My Boyfriends Best Friend

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"I'm starving," Eden groans as we walk out of school to find Calum, Connor and Jesse leaning against the wall, staring at a video on Calums phone.

"For dick?" Calum says, without looking up.

"Yeah, Calum, dick on toast. Of course. Will go perfectly well with my semen burger," snaps Eden as he remains expressionless, before all three boys burst out laughing at the video.

I fold my arms as I wait for Connor, to see Jesse shrug his shoulders at me.

"Do you need something?"

I narrow my eyes at him as he gives me a fake smile. His crystal blue eyes bore into mine as I open my mouth to respond.

"I'm ready, its cool," Connor says quickly, moving to my side as he sends Jesse a look.

Jesse shakes his head as Eden frowns at me, and I shrug.

"What about Jesse, seeing as you like assholes?" I whisper, as Connor snakes his arm around my shoulders. He brings me in for a kiss, and I am deafened by Calum groaning and complaining.

"Like we did that when you were eating Lana's face off earlier, grow up," Eden says, as Calum laughs in disbelief.

"What? You did!"

I pull away from Connor who is sighing, gazing at Calum and Eden as they throw insults at one another.

"Does she still-" he begins, as I nod.


I move into his arms then, enjoying the safe feeling I got whenever I was with him. He smelt of laundry detergent and soap, despite having been at school all day.

"You've got practice tonight right?"

Connor moves his gaze to mine, his fingers sweeping my hair away from my face as he does.

"Yeah. I'll call you after though."

"Maggie is working late so I'm ordering pizza. Eden is coming over," I explain, as I turn to see her shaking her head at Calum as he wraps his arms around her waist playfully, a smirk on her face when she catches my eyes.

"If she doesn't end up going home with him," Connor laughs quietly, as we watch them fool around.

"Can we go? I'm bored already."

Jesse is leaning against the wall, his arms folded as he glares at me.

"He hates me," I mutter, as Connor frowns, glancing back at Jesse.

"Nah he doesn't."

I sigh, knowing I can say no wrong about Jesse to Connor. Connor couldn't see the way he was acting around me, and if he did, he didn't acknowledge it. It was highly frustrating, but I didn't have much choice but to deal with it.

Connor leans down to kiss me again, this time it's brief and I'm glad. It was bad enough having Jesse glare at me the whole time without adding fuel to his fire.

"Finally," Jesse mutters, walking away as I snap out a retort without thinking.

"You got a crush on my boyfriend, Henderson?"

He turns to scowl at me, his eyes filled with annoyance and hatred. My playful smile drops from my face then, and I frown. Jeez, was I really that bad for his precious best friend?

"Jesse, leave it," Connor instructs, sending me a meaningful look as Jesse turns away from me.

"Well," Calum says thoughtfully from beside me. "He didn't deny it, did he?"

"Jesse Henderson is not gay," sings Eden, as I turn to peer at her curiously. Calum chuckles then, as he begins to walk towards his ride.

"No, he isn't. I can vouch for that, and so can a college girl I know."

He winks as he gets in the car, as Eden stares at me open mouthed.

"A college girl?!"

I shake my head as Calum disappears, and we make our way to the bus stop. The air was crisp for September, and the leaves were already beginning to fall, littering the sidewalk with their autumnal beauty.

I didn't live too far from school, and the bus was fairly regular. Eden had fairly strict parents, so she tended to be at mine most of the time. Her parents loved me and my sister, Maggie, so Eden was quite lucky.

My dad took off when I was born, leaving my mother to bring up my sister and me. When I was fourteen, my Mom died in a car accident. Maggie was more than old enough to care for me herself by that point, and I will be eternally grateful to her for that. We had no other family at all, so if she hadn't have looked after me I'd have been in the care of the state. I'd much rather be with my sister.

"Is Mags home?"

I snap back to see Eden peering at me as we sit on the bus, hoisting our bags onto our laps as we do.

"No, she's on nights."

Maggie was a doctor in the emergency department of our local hospital, something she had recently become qualified in. I was in awe of how strong and successful she was, despite everything we had been through.

"Boo. I love Mags."

"Me too," I smile, settling back into my seat as I watch the scenery roll past the window.

"So Jesse...he's an option," Eden declares, as I turn to frown at her.

"Jesse is an ass. He is horrible to me!"

"Probably because he wants a girlfriend of his own. If he has been with a college girl then he will be experienced-"

"Eden," I say firmly. "You can't go for people based on their supposed expertise in the bedroom!"

"No," she pouts, "but he is hot."

I shake my head as I turn to stare back out of the window.

"Plus Calum would be so jealous. I'm sure of it."

I turn back to Eden who is now grinning at me, her eyes filled with hope.

"You said you'd set me up-"

"With Jesse?!" I cry in dismay.

Was she for real?

"Yes, you can fix your relationship with him whilst hooking me up. He will thank you."

I can't help but roll my eyes, resting my head against the cool glass of the window as I consider her words.

"He won't even talk to me. I'll ask Connor what he thinks-"

"No! You can't! It's just us. Promise?"

I stare at her in stunned silence as she nods her head eagerly.

"Oh come on, you set us up, I get a hot guy, Calum gets jealous- you don't lose anything!"

"What makes you think he will talk to me? You know what he's like with me."

"Show him how amazingly kind you are. Everyone loves you, Kat. You just need to thaw his ice."

"With an ice pick to his throat," I smile sweetly. "Can't you just find someone else? Seriously. I'll set you up with Calum myself."

Eden shakes her head then.

"No. This is the way to Calum, trust me. I've read so many books and watched all the films. Jealousy. I need to make him jealous."

She rambles on about every example she can think of from different romantic movies, and I can't help but panic.

There's no way I can speak to Jesse for her. The way he stares at me is filled with hatred- and I'm his best friends girlfriend. I really, really don't want to do this, but I know I have to help Eden.

I decide to speak to Connor.

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