My Boyfriends Best Friend

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Jesse-" "Just, don't say it. If you don't say it, its not real," he stares at me before exhaling, glancing around us as he does. "It's never going to happen." "But what if-" "Kat. Please," he swallows, before gazing at me sadly. "I can't." *** Katherine Saviour is pretty sure she has life all figured out. She's almost at the end of senior year, and her college applications have all come back with acceptances. Against her boyfriends wishes, she decides to go for the college close to home so she can stay living with her sister, Maggie. In an effort to help her best friend, Eden, Katherine ends up asking Jesse, her boyfriends best friend for help. But there's one problem. Jesse and Katherine don't get on. But what happens when Jesse isn't interested in Eden?

Romance / Drama
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"I tell you this for free- I bet the secret ingredient in that burger is-"

"Unless you have a death wish-" warns Eden, her eyes glinting at Calum as he laughs innocently, before continuing.


Eden pushes the burger away, as Calum falls about laughing, whilst Connor tries to hide his smile. I grimace at Eden as she shakes her head at me in disbelief.

"Why is he such a prick?" she mutters, as I send her a sympathetic look. Her burger was oozing with creamy white mayonnaise, and even I felt slightly nauseous at the thought of eating it.

The canteen was buzzing with chatter from the wealth of teenagers pouring through the doors. The new students were walking in with their eyes wide, clutching their bags tightly to their bodies as they try to manoeuvre through the chaos.

"Poor fuckers," sighs Calum, as he follows my gaze. "Shall we just tell them to quit now?"

"Just because you hate school, doesn't mean that they will," points out Eden, who is now picking at her fries.

"I don't hate school, actually. I just find it incredibly boring and tedious," Calum retorts, pushing his jet black hair out of his eyes as he watches a girl walk past him. "Yet also highly convenient."

Connor shakes his head as he laughs, before leaning over to take my hand. His forest green eyes search mine as he kisses my hand softly, earning himself a playful slap on the back of the head from Calum.

"No romance at the table, son."

Connor rolls his eyes before smiling at me.

"I'm going to head over to the gym. You going that way?"

I shake my head as I finish my carton of apple juice, before looking up at him.

"No, I've got-"

I'm interrupted by Connor moving his attention to someone approaching our table, and I sigh as the words die on my lips. Eden and I exchange a look when we see Jesse Henderson walking up to the table.


Connor nods, before kissing my forehead briskly.

"See you after school, miss you already."

I smile as Jesse rolls his eyes, folding his arms as Connor grins at me. I turn to wave and catch Jesse's eyes as he shakes his head, muttering something to Connor as they walk away.

Jesse Henderson was my boyfriends best friend. They'd known each other for years, and had been like brothers until we started dating some months ago. He didn't like me, and he didn't do much to disguise it.

"As much as I'd love to sit here and listen to you girls talk shit, I'm going to meet Lana," Calum declares, standing up and stretching his arms up to reveal his toned stomach. Eden is staring at him, and I nudge her gently, causing her to blink in my direction.

"Oh, we were just going to talk about how coconut oil is supposed to be good for the skin if massaged into our breasts," Eden quips, as Calum sits back down instantly.

"I can meet Lana whenever-"

Eden holds her middle finger up at him as he groans, leaning over to ruffle her hair.

"You haven't got any to massage," he grins, before dashing away in-between the tables.

"Why do we hang out with him again?" Eden complained as we picked our empty trays up, carrying them over to the bins. As we wait to empty them, I notice Eden scowling after Calum.

"You know what he's like, he doesn't mean it. You and him just clash."

"He likes to piss me off, that's why," she grumbles, as we finally empty the trays, sliding them onto the side as we walk away.

"He gets a rise out of you every time. Just ignore him," I suggest, pushing past a crowd of people who were attempting to do some random ice challenge.

"I try. But then he looks at me with his come to bed eyes-"

I hold my hand up as Eden laughs, colouring slightly as we reach our lockers. Her chestnut hair bounces as she turns towards me, her eyes glittering with mischief.

"Imagine fucking him."

I groan, refusing to have this conversation again. What was surprising was that both Eden and I were virgins, yet you wouldn't know it from the way she spoke.

"I bet his dick is-"

"Please," I groan, as we walk towards our class. "If you want to talk about Calums dick, just pick any girl in this hallway. Or more to the point, Lana."

I nod ahead of us as we see Calum lip locking with Lana Devonshire, her arms wrapped around his neck as Eden scowled darkly.

"So? I've kissed him. No biggie," she throws her hair over her shoulder as she shouts down the hallway.

"Calum, don't forget to take your second dose!"

I snort instantly when he looks up with surprise, to see Lana frowning at us. Calum rolls his eyes at Eden, before turning back to Lana. Minutes later they are back at it, much to Eden's annoyance.

"Why do I want him so bad? He is clearly a jerk," she mumbles as we reach our math class. I'm devastated enough that we have to spend the next two hours in this hideous room, let alone having to discuss Eden's crush on Calum for the duration.

"Because you like the alpha, you know? Attracted to the bad boy and all that. I'd suggest someone else but you won't even consider it."

"No, I will. Set me up, buttercup."

I raise an eyebrow at her as she nods, forcing a smile.

"I'm serious. Who else is there?"

I tilt my head, tapping my pencil on my mouth as I think.

"There's Jace-"

"No. Next."

"Whats wrong with Jace?!" I chuckle, as she frowns at me.

"He doesn't make me think of sitting on his-"

"Whoa, when did this turn into a virginity slaughter?"

Eden sniggers then, before she smirks.

"I just want to get laid. I'm not precious about it like you are."

I tense up then, annoyed she would suggest I was precious about my virginity. I really wasn't- I was hardly waiting for marriage.

"Can we not have this conversation in maths?"

"Why? I'm sure we can work out how eighteen goes into seventeen, multiplying-"

"Eden," I sigh, turning my attention to the teacher who was now droning on about the worst subject in the world, Maths.


"Shut up."

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