My Boyfriends Best Friend

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"Eden and Jesse?"

The doubt in Connors voice tells me he is wrinkling his nose up in disbelief. He is so cute.

"Well, its just a suggestion. Just see what he says," I plead, as Eden walks back into the room with the takeaway pizza boxes in her hands. The smell of melted cheese and pepperoni has my mouth salivating before I've even seen the food.

"Alright. I just don't think he'll go for it," Connor sighs, as Eden looks at me suspiciously.

"You too," I smile as Eden rolls her eyes with disinterest.

"She's there isn't she?" Connor laughs, and I nod despite him not being able to see me.

"Pizza is here! See you at school," I say, ending the call before he tells me he loves me again. I mean, I really liked the guy, he was cute, funny, and super caring. But he was also quite full on at times- when he told me he loved me a few weeks ago I'd automatically said it back, but I'd been unable to say it since.

Because I wasn't in love with him all the way, not enough to say it constantly. It had to have meaning, and I didn't feel like it was there for me just yet.

It will come though, I'm sure of it.

"Mushrooms. This is yours," Eden grimaces, handing a box over to me. I tuck in greedily, and we eat silently as we watch trashy TV shows.

"As if you'd marry someone you've never met," snorts Eden, draining a can of coke loudly. "How do you know if they're good in the sack?"

It never ceased to amaze me how Eden could talk so casually about sex. I was almost convinced she had done it already- so much so that I constantly grilled her to make sure.

Eden reassured me that if she had done it, I'd be the first to know. Before she screamed it from the rooftops.

"Because people fall in love through conversation and mental stimulation," I explain, as tomato sauce runs down my lip. I wipe it away before sucking my finger, nodding at the TV. "That woman said she was insecure and was sick of guys talking to her chest. She wants someone who likes her for who she is."

I felt a strange pang in my stomach as I watch the couple on the TV talk through a wall made from textured glass that made it impossible to see one another. They were constantly laughing, and had endless things to all about.

"What a crock of shit. I want a guy who wants me more than he wants anyone else. I want him to fancy me so much all we do is fuck, and then we can do the love shit."

I shake my head in exasperation, before my phone pings with a text from Connor.

Jesses number. Why don't you text him about Eden? Be good for you two to finally get along. X

I frown, wondering what the actual hell had possessed Connor to send me that. As if I was going to message Jesse about anything.

"What's up? You look like someone pissed on your chips," remarks Eden as she drops the empty pizza box on the table. I tuck my legs beneath me on the chair, before sighing.

"I've got Jesse's number. Why don't you text him?"

Eden studies me for a minute, before shrugging.

"Just ask him if he's got-"

"Eden!" I say sharply, as she giggles to herself.

"Urgh. I'm not texting him first."

This is absurd.

"I'll give him your number then," I suggest, as she nods thoughtfully.

"But he could always dm me, why would he need my number?"

I lift my eyes to hers before chuckling to myself.

"Because it shows you're interested.".

Eden nods, before turning back to shout at the tv screen.

"No! Don't marry him, you silly bitch. He might have a wiener!"

I zone out from Edens incessant sex talk and compose a text to Jesse. I'm already fuming that I'm having to do this, but I knew it was important to Connor that I at least tried. Plus Eden could do with a distraction from the whore that was Calum.

Hi, it's Kat. Eden wants me to give you her number, drop her a text sometime? Thanks.

I drop my phone to the table as I try to pay attention to the screen. I can't help but glance repeatedly at my phone, wondering if my olive branch offering had just potentially created an even bigger rift. It lights up and I grab it, as Eden watches me.

"Is it Jesse?"

J: Hi, Katherine. She's not my type, sorry.

Full first name usage.

"What did he say?" Eden pressed, checking her phone as though expecting a text, her face crinkling in disappointment when she sees nothing. "He's not interested is he?"

My fingers fly over the screen without thinking.

K: But you don't even know her. You can't say that until you know her, surely? She could be perfect for you. Please? It's just a text.

"No, its Connor," I lie, as she grins.

"Phew. OK so let me know if you hear back from Jesse."

J: Katherine. It's not just a text, it's leading her on when I have zero interest in pursuing her. What sort of man do you take me for?

My heart hammers in my chest as I text back, my pizza now forgotten.

But how can you have zero interest in her when you don't know her?

I'm pleased with myself now, defending my best friends honour. Until he texts back.

J: Because I'm not physically attracted to her. You know when you see someone and your heart lurches in your chest and you feel dizzy? I'd need that. Try Calum.

What was this man on about?

K: You seem to be talking about love, not mere attraction. I'm suggesting you get to know her before you judge her.

"She's actually marrying him. I can't fucking believe this fool," Eden shakes her head at the tv. "The other guy was much hotter."

J: I tell you what. Try this- ask her what is most important to her in a man.

I bite my lip as I close my eyes, knowing what her answer will be.

K: But you're a man. Isn't that a good thing?!

I'm aware I'm being judgemental now.

J: Actually no, it's not. Let me ask you the same question.

My eyes widen as I pause, thinking about his question. What was most important to me in a man? I think of Connor, and smile.

K: Loyalty.

There's a brief pause before he replies.

J: So you play it safe.

I frown, unsure why loyalty was a bad thing.

K: Loyalty is an amazing quality!

J: It is, but then what about how he makes you feel?

K: How Connor makes me feel is irrelevant to you sending a simple text to Eden. Why are you so difficult?

J: Why can't you answer a simple question?

I'm furious now. How dare he ask me about my relationship when he doesn't even know me?! Eden is watching me suspiciously, and I rearrange my angry features before smiling as she peers at me.

"Trouble in paradise?"

"What? No. Can we turn this off?"


I stand up, gathering the pizza boxes as Eden clicks the remote, sending the tv screen blank.

"I'm gonna go, I'm so tired. Meet you at eight?"

Eden yawns, picking up her phone and keys as I smile at her widely.


"I'll text you if Jesse texts me. Imagine that hot body-"

Immediately my cheeks flame, and I'm imagining Jesse naked. I blink rapidly, before clearing my throat.

How inappropriate.

"Bye, Eds."

Eden grins as she walks out of my house, over to hers which is across the road. I adore Eden, despite our differences.

I stack the dishwasher and turn it on, making sure the door is locked before heading for my bedroom. I change into my comfy slobs, and fall into bed. Despite being tired, I can't relax.

Why can't I answer a simple question?

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