First Responder Bad Guy | Bad Guy #2

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Smoke #15

Andrew Rogers POV

It's been three days.

She hasn't come back.

Three days she left with Atticus, no trace, nor contact, she was just simply gone.

The voices inside my head have never gotten better, for the demons have me, have me like strings to a puppeteer. Consuming me, rendering me, and mastering my every will to focus as these days passed with not a sign of her or my son.


I hear my doorbell ring across the apartment, I squinted my eyes in the direction then got up off my couch and shuffle towards my front door. I haven't gotten out of this place sense days ago, simply because my emotional state has conquered, so Ben brought me back home and promised he'd bring them back. Ben practically begged me to take my meds and eat; I haven't found a will to do so, my mind filled with emptiness--though still voices speaking to me--loneliness is more how it feels.
I open the door to see Ben in his police uniform--

Until my eyes widen looking down, bundled into his arms is a small child with familiar brown hair, "Colton," I hoarse out, relieved, and sending a silent prayer thanking the God above. For a moment, I thought I was imagining this, that it may be some sick game my mind is playing on me--but there he was; fast asleep in my father's arms, seeming untouched and unbothered.

But where is Mary? "What-" I try to speak, but my voice croaks feeling an overwhelming emotion coarse through me: shock.

Ben frowns, I notice how he has indeed carried more frowning lines these days, especially with Hailee in a coma still and Mary--

Gone. She is gone.

"I tried to get in contact with the D.E.A about their agent, it seems they cannot give out that sort of information during this time. I even tried to track her phone, nothing. But, I have a note that came with Colton, a short note. I found him this morning in front of the police station--only whoever placed him knew where the front entry cameras were angling because it showed a fraction of the person who left him in a car seat." He pauses for a second before continuing again, "I have a gut feeling that the Drug Cartel is involved in this and Atticus has taken--or you could say---coaxed Mary to come with him for his own purposes. I also think Colton was the leverage they needed."

I kept quiet listening to every word.

"She...we...we were supposed to be at the courthouse this" I stop myself from saying any more. Today was the day we had set the date to go to the courthouse to get married.

'she doesn't want you'

'incest freak!'

'gone, gone. GONE!'

'they are watching you.'

My breathing becomes heavy and hostile, my body trembles, and eyes gloss over--I shut my eyelids tight--raising my hand up to slap the side of my face repeatedly. "Andrew," Ben voices out, but I ignore it still hearing the unwanted whispers, the shadows that always creep into my head and devour every bit of what's left of me, clawing and prickling through as if a monster had placed itself inside my head.

I didn't no where I was at the moment as if I have forgotten who or why I was here, until--

Ben grabs my chin firmly with one hand to force me to look straight and lock eyes with him.

Silence, only the sounds of my heavy breathing surround us.

Ben slowly but confidently raising his other arm holding a sleeping baby, he says to me, "Hold him. Be here with him son."

With a calm-cool expression on his face, he holds out the baby to me. I carefully-gingerly take him off his arms and tuck Colton in my embrace as he still sleeps. I look down to my son, something warm and steady embeds my mind as my heartbeat settles and the voices have long gone into a faintly whisper in the wind. Safe, I feel safe.

"She didn't leave you or him, Andrew."

I sniff then look up with a raised brow, "I know, that's not like her, she would never leave Colton." She would leave me, who would want to be with a fucked up bastard like me?

"She didn't leave you either," Ben points out probably reading the features on my face. I watch as his hand reaches into his front pocket taking out what looks to be a small piece of paper, "read."

I take the paper out of his grasp with one hand and start to read it.

'I would risk everything too, for the people I love.
I love you.
I'll come back to you, both of you.'

But something in my heart feels off. Why do I feel like reading this note is deceiving my very own eyes?

I remember telling her that first day we hung out in her room. How she asked me if I would risk everything, my life, for the people I love. My answer was I would risk everything.

This note did come from her. I press down the whispers further to the back of my head as I reread the note.

I look up to meet eyes with Ben, "If the D.E.A isn't going to help give out their location, then fuck it. I am going to find Atticus myself." Determination seeping through my words.

Ben didn't oppose it.

To Be Continued for PART TWO.

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