Virginity Thieves

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05: Unfortunate Events [2/2]

Blue was not on time. In fact, he was two hours late. I figured he either forgot or decided I wasn’t worth the trouble... that hurt more than I thought it would and I remembered there was a reason to avoid situations like this. Expectations are never met and hope is a worthless emotion when placing it in other people.

I shifted, scratching at the cheap, black lace that wrapped around my neck and shoulders. Thank God, it was a sleeveless dress and that the intricate lace pattern stopped right above my breasts. The rest of the dress was a solid cotton polyester with a billowing bottom half that stopped shy of my kneecaps. Mom was taller and bustier than me, so it didn’t fit as well as it had her on that horrible day, but it would work.

“He’s still not here?” Mom asked, bent over the counter, nursing her hangover--a rarity for her really--with Vitamin C, B1, Ibuprofen, and a cold glass of water.

Sighing, I shook my head. “It’s fine. I didn’t really want to go anyway,” I mumbled. “This dress is driving me crazy. I’m gonna go take it off.”

“Wait a little longer,” Mom insisted.

“Mom, he’s not coming,” I said, reaching to pull the pins out of my hair.

“Wait!” she screamed, flipping around and shaking her head rapidly to get rid of her dizziness. “We have to take a picture.”

“We don’t have a camera.”

Jack came in the kitchen then, his hair sticking out at odd angles, as he sleepily rubbed his bare belly and opened the fridge, where only a medium box of pizza, a jar of pickles, eggs, and milk was available.

We really shouldn’t have gotten that pizza.

I wouldn’t say it out loud, but a thirty dollar take out for one night would have been three more days of dinners done right. I couldn’t say it out loud. Jack loved pizza and Mom had messed up. This had always been her way of apologizing... spending money we didn’t have.

It’s okay, Grace. You get paid in two weeks, I gave myself an internal pep talk.

Jack zapped a piece of pizza in the microwave and turned, noticing us for the first time. “Why you are you two being creepy?”

“How are we being creepy?” I asked, smiling at the residual drool on the corner of his mouth.

“You’re just standing there. Staring at me. It’s creepy and--” he paused and looked at me. He blinked his eyes and then rubbed his fists over them. His surprise morphed into a scowl. “What the hell are you wearing?”

“I know, Jackie! Isn’t she gorgeous?”

“Uh,” he paused, his warming pizza forgotten as he placed his hands on his hips, his frown deepening. “You’re not going out like that, are you?”

“I was, but my date never showed up.”

“Your date. Your date?” He bowed his head, shaking it in disbelief. “You’re not allowed to date, Grace!”

My mouth dropped open. This was a side of Jack I’d never seen. “What?”

Mom’s eyebrow rose as she glanced at Jack, “Excuse me, who is the adult here?”

“That’s debatable,” he grumbled, turning around, the growling of his stomach prompting him to remember the slice of cheesy goodness.

My gaze darted towards Mom’s face, but instead of hurt crossing her face it was amusement. “What’s so funny?” I asked her.

“Your brother is experiencing his first real ‘over-protective’ stage.”

“I am not!” he argued.

“Okay,” Mom reasoned, “then what’s wrong with what she’s wearing? Ooh, Gracie, you know that younger guy a few apartments down?”

I nodded, watching Jack’s face scowl. I tilted my head and his shoulders tense. His lip curled in a snarl. All the signs of it were there. I couldn’t believe it. My little brother... my heart burst with love and I crossed the difference between us, using sheer force to capture him into a tight hug.

“Would you let go of me and go put more clothes on?” he growled into my shoulder.

I pulled away and kissed his forehead. “I will!”

“Not yet! That guy I was talking about happens to have a camera on his phone. I’m getting a picture of this,” Mom said, stepping towards me and grabbing my hand as she pulled me towards the door.

“You aren’t serious?” I said at the same time Jack screamed, “What? It’s ten o’clock!”

Mom rolled her eyes. “How have I gotten such prudes for children? Lordy.”

Blue arrived at the scene of my mom pulling me to the parking lot, me dragging my feet, and Jack shouting behind us asking God why he couldn’t have a normal family. Mom stopped, causing me to run into her back. Her shoulders were tense as she sized him up, but I could tell she was seconds away from squealing.

“You’re two hours late,” she said.

Blue’s face turned red and he rubbed the back of his neck before gesturing to his car, “yeah, sorry. I kind of went overboard at the grocery store.”

I walked up and looked at the back seat of his car. My gasp was loud. “Are you planning on feeding those people for months? I thought parties were just about chips, salsa, and alcohol.”

Blue’s eyes were heavy on me as he watched my face. It was my turn to be unnerved by his staring instead of him by mine. “It’s not for the party. See, I’m used to bottled water or cold water from the freezer with ice. So when your mom asked me to get her some water and I didn’t see the water or the ice maker in the freezer door, I opened them both.”

For the first time since we’d moved here, I was absolutely speechless. He hadn’t said it yet, but I knew he’d gotten all of this for us.

“You bought all of that for us?” Jack asked, his eyes wide in disbelief.

“We can’t accept this, Blue,” I whispered. “We appreciate the idea--the effort you put into this, but it’s--”

His smile was bright as he opened the back seat door and clicked a button on his keys to pop the trunk, “I didn’t buy this.”


He shrugged. “When I left earlier today a few of your neighbors accosted me when I was about to drive away. Apparently, they have this tradition when getting new tenants. They figure out what the new move-ins need the most and pile together to get it for them. Think of it as a welcome home gift.”

I wasn’t buying it, but not because he wasn’t a good liar. He was. He was very good. A pro, even, and I suppose doing what he does, he’d have to be. I almost believed him. I would have had I not glanced out the window just as he got into his car and left earlier today. There was no accost. There were no neighbors. I wanted to say something, but the tears of happiness in my mother’s eyes and the excited gleam in Jacks, made me bite my tongue.

“Jack, what do you say you help me carry this in so it’ll go faster? Gotta get your sister to her first party tonight. We can’t let her beauty go to waste, can we?”

“I’d feel better if she wore jeans and a hoodie,” Jack said, looking at him warily.

Blue frowned. “It’s like eighty degrees! She’ll have heatstroke before we get there. I think she’s fine!”

“You would,” Jack mumbled before bending down to gather the bags.

Blue smirked at Jacks’s back as he watched him walk towards the apartment. “He’s protective.”

I shrugged and batted at the piece of hair the wind insisted needed to be stuck in my eyelashes. “It’s the first time I’ve ever witnessed it. It’s kind of great!”

“That’s because you never do anything like this,” Mom said, coming up to grab some bags as well. She gave Blue a quick peck on the cheek. “Thank you, Dear. I’ll have to send thank-you cards to our neighbors too.”

“That won’t be necessary. They know already.”

“Still,” Mom said. “This means more than you all know.”

After we got all the groceries in, Mom insisted she and Jack would put everything away and shooed us out the front door, but not before she requested Blue take some pictures of me tonight and pass them on to her. He agreed with a laugh and loosely wrapped an arm around my waist, directing me towards his car.

The ride there was quiet until we actually got to the house. I’d stayed silent, my hands folded in my lap, watching my fingers intertwine. He tried to make small talk, but I resisted every time until we finally parked in front of the house and he switched the engine off.

“Gracie, what’s wrong?”

“What did I just sell to you?” I whispered.

He took his seat belt off and turned towards me with a puzzled expression, “What?”

I licked my bottom lip and tried to control my shaking breath. “You helped my mother, I go to a party, wearing clothes I’ve never worn before. You asked me to a party and come to pick me up with at least three thousand dollars worth of groceries. Mom and Jack are gonna have a tough time finding a place for everything... so, what did I sell to you? You helped my mother, I gave you the time you requested, but I have a feeling my time alone isn’t sufficient enough for this gesture.”

“Jesus, Gracie, stop. I told you I didn’t--”

Holding my hand up, I cut him off. “Blue, you and I both know the truth. You’re an amazing liar, but this one, this one I saw through. Let me have that and tell me what you want. Did I sell my body to you? Are you expecting...”

“No! God damn! No. Absolutely not. I did it because I could and I wanted to. Because I like helping good people in a bad situation! I didn’t do it so you’d f*ck me,” he paused when he saw me flinch from his vulgar language. He reached over and lifted my chin so I made eye contact with him, “but I sure in the hell won’t say no if that’s what you think you need to do to make yourself feel better about the situation.”

“So, if I said we could have intercourse right here and now, you would go through with it?” I asked, not knowing whether to be horrified or excited.

Blue hesitated, biting his lip as his eyes wandered down what he could see of my body as I sat there in his front seat. “I would try not to, but not because I don’t want you. Not because you don’t make me so hot that I could blow with one look. I would try to resist because of how you would view it.”

My mind was going a mile a minute. Did he want me? Did I turn him on? “How would I view it?”

He tore his gaze away from me and shifted so that his head lay back against the headrest. “Like I paid for a service. That wasn’t what this was about and I’m sorry that it made you feel that way. Sometimes a gift is a gift with no strings attached.”

“Not in my life,” I couldn’t help mumbling, “but thank you.”

A few more minutes passed, the entire time I was battling what to say about it. I scrubbed my hands nervously down my thighs, making notes of Blue’s body changes whenever I touched my naked thighs, causing the skirt of the dress to shift upwards bit-by-bit.

The direct approach is always the best way.

“I’m sexually attracted to you,” I whispered the words I didn’t know I should say out loud.

He’s smirking smile was slow and he turned his face towards me so that his cheek was on his headrest. “I never would have guessed, Gracie.”

I scoffed at him and resisted the urge to punch him in the shoulder, “Sex is a physical need, you know? It’s a requirement, a basic step--a basic need--to attain self-realization in your life. It’s the pyramid--”

His smile was lazy now as his eyes searched my face, “Gracie, you’re rambling. You don’t seem the type to ramble. Say what you want to say.”

My face burned, but I nodded quickly. I couldn’t let myself think, because then it wouldn’t happen. What I wanted to happen, wouldn’t happen. “I’m not ready for intercourse--”

He scowled, “Stop saying ‘intercourse,’ it’s sex or fucking. One or the other.”

“What about ‘make love’?”

Blue shook his head. “You can only make love if you are in love. I like you, Gracie, but I haven’t known you long enough for love. We both can agree with that, right?”

I nodded, appreciating the fact that he was making it clear emotions would not be a part of the equation. “Of course,” I said, letting the silence linger.

“Grace? What are we talking about?”

I exhaled and turned my body towards him. “I want to do things to you and to myself, but I need you to show me how.”

He looked floored, baffled, and amused all at once, while I was devastated that it came out so abruptly. Blue reached his arms forward to clutch the wheel in front of him. His knuckles turned white, his jaw clenched, and his eyes fluttered shut.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“What--” his voice thick and husky, “what do you want to do to me and yourself?”


“Baby, tell me, please, please tell me!” he pleaded.

“I can’t.”

“Why?” He sounded frantic.

“Because I can’t. How can I tell you what I want when I don’t know how to do it? God, I don’t even know how to kiss let alone masturbate. I know. I know. It’s the same spiel with everyone when I admit I don’t know how to do everything, ‘but you’re a genius,’ well being a genius doesn’t help with this. I read anatomy books, not porn. I don’t--” I cut off abruptly as he clamped a hand over my bare shoulder.

“You don’t know how to masturbate?” he asked.

His eyes were wide with shock and I bowed my head, ashamed of my shortcomings. “No. Everyone should know how and maybe I could’ve picked up on it earlier, but I’ve never had the urge to do anything like that. I was never interested in knowing... until recently.”

“Holy sh!t.”

“I’m super weird, huh?”

Blue chuckled. “Super weird? I think ‘super weird’ is the most normal thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

“So, would you want to take me on? It would be a pretty big project and I’m not the easiest person to deal with. People don’t always enjoy my straightforwardness.”

“I think I can handle it. It’s hot, your straightforwardness.”

“Is that a yes?”

“It’s a hell yes.”

I couldn’t stop the grin spreading across my face. “Good. We can start now. I have my Hello Kitty shorts on and I don’t want to ruin them. I’ll just take them off and-”

“Whoa! Not now.”

I paused, frowning deep with displeasure. “Why not?”

He reached over, brushed a thumb over my cheek, and then pushed my glasses up my nose. “Well, as you know, men and women have very different anatomy.”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course. I know the human anatomy well--honestly, if I tried hard enough, with that knowledge, I probably could get myself off, but it’ll be more fun if you help.”

“If we do anything now all that stamina I’ve built up over the years will go out the window.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Meaning?”

His laugh morphed into a painful sounding groan, “Just not now, Grace. Maybe we can do some stuff after the party. After I’ve had a few hours to calm down.”

“Oh. Okay.” I paused. “Calm down? Are you angry?”

“I’m turned on.”

“Turned on?” I knew what it meant, but I was surprised. We’d done nothing but talk. I glanced down at his crotch. “You have an erection. We haven’t even done anything. Does it hurt?” I asked. “Isn’t this a perfect opportunity for teaching me?” I reached forward and pulled at his zipper. “I don’t know much, but I do know clothes are a barrier.”

His hips lifted, but his hands were in the air as if he wanted to stop me mentally, but was helpless physically. “Whoa. Grace. Oh f*ck...”

“Tell me what you like,” I demanded. My experimental nature was in high drive. I wanted to see what I could do. I wanted to see what would happen when he ejaculated.

Blue’s honey-brown eyes burned a hole into me as he gritted his teeth. His cheeks were flushed red and his chest rose and fell with each panting breath he let out. He balled a fist and covered his mouth to keep from making a noise.

“Can I touch you?” I asked.

He was barely finished with a half nod before my fingers smoothed over the glans of his penis. I brushed a thumb over his urethra and watched his eyes roll into the back of his head. He let out a helpless groan and reached down, wrapping his hand around mine, forcing mine to encircle his penis entirely.

“I want your f*cking mouth sucking me,” he panted, his grip around my hand tightened as he guided it up and down.

I tilted my head, excited at the way he was speaking to me. “Interesting,” I mumbled, but nodded and bent down, only for him to stop me.

“No, not yet baby. Just keep moving your hand. F*ck. Don’t stop.”

Three semi-hard up and down motions later and the creamy white-clear-ish semen that shot out dirtied his jeans. I watched his neck muscles tighten as he remained mostly quiet, but tense throughout his orgasm. His body remained coiled as his hips thrust forward, pushing himself in and out of the small circle my hand formed around him. The guttural growl he’d been holding in let loose towards the end. And then, his body slid down the front seat, limp and relaxed. I traced the fluid on his jeans and raised a finger to my lips as he watched me with heavy lids. He let out a satisfied groan as my tongue darted out to taste the remnants of him on my finger.

He laughed halfheartedly when my nose wrinkled. “It’s an acquired taste,” he said between his panting breaths.


“I usually last longer. Don’t worry, next time I’ll be ready for you. I really didn’t expect this!” He adjusted himself, zipped his pants up, and sat upright before opening the car door. He went around and opened my door. He was so fast I barely had time to register it.

He pulled me up and out. The tip of his tongue darted out, licking vertically on my lips. “Tonight, I’ll show you what you can do with your lips. That mouth,” he growled, briefly closing his eyes. He sucked my lips, and his hands clamped down on my waist, pulling him tightly against him. “You are so f*cking hot!”

The burning excitement and the surprising erotic nature of my licking first kiss had me wishing that moment would come sooner rather than later. “Okay,” I whispered. His hands fisted into my hair and he finally gave me a kiss. A real kiss. Lips and tongue this time. It was perfect.

Eventually, we walked in, Blue’s right hand on my lower back, guiding me.

“Gracie, go mingle. I need to clean myself up,” he said, gesturing to his pants. “If you’re uncomfortable go find Kie. He’ll stay with you.” He swiped his thumb over my bottom lip, pulling it down roughly as he delivered another tongue and teeth kiss that made my toes curl. He let me go, his breath heaving as he turned towards the spiraling stairs. “And hey, Gracie!”

I raised an eyebrow, waiting.

“No open drinks, okay?”

I nodded my understanding and watched as Blue hiked up the stairs. When he was out of sight, I waded through the smallish crowd of people in the next room. There were hardly any people. Searching for Kie, but never finding him, I decided to explore.

And was I glad I did because three rooms down from where the barely-there party-goers were, was an animal room? It wasn’t messy, it was just filled with animals. Three dogs, two cats, different types of amphibians and reptiles, plus thousands of fish. It was a mini pet-shoppe, but the animals held no sadness in their eyes at being rejected by potential owners time and again. No. They were happy, healthy, loved--very well looked after.

It’s someone’s own wonderland, I thought as I reached the kennel where a mother and her pups slept. Opening the cage to let them out, I knew I’d be here for the rest of the party.

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