First Responder Bad Guy | Bad Guy #2

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Backfire #2

Mary Johnson POV

My eyes flutter open feeling cool air surround me. I am looking up at a ceiling realizing I am now indoors. Once I start looking around a bit, I then realize I am at home? Wait, how did I get here? I was just at the school until-

"You slept for most the day. You must have been that tired," I hear a familiar deep voice say. I gasp, quickly sitting up from the couch to see him sitting across from me on the loveseat. His eyes sparkled with amusement while cocking an eyebrow my way, "What's that face for? No, hey, or how have you been?" He questions with a jaunty expression. I roll my eyes at that.

"What time is it? How long was I out for?" I rush out questioning. Feeling panic, I fish for my phone that was supposed to be in my pocket. Shit! Where is my phone? "Dammit!" I raise my voice feeling frustrated at this point. I quickly get up off the couch to see if I had dropped it on the floor or something. From the corner of my eye, I can see Andrew get up off the loveseat and take huge steps closer to me; probably wondering what I was doing.

Andrew speaks up, "What are you doing?".

I sigh frustratingly, annoyed, "My phone is missing, again what time is it?" If it's around 3 P.m. then that means-

Suddenly, I hear the front door open. I see Ben walk in pushing one stroller in with Izzie in it and my baby boy Colton in his arm. My eyes widen wishing that this couldn't be happening right now! After Ben turns around from closing the door he looks up to meet eyes with me then turns his head to see Andrew standing in the middle of the living room. Bens eyes widen ever so slightly and mouth parting, "Andrew...What brings you here?" He asks, seeming surprised to see him here. I could see why he would be surprised, we haven't seen Andrew in over a year.

Andrew frowns and furrows his brows, "Hailee fainted at school as I was there on call for a pipeline leak. I thought I could bring her back here because she wasn't coming up-to..." He trails off at the end. I notice how he is staring at the baby in Ben's arm making gurgling noises.

Silence fills the air.

I swallow hard hearing Andrew voice out, "I thought you said you and Hailee had one child...A girl? Why do you have two? Am I missing something?" He quizzically asks, looking internally hurt by how he didn't know about the other child, "Are they twins?" He suddenly adds on looking confused. Ben raises a brow.

"What makes you think they are twins? And no this one-" Ben cuts himself off facing towards me with a stern look. As if saying, 'Shall I tell him or you?' look towards me. "-Isn't mine," He finishes looking back at Andrew.

I can tell Ben doesn't want to lie to Andrew.

Andrew seems confused and out of words standing beside me facing Ben. "They look alike so I assumed," He says, still looking at Colton; eyes unwavering from him.

I clear my throat bringing Andrew's attention. I guess there is no other way to say or do this without him thinking badly of me...He would eventually find out someday, I was just hoping it wasn't today of all days, "He is mine.".

Andrew stares down at me for the longest time, the silence killing me in the inside. I could have sworn seen his eyes darken and nostrils flare up once he looks away from me and off in a different direction; not wanting to look at me anymore.

I find myself suffocating hearing his next words, penetrating my heart, "How old is he?" He asks, clenching his teeth as the side of his jawline ticks. The authority in his voice I have not yet heard before seeping out of his mouth. I couldn't help but flinch a bit from the sudden tone. I gulp.

Ben is standing at the front entryway looking lost himself...Probably wondering why Andrew is asking that question. "Dammit, Mary how old is he!" Andrew raises his voice startling me and the babies from across the room, causing them to cry. Andrew straightens up to cool down looking over towards the two crying infants, he frowns, "Who is the father?" He finally asks simmering down.

Ben looks over to me then to Andrew as if trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

My bottom lip starts to tremble and a slow hot tear escapes me, I lock eyes with his blue ones, "Mathew Greene," I didn't hesitate to provide the name after seeing the look of betrayal on his face.

Andrew stood there. His fist clenching to his sides and eyes glaring down at me, he snarls taking a step closer to me. I bend my head down feeling my self-esteem lower once his next words spat out of his mouth in pure anger, "Is that so?".

I open my mouth then close, I'm rendered speechless. My legs began to tremble as the thoughts run through my mind of the possibility that Colton could be his is slim to no chance. I find myself crying at this point looking down at the floor. My breathing becomes erratic; chest heaving in and out frantically

"So that's it? We have one fight and you decide to get knocked up from an old buddy of mine? I didn't see this coming...hah...I got to say, I never thought you were the kind of girl to spread her legs open-"

I hear Ben cut in, "Andrew," chastising him with deep authority laced in his tone.

I look over to Ben about to speak up but Andrew cuts me off, "This is none of your business Ben. Stay out of it," He grits out. Ben switches Colton to his other arm and pulls the stroller to the side. Ben turns his body sideways and gestures a hand toward the front door.

"The door is that way. Don't come to my house and speak to Mary like that. I will not allow it. Leave now.".

I can tell Ben is trying so hard to keep his cool while holding Colton in his grasp. Ben gives Andrew a hard glare seeing that he isn't leaving, "Leave," He firmly orders.

Andrew gives me one last glance before walking towards the front door only to stop beside Ben and stares at the baby in his hold. Once Andrew looks up to meet eyes with Ben in what looks to be a silent battle. Andrew finally looks away and opens the front door rushing out letting the door close on its own. Silence fills the air once again. And awkward aftermath is left as Ben and I are left alone with two now sleeping babies.

Ben finally speaks, breaking the silence, "What the hell was that about? And don't tell me its not my business because I assure you if it upsets you and my son Andrew, I would like to know.".

I find myself deeply upset by how Andrew's reaction was...

I ignore Ben and walk over to get my son out from his grasp, "I'll be in my room..." I breathe out. I take my son with me down the hall to my room. I close the door and take a seat at the edge of the bed. Holding onto my baby boy who is sucking on his hand, I sit here and sulk putting my nose against the side of his head to smell the familiar baby scent of him engulf my senses; helping me calm down and feel at peace.

Andrew thinks I'm a whore...

He may not have said it out loud to my face but he must be thinking it.

If Colton were his son I would be happy about that, only, Mathew is the father.

Yes, I may have had sex with Andrew before the fight we had...I remember that night as clear as day still. I know that Andrew never finished only because he stopped himself. His face that night looked conflicted which was when the fight had started. He started saying weird things and that the whispers are louder. I told him that its okay, and that I wanted him. Those words I guess triggered him?

But, right after Andrew left me, Mathew was there and he-

I shake my head, 'No, don't go there!' I shout in mind.

I slowly get up off the bed and laid Colton in the crib. He is fast asleep. A tear escaped my eye seeing how innocent he is in all this. I wouldn't change a thing, because he is the reason I get up in the mornings and the reasons I smile. Yes, being a single mother without a father in his life will be hard. I don't think I'd ever see Mathew again especially when he is probably at collage living life and forgetting that he ever met me before. Though he probably won't remember...

He was shit faced drunk that night and didn't take no's for answers.

I get up on my bed and plop my body down laying my head on the pillow. After staring at the ceiling fan for a while watching it rotate.

My last thoughts before getting back up off the bed to take a shower were, 'Where the fuck is my phone?'


Author note: Don't worry things will pick up soon as I did from the first book! Yes, Andrew will have his POV next. Though I don't want to give a heads up about it because it ruins the anticipation. The plot will grow!

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