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Not Alone #11

Atticus Rhoades POV

I am standing right outside of the hospital room, staring at the officer and his wife through the opened window blinds. I saw that Mary had already left awhile ago. I tilt my head watching him grasp ahold of Hailee's hand and then kiss the top of her knuckles lightly. Moments later, Rogers looks up and meets eyes with me, something in his eyes went dark as his jaws clench tightly not once losing eye contact with me. I knew right then what he was already thinking--

Ben shoots up off his chair and charges towards me out to the hallway. I turn to him as he makes it closer to me, I already can see how his body is ready to throw hands at me, though, I don't give him a chance to get me as I lean my head back dodging the first swing of one of his fists. Quickly using my other hand to catch his other fist from below-pushing it away, "This had something to do with you? Innit?" He shouts with heavy breaths.

I raise one eyebrow, "Fuck you, I was at that damn school all morning!" I raise my voice a bit, almost losing my cool. Does he really believe I would try to kill an innocent? "Didn't I hear you say that it was an accident anyway?" I huff out, irritated.

Rogers looks over to see Hailee's sleeping face lying on the bed then finally back over to me, he takes a threatening step forward-towards me; pointing a sternly single index finger in the direction of my chest. I straighten up feeling my body tense-up from how close he is to push my buttons. I am not afraid to fuck him up, by all means, he needs to settle down before I fucking deck him.

"Why were you at the school all morn--" He cuts himself off frowning, "Why are you here? How did you know about Hailee being in the hospital?" He asks me, sounding uptight.

I am not afraid of telling him who told me, but, I didn't want him to know only because it could ruin my plans, the only plan that could save her. They are still watching me, the cartel will not stop until I fulfill the mission and that's to 'take out' Mary.

So I lie, which I tend to be good at, "People talk, you know, a small town with the Chief's wife in the hospital carries far," I say.

For a second, I thought that maybe he could see right through me? Rogers stares at me for the longest time without words, which makes me feel like he is trying to figure something out?

Finally, he speaks up, "You should leave, I don't ever want to see your face again..."

I turn to leave only to hesitantly halt with my back facing him, hearing his last words to me.

"I know when someone is lying to me, Rhoades. You best be gone and leave my sister inlaw alone," He threatens, voice thick and audible with a certain deep authority to it. My body shivers at that only because it reminded me of my own father sounded like a long time ago. I ground out my teeth-clenching my jaws--feeling an urging tick--wanting to punch his pretty face off.

With much restraint, I only nod once in return then leave down the hall towards the elevator. Still, I need to continue my plans on getting Mary alone with me.


Right now I need to find the right person around this place to get a couple of things. I see one of the nurses are walking towards me looking down at some charts in hand. I clear my throat trying to gain her attention. "Excuse me, miss, do you know where I can find the morgue? I am kind of switched around here." I lightly voice out my words for her. Manipulation was one tactic I knew all too well, though, lying I knew was my best trait, but, Rogers has seen right through me?--How?




Mary Johnson POV

I knock on the door twice before pressing the doorbell, he isn't answering. I furrow my brows hearing loud commotions on the other side of the door. It sounded like glass breaking and doors slamming shut. "Andrew!" I call out his name. Still no answer.

The commotion keeps getting louder and louder. Now feeling worried for him, I grasp the door and quickly open it to walk in.

As I walk in I can hear him grunting, "Stop."

Slowly I walk towards the noise down the hallway to his bedroom. The door is cracked, I can see some movement in there--anxiety embeds the back of my head. Slowly lifting my hand up to creak open the door my eyes widen at the sight before me. "Oh, Andrew," I breath out.

There he is standing in the middle of his room knuckles bleeding and cheeks red as ever. He is wearing nothing but a pair of washed-out denim jeans. Body glistening with sweat and the thick veins running down his biceps and forearm. I gulp feeling nervous all a sudden. The look in his blue eyes look too similar and that's when I knew he was still having his episode. They look lost, scared, and uncertain--something in his head--an illness he can't keep at bay from this reality. An aching feeling overcomes me seeing him in this state.

"A-Andrew," I call for him trying to bring him back to me.

Andrew shakes his head vigorously, a few tears released from his eyes sliding down his red cheeks. His shoulders rising up and down frantically, both fists clenching to his sides as if trying hard to manage all sanity he has left at this moment. I take this time to slowly--timidly walk towards him until I am right in front of him as he is towering over me. I honestly didn't know what to do from here? So I lean my forehead softly forward until my head is leaning onto his glistening wet--deeply heaving--heart racing chest. Placing one of my hands softly against the outer side of his arm feeling how he trembles beneath my touches. I frown, "Andrew, please, please come back to me. I need you...I-I need you so much," I sniffle into his chest trying to contain my own feelings, "I-"

Andrew grabs both my wrists and pushes me away with ease cutting me off, "Don't," He firmly says, narrowing his eyes, "Don't say it. I can't. You need to leave."

Those words penetrated my heart in ways to where I couldn't breathe. As dramatic as it is, I can not breathe from how callous he is being towards me.

But, something within me became more than angered by him pushing me away. "No, I am staying...Andrew, you are not pushing me away this time. Not this time. Because I need you to know that no matter what I-"..." Dammit! I love you, Andrew. I have been in love with you for a long time now. Every time I see you, it's like I can breathe again. I feel safe a-and you are always there in my thoughts. Yes, I forgive the shit you do, and yes I do care about you because no matter what I will always be here for you...You may have demons but I will be damned if the reason you are pushing me away...Do you really think it's going to be that easy this time? To push me away!"

Andrew is staring off past my shoulders as if trying to ignore me. My anger proceeds me, "Colton needs you!" I shout out loud.

And like that, Andrews's head snaps toward me finally facing me with wide eyes hearing Colton's name. "Colton," He says, voice sounding low.

I nod, "We both love you."

There is a deadly silence afterward as Andrew stares at me, both of us never losing each other's eye contact. The atmosphere around us thickens as the daylight from outside of the windows is now settling down.

Andrew finally speaks up breaking the deafening silence, "It stopped."

I raise a brow in question not understanding what he meant, "What do you mean?" Does he mean the voices?

He takes a step closer to me, without hesitation, I let him grasp ahold of the back of my head--tangling his bloody knuckles into my caramel locks--pulling me closer to him; closing in the space between us until both our lips meet.

Hot breaths, and stolen sighs we both devour each other in this one kiss. I wanted nothing more than to stay like this forever. I realized a long time ago that Andrew is the one and will always be the one.

He breaks off the kiss first, eyes still closed--hearing harsh breathing from both of us. My eyes flicker up seeing that his blue eyes are now open and are meeting with my brown ones. I can imagine both our eyes are sharing the same look. A look of admiration--adoration, "I never stopped loving you, Mary," He professes.

With that, I tiptoe up to pull his head down to meet with mine. Both our foreheads are now leaning against each other. A certain silence fills the air, comfortable yet unbearable as well because things still need to be said, like will he ever understand that no matter what I will always be here with him-even on his down days? I pull away ever-so-slightly before tilting my head up to place my lips upon his. To show him how much I adore and love him through my affection.

"I love you," I say between kisses.

"And I, you." He grunts out, grabbing my waist with both his hands and pulls me up to wrap my legs around his waist.

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