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Slow Burn #14

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Atticus Rhoades POV

I am sitting here on my motorbike waiting for the Cartel Leader, Alessio Ramirez to join me at this secluded area, downtown in this small dark alleyway. Finally, after months of being undercover, this is where I will be able to catch him and arrest the bastard. As soon as I see his face it's all over with. All I have to do is press a button on my phone and in fifteen seconds the D.E.A swat team will surround this area. Glad that this is happening sooner rather than later, especially when he has his men's eyes on me, seeing if I have done my part in getting rid of an innocent highschooler, Mary-to show a fucking example for Mayor Greene's wrongdoings--which is stealing thousands of dollars of drugs.

But, everything of course didn't go as planned after hearing my scanner go off on my bike; I usually don't have it on, but tonight it was.

I hear the scanner beep and sound out loud static before a feminine voice from a dispatcher, saying the Chief of Police called in a child being abducted giving out Mary's son's name, Colton.

"Shit," I whisper shout under my breath.

I look around checking to see if anyone is coming, though it looks like they had other plans?

Did the Cartel take Mary's child? If so, why haven't they told me?

I quickly start my ignition and hopped on before slamming the bikes stand back up and speeding off in the dimly lighted streets.

I have to think of something quick--especially if an innocent child is in the arms of anyone from the Drug Cartel.




(Okay, so I am doing something new for this chapter and POV. Let me know what yall think?)


Her brown eyes stare out blankly through the window as she holds the curtain to the side with one hand. A slow tear runs down her cheek as she rethinks the memories of Colton in her arms after he was born. It was just like yesterday she thought. As of right now, she is numb, lost, and mostly...angry.

Angry because she feels like she could have prevented this--instead she chose to go to Andrews's place for her own happiness.

'I should have come home, I should've come home to my son.'

Flashing blue lights surround the streets and flooding in the windows as she still blatantly stares out watching her brother in law, Ben, giving out orders. Earlier he was giving all the details about her son's name and features, as well as having suspensions of who may have taken him, but, once the babysitter saw the picture of Mathew Greene, she said it wasn't him.

Andrew quietly comes up from behind her and places a hand atop of one of her shoulders. He can feel her give off a small shiver to his touch as he tries to comfort her. After hearing Mary said Colton had been taken, Andrew couldn't help but feel anything--the only thing he did feel was his chest caving in and the slight stinging sensation at the back of his throat, fighting away the glassiness in his eyes. Andrew knew if he didn't get his shit together for Mary, as she is already a mess as is, she needed him and he knew that--during this time of feeling helpless... So he tries he damnedest to not give in to one of his panic attacks at that moment.

Silence envelopes around them as they stand there by the window with heavy hearts and slow hot tears staining their cheeks with each passing second replaced with new ones streaming down.

Andrew couldn't stop his constant thoughts aside as he tries to think of a way to get him back...Only to have Ben tell him when they first arrived to 'let the police handle it'. Andrew scoffed, though his eyes never seemed so lost and frightful. Ben had noticed the fear in his similar blue striking eyes.

Mary fills in the void with her trembling voice, "He has to be okay. He has too...t-that-s-s...m-my baby boy." She wept holding her face in both her small hands.

He leans his head down towards her and places his lips upon the top of her hair, he murmured, "He will be, Ben has it...He is good at his job," trying to comfort her as best he could, though, he isn't so sure himself. He wants Colton back as much as her. 'I would give my own life for that boy.' He thinks to himself trying to comfort his thoughts as the whispers try to invade. Andrew would be out there right now, but, he knew he wouldn't be of help if the voices in his mind weren't at bay--also, what help would he be if he has forgotten to take his meds hours ago? So he thought, maybe Ben was right, maybe he made that call to have him stay and let them be...because that's exactly what may happen: that he will simply start another one of his episodes.

Mary deeply sighs before her eyes widen seeing a familiar black motorcycle drive by the scene of cop cars and officers. "Atticus?" she questions out loud, wondering what he is doing here?

Andrew furrows his eyebrows confused about who this Atticus is? Watching her watch a man wearing a plain white t-shirt and dark jeans--holding a lit cigarette in his mouth as he gets off his bike and walks over to Ben. "Who is that?"

Mary steps away from the window and Andrew as she makes her way towards the front door and out to where Atticus is outside, with Andrew right on her tail.

Atticus steps near Ben as he is talking in his radio com for any reports about the child until finally, he lifts his eyes, "What are you doing here Rhoades?" He warns, not once leaving eye contact.

He flicks his half-smoked cig onto the ground and steps on it with the bottom of his shoe, before looking up to meet Bens glare, he says, "I am here to help."

Ben opens his mouth to speak, but, he gets cut off with both of them hearing a familiar voice speak out, words stumbling, "A-Atticus w-what are y-you doing here?" Mary wraps her arms around her body as if the night was cold, though it wasn't. Atticus tilts his head frowning, taking in every inch of her face with red circles adorning the bottom of her eyes as if she had been crying nonstop- to where she had probably had none to give--he can clearly see how the way her caramel eyes deemed of any light and softness like they once were when he first laid eyes on them.

He knew a look like that...

A mother who cannot live without her child, who can not breathe until he is back in her arms, who can't sleep for the nightmares that will haunt and dread on her. Atticus frowns, but then clears his throat, "You need will fall ill if you don't take care of yourself from this time of need. No help you are, if you are bone tired and weak," he said, with a snippy attitude, irritated on how a mess she looks. Something within him seeing her like that disturbs him--as if remembering his past and those images that look similar to his mothers.

He already knows where Colton may-be, he surely would not tell them, not right now. If anything the Sonora Cartel will just give back the child on his account IF he actually does what he was ordered to do. 'Impatient bastards.'

Mary opens her mouth but Andrew cuts her off coming up from behind her, "I'd watch your tone," he glares, baring teeth. " Who are you?"

Atticus rolls his eyes, "I'm Atticus, Atticus Rhoades." He says mechanically, the name he rehearsed for years in training. "I am a sexy undercover cop who had offered my services to help find the damn child."

Mary gives off a stunned expression, "Y-your an undercover cop?"

Ben is on the sidelines, trying to listen to his radio coms, yet, eavesdropping on the conversation as well.

Atticus continues rubbing the back of his neck with one hand, "I will go downtown, check the perimeter and I assume they would head east especially when the roads on the other side of town is in heavy construction from nightly contractor inspections, would any of you want to join me?"

Another one of his manipulating tricks that had worked because right after he offered, Mary said she would go with him.

Andrew stiffens.

Ben gaped from a distance.

Atticus knew for a fact that she would have taken his offer, only because he knew how to play mind games, and lie, and very much deceive the people who have weak minds such as Mary. All he had to do was make that slight comment that he made to her moments ago--to make it seem like she is no help, suggesting about her emotional state. He hated playing mind games with her though...he always reminds himself that this is for her own good. Her safety, her life.

Mary quickly strides towards past Andrew not once looking back as she neared Rhoades.

When she got on the back of his motorcycle, he smirks then starts the engine, Andrew just stared at them both with shock filled eyes.

Before he could take a step in their direction, Atticus speeds off down the street, "MARY!"

Gone. Andrew watched the love of his life go without him, not once asking him to come along--to find the only thing he cared most about. Colton. Both their son.

Suddenly, those voices came crashing through, wreaking havoc, destroying his sanity....Until reality became no more than an allusion.

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