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Drowning Thoughts #10

Mary Johnson POV

It's between bell time to the last class of the day. I walk down the hall with a bag on one shoulder making my way towards English Class.

"Hey, Mary!" I hear someone call for me from behind. I turn around seeing that it is that new guy from yesterday, Atticus.

I stop in the middle of the hall, letting him catch up to me, "Hey," I softly reply, feeling my cheeks heat up a bit. 'Stop blushing!' I mentally shout.

Atticus smirks my way and is now standing right in front of me, wearing what looks to be a signature style of his; a regular white t-shirt with dark jeans and a black leather jacket. His cloudy-like eyes soften ever-so-slightly, "I've been looking for you all morning, wondering if you would like for me to take you out to lunch?"


Is he...asking me out? Wait-

I guess from the expression on my face, he instantly shakes his head side to side bringing his one hand up over my one shoulder to give it a slight squeeze, he then chuckles, "It's more of for gratification you could say..." Atticus says looking over to the side seeing other students walking past us to class before the second bell rings. After a few minutes, as if waiting for the halls to be less 'busy' he looks back down at me and smiles, "I don't take no to lightly."

'Wow, cocky much.'

Playfully rolling my eyes at my sarcastic thought I notice that his hand is still laying atop my shoulder. Quickly averting my eyes down to the floor-- feeling flustered as to how he seems very comfortable--confident too--by his psychical touch.

I open my mouth to speak up and give him my answer--

Until the sound of my own phone's ringtone interrupts me. I furrow my brows in confusion wondering who is calling me during school hours? Unless it was an emergency about my son...

My eyes widen in realization thinking it could be about my son before I quickly rummage and pat with nervous-shaky hands in both my pockets to retrieve the phone. Finally, I pull out my phone and without looking at the collar ID to see who it was, I answer anyway, "Hello, is Colton okay?"

"It's your sister," Ben's voice cracks through the speaker, "There's been an accident, we are at the hospital--"

I cut him off right there, feeling my entire body run cold; like a river freezing over inside my bloodstreams--heart-stopping and breathing shallows, "I'm on my way."

Hanging up the phone, I look up to see Atticus tilting his head looking down at me, searching my eyes with his as if he was trying to figure out what's wrong, "Mary? What's wrong?"

I couldn't help the warm fresh tears streaming down my face as my lips start to quiver, " I-Uh-can you take m-me to the hospital...p-please," my stuttering comes back.


(Play song- Are You With Me by Nilu)

As soon as Atticus slammed on his brakes to his motorcycle and I for one didn't hesitate to get off it. I start running towards the hospital doors; running and running, I can't breathe, I can't think. All I know is that Hailee needs me. She needs me.

Quickly running in the elevator before the doors close and practically slam the side of my body on the wall crying. The images of my sister's face embed my mind, as well as our mother and father who have left us too soon. 'Why us?'

I quietly sob in the elevator hearing the numbers counting up to the floor, hearing nothing but white noise. Ben had messaged me in which room she is in.


The door opens from the elevator, I run out not caring about my surroundings making my way to her room down the white hall. Finally seeing the room number I burst the door open pausing while holding one of my hands over my chest as it heaves in and out heavily. My eyes in tears seeing Ben in his black police uniform sitting on the side of Hailee's bedside, he lifts his head up to meet eyes with me, his own eyes glossy and lips frowning, "S--" I cut him off already thinking of the worse.

"NO!" I scream as my legs give up from beneath me; causing me to fall to my knees, not giving a damn if it hurt, "NO, NO, NO, NO!" I repeat my anguish.

I hold my head between my knees, wishing this was a nightmare and that I could wake up any minute now. This can't be!

After seconds, I feel a pair of arms trying to lift me up from the ground, though I didn't give much effort as my body is not my own right now. Numb from all my surroundings as the air thickens and my chest caves in with so much despair. My mind wasn't in the right place as I push those pair of arms off me as I cry.

"She is alive, Mary. But, but she will be like this for a while. The Doctor induced her into a coma so her head can heal." Ben says with a shaky voice. I slowly look up to meet eyes with him again, my frown seeing the look in his piercing blues, an emotion that I could not cipher, though my best guess is--is that he is trying to put on a brave face for me. "She is strong, she will come out of this...She will." He assures me.

My bottom lip starts to quiver uncontrollably, "W-what happened?"

"I don't know. They found her in her car--it was an accident as far as we know. Andrew saved her--"

My head snaps over to him, hearing his words, "Andrew saved her." I say as in fact, repeating what he said as if for comfort.

Ben smiles, but not the kind of smile for joy but for comfort on my behalf, "Yes."

"Where is he then?" I ask out loud, looking around the room, it was just me and Ben. So where is Andrew?

Ben helps me up, he keeps looking over to Hailee lying on the bed then down at me, "He is at his place...he--he couldn't control his feelings and had another episode. So I told him to come back a different time when he is ready."

I nod my head understanding, but I find myself needing him here. Right now.

Since I first met him, I always find myself wanting to see him, and right now--I just want to hear him, see him. Because I always feel at home with him; safe and sound.

And he saved my sister. He saved not once but twice.

Ben is staring at me, probably wondering why I've become silent all the sudden, "Can I borrow your car?" I ask him breaking the silence between us while wiping my eyes with the palm of my hand.




Andrew Rogers POV

'they are watching you,'

'you deserve nothing,'





"FUCK!" I shout out loud, fisting my hand into the side of my bedroom wall. I watched as the white paint cracks and chips off from the single blow. Aware that I have probably broken a knuckle or two. But, the voices kept coming and coming.

Nothing will change.


I deserve it. 'Fucked up incest freakshow!'

Flashbacks keep coming to mind seeing the face of Hailee's cold almost lifeless body.


Why is this world so fucked up?

My head snaps in the direction of my bedroom door hearing the sound of my doorbell ringing. I raise a brow wondering who it could be? I call out, "Give me a second!"

'you are a bastard,' the whispers say.

'incest,' whispers, whispers, whispers.

'someone is watching you!'

Shaking my head after slapping the side of my cheek with the palm of my hand-willing myself to focus, my own reality has been taken over; hearing nothing but unfathomable-corrupted-dark-and conflicting whispers in my head saying-

'no one cares,'

'no one cares,'

'it's your fault.'


Author Note: Sorry for the short chapter. Life is crazy and thank you for understanding that. I am trying, truly. I have a life and it's dealing with things that are hard to spell out and tell you guys. So I have split up this chapter for the next one, because I gives off a certain emotion for Andrew, and on how he copes with his illness, how he manages it. I am sorry and hope to update regularly as I use too. Thank you again for all the support you readers give. It means a lot. SO much.

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