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Burning #13

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Mary Johnson POV

Andrew slowly lays me on his bed, my back meets with soft sheets as the mattress dips and curves beneath me. My breathing becomes shallow and lip parts staring up with heavily hooded eyes at him. The only sounds heard were our heavy breaths--filling the air around us, he is standing at the edge of the bed staring back down at me. The look in his eyes darkens while dark shadows cast around his face and his thick bottom plush lip is curled underneath his top-teeth with what looks to be anticipation written all over his features.

I can tell that he wanted me as much as I wanted him at this moment.

“Are you sure?” He asks me, voice deep and vibrant. The tip of his fingers grazes the inner side of my thigh, causing me to shiver at the light feathery touch--that's when the small goosebumps rise up against my skin. It wasn’t hard for him-since wearing shorts and a Vans regular T-shirt.

Fluttering sensations start to invade inside my belly, like-like those typical butterflies flying around.

I lock eyes with him releasing a slow shaky breath, "Yes." I answer him.

Andrew smiles cheekily before leaning down to leave a soft chaste kiss against my lips, he mumbles, "As much as I want to make love to you babe--"

He cuts himself off, turning his head to the side now actively avoiding my eye contact. I furrow my brows in confusion-wondering what's wrong. "Andrew?"

After a long moment, finally, he meets my eyes again but this time they show an emotion I have yet seen from him. Did the voices come back again? "What's wrong-"

"I can't."

Those words have struck me as if someone just poured hot boiling water down my entire body. Was I wrong? Did he not want me as much as I thought? Did he not feel the same way after all?

I hastily sit up from the bed while he takes a step back away from me, head bent and still looking elsewhere. I frown, "Please, please don't leave me again. I-I don't think I can handle having you leave me again. P-please..." I stammer with words, scared that it's happening all over again; him leaving me. A slow tear runs down my cheek as I stare at his conflicting features, I knew he was in deep thoughts--lost in his own mind--his own world.

Finally, Andrew looks up and speaks, the words stunning me beyond belief feeling my eyes widen in surprise-shock.

"I want this to be different Mary," he pauses for a second as if trying to think before he continues, "This gets better every time we kiss, and I didn't know how much I could love someone like you. How the first time I met you...right then and there...I fell in love."

I notice his eyes start to gloss over as if trying hard to not cry. The look alone tugs at my heart--wanting to reach over and embrace him with my arms. "But," he says.

"But?" I coax him to continue getting up off the bed and taking a closer step towards him, feeling every bit anxious.

He gives me a lopsided smile before slowly raising one of his hands up to place it beside my cheek in a loving manner. I lean the side of my cheek further against his palm, closing my eyes, feeling the warmth of his touch. "I want more. I want you, me, and Colton to become a family. So..."

My eyes flicker open meeting with his fierce blues.

I sharply inhale hearing him tell me, "Marry me, Mary. Let's go to the courthouse and get married. Because the way I see it is no matter what I will always be there for you and my son."

The way he said 'my son' sent a wave of pure happiness. I couldn't contain how I felt at the moment as I smile like a fool and tip-toe up to wrap my arms around his neck--placing a kiss upon his lips. He smiles into the kiss as I whisper to him, "What if Colton isn't yours?" I had to ask. Because we still don't know who the real father is.

Andrew leans back a bit, his arms are wrapped around my waist while tightening his grip pulling me closer to him, he breaths out, "Doesn't matter. I love him just as much as you baby. He is apart of you. If he isn't mine, I just want you to know that I won't dwell on it. As long as he is happy and healthy."

I don't think I will ever love someone as much as I am with him--other than my son. Hearing Andrew talking about Colton and caring about his health and happiness. Right then I knew my answer and honestly I think I've always known my answer, "Yes," I blurt out.

Andrew tilts his head down to the side trying to meet with my face. I bite my lip thinking about how tall he actually his as I only reach to his shoulders, "Yes?" He repeats my word looking quizzical.

"I will marry you."




Ben Rogers POV

Wickets dropped me off here at the house because Mary still has my car. As soon as I walk into the front door, I can hear my daughter making noises in the kitchen and the babysitter sauntering from scuffing her shoes on the floor. I will myself putting on a brave face for Izzie once I walk through the threshold for the kitchen. I smile brightly, "Ah, there's my girl."

She is sitting on her highchair eating of what looks to be dried up banana bites. The babysitter smiles towards me, "She was very active and verbal today. She and I were learning how to say banana earlier."

I nod once before looking back down at Izzie, my smile not as bright as it was before now as I think about Hailee lying in a hospital bed in deep sleep. Praying she will come back to us and I will forever regret our last conversation with each other.

"Thank you for watching over the kids. I appreciate it." I start to look around, "Where is Colton?" I then ask her, noticing that I am not seeing him in the same room as her?

She scrunched her face up in confusion, "Oh? Um-I thought you knew-I mean he said you were okay with it? Your brother came over just minutes ago actually, he said you said it was okay to take Colton out for some Uncle time," She explains to me.


I take a threatening step towards her which causes her to take a timid step back from me, I grit out, "And you thought it was okay to give Colton to a complete stranger you don't know...and you thought it was a good idea without calling me?"

She gasps with wide eyes in fear.

"I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING BROTHER!" I roar out, now feeling panic.

Colton has been kidnapped!

I look over to see that Izzie is crying from my sudden outburst, causing me to come over to her and soothe her by wrapping my arms around her and hold her. This time I lowered my voice, "I need to report this, what did the guy look like? Did he give out a name?"

After all, when this is done with Colton safe and back home, I will be looking for another sitter. I will not have someone who doesn't use common sense.

After a short moment, she finally provides me information about the man, "He said his name was Matt that's it, he was wearing a red shirt and dark jeans. He had short blonde hair and blue-green eyes looked around twenty years old, kind of tall maybe around 5'7?"

Matt? Could it be Mathew Greene, the Mayor's son? The kid that could possibly be Colton's father?

The man that raped my sister inlaw?

My fists clench tightly to the thoughts of that low life taking Mary's child. My family. My possible grandchild.

I let go of my daughter before bringing my hand up to the radio that is attached to my uniform, I press the button hearing the com beep, "This is Sergeant Rogers, we have a Code 134, a six month old child has been taken without parental consent. Possible child endangerment."

I proceeded before the dispatchers could respond, "A Caucasian male around twenties, blond short hair and blue eyes around 5'7 wearing a red shirt and dark jean pants, possibly still near the Grove Hill area."

Beep, "10-4, All dispatch on unit, we have a code 134, child abduction, all proceeding officers are advise that child could be endanger, the child is an infant. 10-20 location--Grove Hill jurdictions. Looking for a male near twenties with blonde short hair wearing a red shirt and dark jeans--"

After that, I turn my head towards the babysitter, "Stay here and watch for my daughter. And for fuck sakes don't give anyone my child!"

As soon as I walk out the door, I can hear police sirens from afar as I run out towards the streets seeing my good friend Officer Wickets squealing the cop car tires on the side of the curb before stopping. Quickly I get into the passenger side before slamming the door shut and bringing out my phone to call my sister inlaw.

I wish Hailee were here because I don't think I could handle all this without her.

The phone rings a couple of times before finally, it picks up hearing a very cheerful voice, "Hey, guess what we are getting married!"

I could hear Andrew in the background chuckling, I sigh deeply in devastation before replying through the speaker, "Mary...It's...It's about Colton."

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