had to get second hand, which wouldn’t have bothered me so much. The smell of old books gave me a sense of peace and, oddly enough, deja vu.

Expecting the day to continue it’s banality, I walked out of the classroom and slammed into a warm wall with arms. I didn’t even have to look up, as my arms lost their strength and my books scattered all of the place, to know who’d I’d bump into. If I believed in coincidences I’d be over contemplating this.

“OMG, will you watch where the hell you’re walking? Do you know who you just ran into?”

I adjusted my glasses and looked up, casting a curious glance at Blue before turning my gaze to Blondie. The girl from the bathroom the other day. I put my hands on my hips and frowned, “We really have to stop meeting like this. Three times in one day... I’m sure if you run into me anymore, I’ll break.”

Blondie gasped. “Excuse me? You ran into him.”

I tilted my head and offered half a smile to her. “Did I?”

“Yes! So you better--”

Before bending to get my books, I attempted an awkward curtsy with a bow mimicking Katniss Everdeen after she’d shot an arrow into the apple lodged in the pigs throat, “Forgive me, your Highness.”

“Uh,” Blue cleared his throat and started to bend down to help, “that’s not necessary.”

Blondie slapped his chest, righting him up, and darted her eagle eyes on the mouse kneeling in front of her. “Look you, I might be blonde, but I’m not stupid.”

I was down on my knees gathering my books when she’d said that and I couldn’t help the snort that escaped before lifting my head up to smile widely at her. “Of course, you aren’t stupid,” I said, biting my bottom lip to portray innocence.

Blondie’s mouth dropped and closed as she struggled with what to say and I felt my lip twitch, a smirk threatening to expose me. My eyes danced to Blue, but as he looked down at me I felt my teeth loosen over my bottom lip and it popped out. I took a deep breath, raised my hand, and pulled my glasses down my nose so I didn’t have to look at him.

There was only so much pheromones a girl could take in one day. How do regular teenagers deal with these wretched desires? I was two seconds away from jumping and screaming, “Take me, I’m yours!”

Having picked up the rest of my books and loose papers, I stood, gave one last wobbled bow and said goodbye the best way I could think of. “I hope you two have a wonderful day.” I paused and nodded my head at each of them, “Your Majesty, Blondie.”

“WHAT?” Blondie shrieked as I scuttled past them. “What the fuck did she just call me?”

Blue didn’t answer. He couldn’t. He was bent over, laughing so hard his eyes teared up, but Blondie jerked on his arm, pulling him in the direction of three other males that had started walking towards them.

I rounded the corner and stopped to breathe. Swiveling, I peaked at the group of four men laughing at a red-faced miffed Blondie. Was she still trying to register what had happened? The very idea.

Pushing my glasses up my nose, securing them over my eyes, I watched him as he interacted with the others. I felt like a Shakespearian fraud as words of such beauty crossed my thoughts. How could one describe...

“I wouldn’t if I were you.”

I yelped and flipped around to see a brunette in a starched white tuxedo shirt and a black skirt that was shorter than me. The rapid beating of my heart and my breathlessness had me worried I might pass out, but the girl held her hands up as she approached me like she would a wild animal. I’m sure I didn’t look that startled.

“What?” I asked

“I’m Melanie--Mel, and those guys,” she paused to point, “just stay away. They’re virginity thieves.”

My eyebrows snapped together as I examined her. She knew what I’d been doing, to flat out deny it, as much as I wanted to, would be idiotic. “Thieves? They don’t force--”

“Of course not!” Melanie rolled her chocolate colored eyes and adjusted her leather bag across her shoulder. “Look at them. They don’t know the meaning of the word ‘force.’ All they have to do is bat an eyelash to get what they want, and if they want you, well, you’re screwed.”

My heart thudded as I once again took a peak over my shoulder at them. “They wouldn’t want me.”

Mel raised an eyebrow. Her nose scrunched at my hand-me-down clothes, but paused once she reached my face again. “Don’t sell yourself short,” she said, giving me another once over that made me shift from side to side. “Plus, as I said, they will if they find out you’re a virgin.”

My mouth dropped open to argue.

Mel held a hand up, cutting me off. “Don’t bother. You scream virgin and they have this thing going--not many people are privy to this information, by the way, so let’s keep it between us--it’s like a club and whoever deflowers the most virgins gets bragging rights at the end of the year, plus a fancy vacay to one of the exotic private islands owned by none other than the king himself .”

“And who is that?”

“Blue Dalton.”

Blue. So he was a king, of sorts. I suppose my curtsy wasn’t far off then. “How do you know all this?”

Mel showed her pearly whites and nodded in the direction of the girl with blonde hair, green eyes, and the face of an angel at her locker, laughing at something on her phone. “Because I happen to be Kieran’s baby sister’s best friend.” She lifted her arms to point at the girl that was way too impossible to miss. “That’s Kaylen.”

“And Kieran is?”

“Wow, you really don’t know much do you? I thought you were supposed to be like super smart.”

I didn’t answer. I’d only started a week ago and most of that time I’d spent trying to catch up with the curriculum, which was at least a few years ahead of the public school I’d transferred from. My only savior being my eidetic mind. I suppose that’s also why I got my scholarship. Figuring out who was who and of those ‘who’ to avoid hadn’t been my initial prerogative, even when I’d been warned that first day.

“Kie is Blue’s best friend. I mean, all four of them are really close, but Blue and Kie are tight. Some think too tight, if you know what I mean.” She paused and rolled her eyes at my puzzled expression. “Of course, you don’t. Girl, you are swimming with sharks and you have the biggest... Cut. Ever.”

I scrunched my nose as I looked up at her and tilted my head to the side, “So then why tread water near me? You’ll get all bloody.”

Mel paused and bit her bottom lip. Her whole body poised to dash in Kaylen’s direction, like she wanted to get away from answering, but my question stopped her again. Her shoulders dropped as she heaved a sigh. “Well, my sister said--okay, look, I heard what you said.”

I raised an eyebrow, “What did I say?”

“With those hookers in the bathroom, the other day? That girl they were talking about, well, she’s my older sister. Remember?”

I nodded slowly, remembering the incident. “Oh.”

“You said, ‘it’s cowardly to judge someone based off a situation you’re unfamiliar with,’ or some weird shit like that.” She snorted and tossed her shiny hair over her shoulder. “You are such a geek, but all the same it takes a lot of guts to stick up to a group like that, especially for someone you don’t know. I’ll make sure Kaylen knows too. We may not be Juniors or Seniors, but we do have pull.”

I eyed her, searching for signs of her sister’s features. It was subtle, but it was there. The curve of her lip, the slope of her nose... “Well, for what it’s worth, thank you. I’m on a scholarship and I don’t need any trouble.”

Mel gave a half smile and turned to walk away, but flipped around one last time, “Grace, be careful. Don’t make a lot of noise here, okay? Get your work done, graduate, and skeedaaddle. And never, ever be alone in a room with Mr.--”

I could hear the worried warning in her voice. “I know,” I said. She wasn’t saying it to be mean, I could tell. She was doing it because she was worried. I could see it etched in her forehead, in her eyes, in the way she continued gnawing on her lower lip as she stared at me... and I wondered, what was it about me that made her so worried.

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