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Mary Johnson is attending her Senior Year at Clarksville High. At the age of eighteen, she is striving towards her future. Like her older sister, she is strong-willed and dedicated to achieving her goals. Only to work hard this time because of unforeseen changes that happened in her life. Andrew Rogers, a dashing man in his early twenties is living life on his own. He moves back home for a while and tries to find meaning in his life. He still manages his illness, and like Ben, Andrew has a spitfire mouth as well. He is the guy who would jump into the flame to save you or the guy who will pull you out of a wrecked car atop a tall cliff. He is the First Respond Bad Guy.

Romance / Erotica
Morgan English
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Fire And Ice #1

Mary Johnson POV

I wake up to the sound of a baby crying next to my bedside. Groaning I sit up off my bed and stare at the crib next to me. I frown looking over at the clock on my nightstand. It's 3 A.m. Wiping my eyes I was about to get out of bed throwing the bedsheets to the side. As I was getting up I hear my bedroom door creak open bringing my attention. Squinting my eyes trying to adjust to the darkness wondering who it was.

Ben peeks his head in from the door, the light from the moonlight of the window shown on his face; giving me a good view of his facial expressions. He looks so tired with sleep-filled eyes, "Let me take him, you have your first day of school today, you need rest.".

As much as that would be nice I'm going to have to decline because I feel as if it's taking advantage of him to handle a crying baby at night while he and Hailee have Izzie to take care of. Though the help is much appreciated, I tell him, "No, no, it's okay. I got him." With that, I pick up my baby boy from his crib and start to softly bounce him in my arms.

Ben nods once, "Okay, if you need me or your sister don't hesitate to ask," He offers.

I give a small smile, "Thanks, goodnight.".

Once Ben closes the door I bring my baby with me and sat on my bed cradling him in my arms. I start to hum to him trying to get him to go back to sleep. I rock my body side to side as I watch him slowly close his eyes, my voice soft and sweet soothing him.

I stare at his baby features for the longest moment as the moonlight glows against his skin from the opened blinds flood in. His long thick eyelashes caressing his puffy cheeks and his hair starting to grow in wavey dark hairs. He is six months old now. I smile and softy lean down to place a kiss on his forehead. He coos at the touch but still fastly asleep in my arms.

I love him, deeply.

The night he was born, I remember at first I didn't want to hold him, but, when I heard his cries in the nurse's arms; I couldn't help but cry out to the nurse to give him to me.

Once the nurse puts him in my arms I instantly fell in love. My world was staring back up at me with deep brown eyes like mine. At that moment, I named him.

Colton Landon Johnson.

That was the best day of my life...Until the nurses spoke up and asked me 'so who is the father?' I was pissed, to say the least when they thought it was their business to know my life of who and where the father is? But, I guess they wanted to know out of good intentions? I was annoyed still.

I look over to the clock, my eyes widen seeing that is already 5 A.m. Have I really let time slip away? Dammit, I have to get ready for school!

It's my first day of Senior Year at Clarkville High. This year I'm trying to focus on my school work and trying to better my life for me and Colton. I know it wasn't going to be easy, last year wasn't easy for I was pregnant most of my Junior Year and having him. This means I had to take summer school for all the weeks I have missed. That wasn't easy either. Hailee had taken in a babysitter for both of us whenever we both went to school and work. Ben is always there to help most of the time, watching over two babies and taking them with him at his office.

I get up slowly from my bed and carefully put him down in the crib. I sigh contently looking at the chubby rolls around his feet and arms. God! He is so cute.

I get myself ready for school.

I hope today will be the day where people don't see me as the pregnant girl at school anymore but as a fellow senior. Jessica is my only friend and has been there for me when I have no other person to cry to, to open with, and to listen without judgment. Very supportive she is and has been over the year.

That's why I made her the God Mother to my firstborn child.

Today will be a good day, it has to be.


I climb out of the passenger's side of Jessica's Volkswagon, closing the door she gets out as well and we make our way towards the entrance of the school. We both stand beside each other and smile, "This year will be the best Mary, I can feel it!" She chirps. Her long blonde hair pulled up into a half ponytail and wearing a little bit of makeup. Her green eyes meet mine, she smiles, "Are you ready?" She asks, excitement evident in her voice.

I smiled back, thinking about how this year could be the best. But, I don't want to jinx it. "See you at lunch?" I say. We didn't have any classes together only lunchtime.

She nods then both of us walk into the school.

We both split ways to make to our first classroom of the day. Suddenly, I feel nervous. I don't know why? It's not like I haven't done this for the past eleven years...

As I was about to walk into my first class I feel my own phone vibrate in my pocket. I frown and reach in to retrieve it. I look down at the phone screen feeling my eyes widen at the text saying 'Colton has a fever, I am going to take him to the doctor. No worries.' That was from Ben.

Don't worry? How can I not worry that my baby boy has a fever and I'm here; not there with him!

Ugh! I should leave...

No, I can't...

I send a quick text, 'Please update me when you hear from the doctor, please!'.

Harshly sighing I slip the phone back into my pocket. Praying that everything will be okay and that it's just a small fever...

The bell rings signaling that class is starting, I walk into the classroom and find my sit at the end of the room. Once I take my seat I hear a boy beside me comments, "There's my baby momma."I cringe to his words and give him a sour face showing that I didn't appreciate his words. He smiles and shrugs a shoulder, "Does the sound of a baby crying get your nips-"

"Fuck off Kyle," I mutter, "Grow up," then added harshly.

Kyle raises his hands up in surrender jokingly and turns on his seat to talk to one of his bodies. I roll my eyes on how immature these highschool boys are.

Finally, the teacher starts the class with introductions and a worksheet for us. This is good, some teachers just sit down and let the students talk for most of the class time because it's just the first day. This will keep my mind off of things, like how my baby boy is at the clinic right now. I haven't gotten a single text yet from Ben during class. Which worries me more. I take my phone out and hide it under the desk to check and see if I have felt it vibrate.

No texts yet.

"Miss Johnson," I hear a voice call out from across the room, "Put your phone-"

Suddenly the sounds of the fire alarm went off causing all us students to close our ears from how abrupt and loud the alarm is. I slip my phone back into my pocket hearing the teacher raise his voice, giving instructions, "Okay! Everyone kindly and slowly walk out the room and walk towards the fire exit on the left down the hallway please!".

It's the first day of school and we already have a fire alarm drill? Is this a drill?

I make my way through the fire exit following some pupils out into the parking lot area. I see my friend Jessica look my way as she is leaning on her car, she waves me over.

"Is this a drill?" I ask out loud standing beside her and look at the building. My mind went blank hearing her words after.

"I heard that the cafeteria's kitchen pipelines are leaking gas.".

I didn't fully hear her as I reach for my phone feeling it vibrate, I click the screen letting the message pop up. I sigh in relief reading it, 'Doctor says everything is okay, he is teething and that usually causes a fever with teeth coming in. So he says to just watch over his temp if it gets higher and make sure to give him infants Tylenol.'.

As I was about to message back I hear Jessica speak up, "Wow, they are so freaking hot.".

I furrow my brows lifting my head to see what she was talking about-

My eyes widen and body tenses up.

Over there, parked in front of the school's entrance is a big red fire truck with yellow lights flashing. A couple of firemen are talking to the principal and teachers. I find myself only looking at one person over there feeling shocked. A person I haven't seen a little over a year ago. The person that I left in the parking lot at my sister's wedding. Yet, he looks so different? From here I can tell he has grown into a man.

I find myself frozen in place staring that way. My breathing becomes heavy and my eyes non-moving.

I try to catch my breath once seeing him turn his head over this way. Shit!

"Jessica..." I trail off only to grab her arm and pull her right in front of me to hide.

"Wha- what are you doing Mary? Isn't that your um-wait what is he to you?" She stammers in words, "He is walking this way..." She adds. Dammit!

Did he see me?

I find myself turning away having my back touching Jessica's back, "I'm trying to hide," I say to her. I don't want to see him! I know this is immature on my part but honestly, the sight of him gives me mixed feelings. Most of those feelings are when I just want to be near him feeling at peace, while the other feeling is that I want to slap him on the face. I will never forget that night at the party...

"Hide from what?" I hear a deep riveting voice ask from behind me. I furrow my brows confused about why I can't feel Jessica's back against mine anymore? I slowly turn around to find out that she isn't here. Did she really just bail on me?

There he is, low and beholds, Andrew Rogers.

He is standing right in front of me wearing a tight black shirt that says C.F.D. Which I'm guessing that means 'Clarksville Fire Department'. His dark locks of hair tussled and blue eyes that have always struck my soul. How deep and raw his emotions show in them was the part I love-I mean like about him.

Andrew stares down at me for the longest time while eyes search for mine, "Mary?" He calls my name trying to bring my attention. I find myself light-headed thinking about all the things we said that one night.

'I can't be with you! I'm sorry Mary...It would be hard to be with someone who is like me. At first, all I ever wanted was you to be mine. But, I realize that we can't. It's best for you to leave this party now.'

'You really think that part of you would bother me or change my mind-'

'It will! Fuck Mary! Go home!'

'You go!'

'Fine! Don't call or come to me when you don't have a way home!'

'I won't...'

I shake my head to rid the memory only to feel dizzier. My breathing becomes heavier as I am feeling overheated by the heat from the outsides sun rays beam off the car's reflections. I start to sway my body a bit. Oh, God! This is not the time to have a panic attack while it's blazing hot outside today!

Andrew takes an alarming step forward with wide eyes seeing the state I'm in, "Mary? Whoa! Shit, Mary!" I hear him shout, sounding worried?

I feel a pair of arms grasp around my waist as my body goes limp feeling hot breaths on the side of my face.

Darkness consumes me after hearing a deep voice call out, "We need ice packs!".


Author note: Not edited. And so it begins...

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