My Boyfriends Best Friend

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I was what?

I was what?!

This had been swirling around my brain all goddamn day, and I was still no clearer.

"Partyyyyyyy," I hear Eden whisper in my ear, before waving her phone in front of my face with excitement.

"Another one?"

Eden shoots me a look of disdain before she throws her hair over her shoulder dramatically.

"Hayden is twenty one, silly. So it's not just any party."

Hayden was Calums older brother, and he was pretty much a carbon copy of his brother.

A playboy, basically.

"Where's it at?" I mumble, peeling open the yoghurt lid as Eden squeals excitedly.

"It's at their house. Their parents are leaving them the house for the weekend, can you believe that?"

I stare at her blankly.

"Are they insane?"

Eden snorts then, as Calum walks up behind her, burying his face in her neck. She turns a deep red as she bats him away, but he lifts his head up to greet me instead.


"Are you two getting it on?" I ask bluntly, scooping the yoghurt into my mouth as Calum grins.

"She wants it, but doesn't everyone?"

Calum pulls her onto his lap as she pretends to resist, but I can see the happiness in her eyes.

This wasn't going to end well.

"Urgh, you wish," Eden laughs, as I notice her hands resting on his. Calum doesn't make a move to stop her either, which is odd.

Could it be that he was catching feelings?

"Guess who Kat tried to set me up with last night," giggles Eden, twisting her hair around her finger as Calum frowns at me, a look of annoyance in his eyes.

"No idea. Who?"

I'm gazing at Eden in disbelief, wondering what happened to the 'keep it between us' speech she'd given last night.

"Jesse," she smirks coyly, clearing enjoying the look on Calums face as he rolls his eyes.

"How did that go? Considering he hates Kat, and likes older girls."

"How do you even know that?" I snap, as Calum turns to look at me with amusement.

"What, that he hates you or that he likes older girls?" he teases, as Eden frowns at me.

"Connor said he doesn't hate her-"

"Yes, because Connor is trying to be nice," Calum explains, shifting Eden onto the bench beside him as she pouts with disappointment. "It's one of those things, best friends for life, till you meet the wife. That kinda thing. He misses his buddy."

"Wife?" I echo, as I look up to see Jesse hesitating at the head of our table. Eden points at the seat beside me, smiling flirtatiously as Jesse sighs.

"Who's getting married?"

Calum looks at me meaningfully before smirking.

"Connor and Katherine. We're just talking about their wedding."

I flush beside him as his knee touches mine, making me jump instinctively. He doesn't look at me, and I scowl.

"There is no wedding. We were actually talking about older girls and younger guys," Eden smiles, as I send her a grateful look.

"Riveting," Jesse drawls, cracking open his can of soda.

"So, are you coming to my party on Friday? No fucking dweebs allowed," Calum says, pointing his finger at me and Eden.

"Are you saying I'm a dweeb?" Eden argues, jabbing him in the side as he roars with laughter.

"Don't bring any dweebs. Bring your hottest friends-"

"Kat is my hottest friend," Eden smirks, and I feel my cheeks flush even further. Jesse raises his eyebrows as he shakes his head, and I fight the urge to challenge him. Not that I was her hottest friend- I was her only friend.

"Yeah, same. Eden, obviously," I chime in as Calum nods.

"A lesbian love off, wonderful. That works for me."

I tune out as I try not to pay attention to the creature beside me, who, for some reason, was commanding my attention effortlessly.

"So who's the chick you were texting last night?" Calum asks Jesse, as I try to appear disinterested.

So what if he was texting another girl at the same time as me? I bet he was texting thousands.

"Oh you know," he says cheerfully, winking at Calum. "Just a girl."

"You said she was hot," Calum points out, as Jesse smirks.

"Did I?"

"Yes you did," I say, suddenly invested in the conversation. Eden looks peeved, and I try to catch her eye. "Especially when you're too busy to text people back."

Jesse frowns then, peering at me curiously before shrugging.

"I always text people back."

"Well you didn't last night," says Eden quietly, as Calum looks between the two of them with confusion.

"Wait, did you text him?" Calum demands, as Jesse turns to me.

"I replied-" Jesse begins as I kick him, hard on the shin. "Ow!"

"You didn't reply when I texted you last night about Eden," I smile, as his eyes flicker with understanding.

"No, sorry. I was texting someone else."

Eden shrugs, as she leans forward to Jesse.

"We can talk now?"

I feel fingers pinch the skin on my leg as my knee jerks up, slamming against the table.

"Ow! What the-" I begin, as I see three pairs of eyes studying me carefully. "I hit my knee," I explain, rubbing the spot Jesse had touched.

Eden shoots me an exasperated look before turning back to Jesse who stood up abruptly.

"I've got to go."

He walks away and I refuse to let my eyes follow him, despite the urge in my stomach.

"Were you just hitting on Jesse?" demands Calum, as Eden rolls her eyes.

"Like you care."

"I don't, you just got blown off. Twice. Does it feel embarrassing?"

"Calum, go and speak to someone who cares," Eden snaps, as he stands up.

My phone pings and I glance down to see a text from Connor, advising he wasn't any better and that he was going to sleep.

"Argh, Connor is still poorly."

Eden rolls her eyes as she watches Calum walk out of the canteen.


I lift my eyes up to hers as I cluck my tongue, tilting my head at her.

"Good? That he's ill?" I echo, as she nods.

"Well, it will be more fun at the party without him. Maybe you will relax."

"I do relax! I just don't like party games and jumping in the pool naked," I say pointedly, as she sniggers at the memory I'm referring to.

"That was the night I kissed Calum."

"Am I going to have to listen to you relive it again?" I groan, as she sighs happily.

"It was spin the bottle, and-"

I stand up to leave as she runs after me, still telling me the tale I'd heard a thousand times. I half listen as she follows me down the hallway. My phone pings again, and I feel my heart skip a beat when I see who it is.

J: I'm not interested in Eden. Can you tell her in a nice way? If not I'll tell her in my way.

K: You're such a jerk.

J: I'm wounded. Tell your friend I'm not interested, ok?

K: Fine.

J: Good girl.

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