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"Are you sure that you want to do this? The heart, which used to beat for you once upon a time, will break if she learns this and the eyes, which held love at the very mention of you, will turn into ambers of hatred. Do you think she can take this, Vivaan?" questioned Sucheta, eying her son lost in the bittersweet memories; those which were ruthlessly snatched from her. From the best of friends to the most passionate of lovers, they had been together through every thick and thin. While he vowed to accompany her till her very last step like he did on her very first step, she promised to love him with all that she has, till death do them part. Until, an unfortunate event separates the childhood sweethearts and scars the souls of the soulmates. What caused Vivaan Agarwal to spurn away the love of the woman who rules his mind, heart and soul - Vrinda Chaturvedi?

Yagya Chowdary
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“Arey Vrinda! Such a pleasant surprise, come in!” welcomed Sucheta Agarwal, moving aside to allow her sons’ best friend to walk inside.

“Good evening, Aunty! How are you? Why didn’t you come for the party last week? I missed you dearly,” complained Vrinda, enveloping Sucheta into a bear hug which the elder woman reciprocated affectionately.

“I had to go to Kolkata for a presentation, Vrinda. That’s why I could not attend but I hoped that my sons could make up for my absence,” joked Sucheta, pulling her to the modest couch in the living room as she took the seat beside her.

“Bhai had tried his best to give me company in that boring party but your other son, Aunty, he was busy talking to every girl in the party and enjoying their attention,” replied Vrinda, a slight frown forming on her face as she reminisced the happenings of the evening.

Before Sucheta could reply, her elder son, Daksh Agarwal had made his entry with a question,

“Hey Vrinda! What brings you here today?”

Looking at his playful smirk, Vrinda was sure that he was trying to tease her but she was not going to give the reaction he expected of her.

“Vivaan and I are partners for our final project for the year, so I thought I will discuss with him,” she answered.

“Looks like your college is giving way too many projects nowadays!” remarked Daksh, teasingly, much to her annoyance as she could feel the blush rise up her flaring cheeks.

But Vrinda Chaturvedi was not the one to back down, she knew how to give it back.

“Aunty, I think you should plan for trip to Karnataka sometime. There are such amazing architecture wonders, hill stations and what not. Also, there’s River Kaveri, which Bhai might like a lot,” suggested Vrinda, cocking an eyebrow at Daksh, whose eyes turned into saucers at Vrinda’s open teasing to which his mother could hardly conceal her smile.

“Don’t you think you are getting late to work on your project?” questioned Daksh, trying to distance his mother from his friend before she spills every secret of his, in the name of revenge.

Giving a lopsided grin to Daksh, Vrinda stood up to make her way towards the destination that had brought her to them in the first place.

“How many times do I tell you to not tease me in front of Maa, Vrinda?” complained Daksh in a soft voice as he followed her in the facade of guiding her, despite of her reminding him that she almost grew up in the same house.

“You were the one who started it, Bhai, so I thought why should you have all the fun?” replied Vrinda with a smirk as she pushed open the door separating the two lovers.

“Enjoy your time, although I know you will hardly work upon anything,” said Daksh, pulling her leg once again.


“Shh! Sorry! I won’t tease you!” pleaded Daksh, holding his ears in a gesture of seeking apology from her.

“Yes, Beta?” shouted Sucheta as she worked in the kitchen.

“Can I have some of the Pedha you served last time? I loved it!” answered Vrinda, her lips pulling themselves to a side as they formed a victorious smirk.

“Sure, Beta. DAKSH!”

With the smirk still playing on her lips, Vrinda showed her hand towards the kitchen as Daksh playfully hit her head after ruffling her hair affectionately, much to her annoyance, and staged a walkout.

Giggling, Vrinda turned around and walked into the room belonging to the one to whom her heart belonged, only to find it empty. She eyed towards the balcony, placing her bag on the bed, to find it locked from inside and then turned towards the washroom to hear any signs of his presence in it.

“Searching for someone?”

His whisper made a shiver ran across her spine and a smile adorned her lips as she turned around to face her love.

“Yes, I was searching for someone who never leaves a chance of teasing me and annoying me. Yet, I cannot help but enjoy the same,” she replied, wrapping her arms around his neck as his hands went around her waist, quickly pulling her into an all-consuming embrace.

They had enjoyed the solace of each others’ arms thousands of times since their childhood but they had never managed to comprehend the way it continues to shower its magic over them, making them await for the next, the minute they part, and filling their soul like the ambrosia of the Heavens, erasing every pain and angst of theirs.

“If I don’t tease you, whom else will I tease? After all, if I even talk to some girl, you make sure to terrorize her by telling things like I am going to make her do my projects and I am going to flirt with every girl in front of her. I am left with no choice but you,” complained Vivaan, pulling out of the embrace, despite his heart protesting against it and his soul yearning for more of her essence.

“So you are telling me that I am your last choice?” questioned Vrinda, with a pout which was threatening to make Vivaan’s facade fall apart.

Vivaan did not utter a word but answered her question by chuckling, to which Vrinda folded her arms to her chest and turned around, only to look at their photo together hanging on the wall opposite his bed, so that their happy moments could be the first thing he sees in the morning every day.

Vivaan wrapped his arms around her as he pulled her to himself, with her back resting on his chest and his chin resting on her shoulder.

“I think it’s only fair that you occupy every bit of my wish-list - be it the first position or the last - when you occupy the whole of my heart, Vrinda. So yes, you are my last choice, first one and the only choice of mine for myself,” he said, the streaks of love resonating in his husky tone, making an adorable blush dance over her cheeks.

“You think I took your words seriously, Mr. Agarwal? I was just giving momentary pleasure to you by allowing you to think that you succeeded in that lame idea of yours to make me jealous,” she giggled, wrapping her arms over his as she rested her head backwards over his shoulders.

“Oh really? You are so considerate of my pleasure, sweetheart, so I think you must be knowing which other pleasure I might be interested in, especially concerning you,” he prompted, drawing lazy circles on her waist as he nuzzled her nape passionately.

“Before this discussion on pleasure proceeds any further,” interrupted Daksh, walking in with a plate of pleasantries and the Pedha demanded by Vrinda, “..let me complete the task assigned to me.”

Vrinda and Vivaan jumped apart but while still holding hands, as Daksh forwarded the plate with a smirk twisting his mouth to a side.

“Just a request, I would like to become Jeth to Vrinda before becoming Tauji but enjoy!” laughed Daksh, closing the door behind him as the pair in question could not help but feel embarrassed to be caught in an intimate position.

“Let’s get started with the project or we will never finish it! The submission is hardly two days away!” instructed Vrinda, picking her bag up and zipping it open to use the contents for the project.

“Your wish is my command, Madam!”


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