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Ashes to Ashes #4

Andrew Rogers POV

My eyes snap open hearing small whimpers. I bring my hand up to scrub my tired face looking over to see that Mary and I had fallen asleep beside each other on the bed after talking for most the night. I glance over to her clock on the side table, it is only 3:24 A.m. The baby, Colton, is weeping in the crib from the side of the bed. I frown seeing that Mary isn't waking up. Her eyes are closed while her beautiful plump lips part open. Her wavey loose curl hair is sprawled out on the pillow. I slowly with caution, get up off the bed to see why the baby is making those noises?

Once I tower over the crib seeing Colton staring at the ceiling with wide eyes making 'mooing' and 'gooing' sounds. I couldn't help but smile.

His deep caramel brown eyes catch me so off guard for how so similar they are to Mary's eyes. His dark fuzzy hair beginning to curl up on the sides of his ears.

I look over to see that Mary is deep asleep; I know because she is snoring like a freight train over there. I look back down at Colton for a short moment before leaning down and gently picking him up in my arms. I cradle him in my arms swaying my body side to side soothingly.

At this very moment, a feeling I have yet to endure in my life has washed over me. An overwhelming sense of what I think is tranquility.

My heart warms and eyes gaze down to the baby boy in my arms as his eyes watch my face.

I stay here for who knows how long until he finally closes his eyes and sleeps in my hold. I slowly place him down in the crib and make my way over to the bed. I lean down and place a soft kiss atop her head while sliding her phone on the nightstand. I saved my new number on her phone by leaving a message for her to wake up to.

Opening the window I climb out and close it behind me; making sure it's secured. The sun is beginning to rise with morning dew glistening like sparkling glass on the lawn. I walk down the street to my car opening the driver's side door before slamming it shut behind me. I start the ignition hearing the engine roar to life. I drive down the streets heading toward my place so I can take a shower before heading to work. Only to find me aimlessly driving almost past a familiar house.

Mayor Greene's house.

I let go of the gas pedal, slowly almost cruising by the same house the party was at that night a year and a half ago. Mary's words embedded in my mind, thinking on how that night went right after I left her. Every detail and word she told me, angered me; causing my body to feel as if someone dowsed hot boiling water over my entire body. All I could see was red once stopping right in front of the house.

I clench my teeth with hands gripping the steering wheel tightly, my knuckles turning pale white seeing Mathew's truck parked on the driveway.

Without hesitation, I swing open my door without closing it and charge up the lawn towards the red front door. My body shaking in anger, fist-clenching, and eyes ablaze. I walk up the porch stairs with big strides and quickly pound the side of one of my fists on the red door; not caring about the doorbell.

'Someone's watching you,' the whispers say in my head. I ground out my teeth in annoyance and anger.

I pound against the door once again, "Mathew!" I shout out his name.

After a minute, the front door opens up with Mathew on the other side showing a confused expression on his face until his eyes widen in surprise-shock. I quickly rear back my arm and swing my fist; hitting the side of his face having him stumble back a bit. He covers the side of his cheek with his palm then looks over to me with a hard glare, "What the fuck-"

I don't give him enough time to speak grabbing his shirt around the chest area between my clenched fists, forcing his body to the nearest wall. He struggles against my hold trying to push me off but no, I had him right where I wanted him. I get in his face and spat out, "Mary told me what happened that night at the party...Don't you fucking lie to me and say you don't remember. If you so much as try to see her again or even set foot near her, you're a DEAD man. You hear me?" I threaten, slamming his back against the wall again. His hazel eyes are wide and mouth drops open in the shape of an 'O' seeming to be out of words. Good.

"Believe me...You'd already have been dead if I had found out sooner," I seethe out, anger lacing each word. I press his body further into the wall; almost ripping his shirt as it twists in my clenched fists pulling it up against his neck.

I didn't budge nor lose eye contact from Mathew after hearing someone from down the hall speak. "You better leave boy or I'll have to call the authorities," the voice warns me.

It's Mathew's father, the Mayor.

I keep my eyes on Mathew for the longest time before letting him go and walking out the door. I make my way to my car and slide in, slamming the driver's side door closed. I stomp on the gas pedal hearing the back tires squeal onto the pavement before speeding off into the street.




Hailee Rogers POV

I am cooking this morning's breakfast for Mary and Ben. It's currently six in the morning and we are all getting ready for work and school. The bacon is sizzling on the pan as I start mixing the eggs in a bowl vigorously. I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind and pulling me back against a hard chest. "Where is Izzie's diaper bag?" I hear my husband ask, leaning his chin atop my shoulder. I can feel his pouty lips kiss the side of my neck causing me to giggle from his scruffy jawline. Yeah, he needs to shave.

I hum before replying, thinking about where it was last, "Um? I think it's in the hallway closet," I guess. Ben lets go of me and kisses the side of my head before leaving the kitchen. I turn my head to see that Mary is walking through the threshold wearing a deep green long sleeve shirt and denim washed out jeans. I look up to meet her face only to furrow my brows in wonder; curious as to why she looks so, so upset?

She walks in and takes a seat on one of the barstools to the kitchen island table. "Good morning," I chirp.

Mary lifts her head from the phone and frowns, "How long does it take to get a paternity test result?" She randomly asks me. What? Why is she asking me that?

I switch the stove off real quick and take the pieces of hot greasy bacon from the pan to a plate, "Uh? Well, it depends on which lab you take it too..." I trail off, giving her a 'what's this about' look.

She shakes her head, placing her phone down on the counter in front of her, "I have a debate today and my speech is about DNA results and such," She explains, voice indifferent. "Just thought maybe you would know?".

I nod, "I know that it usually takes up to, two to five days. Some almost take up to five to twelve weeks to get a paternity test result." I inform raising a brow. I lean against the counter, "Why-"

She cuts me off getting up from her seat, "I think I hear Colton waking up," she rushes out of the kitchen towards her room. Okay?

I shake my head wondering what that was all about? I know Mary good enough to know that there is something wrong. I look down onto the counter seeing her phone. I turn my head to see if she was coming; she is still in her room. I take this chance to grab her phone and swipe my finger on the screen to unlock it. She would kill me if she knew I was snooping on her phone right now. I never invade her privacy, never. But, this time I find myself worried about her more these days...

I click on her messages. The first text shows Andrew's name. I'm surprised, to say the least, that they are talking? The last time Mary has ever mentioned him was a year ago. I remember she was upset most of the time after he left graduation. I look at the timestamps on the messages seeing that these were just from this morning.

4:32 a.m.

[Andrew] I want a paternity test on Colton.

5:35 a.m.

[Me] What if the results turn out to be not what you expected? Then what?

6:01 a.m.

[Andrew] Can we talk about this tonight at my place?

[Andrew] You can bring Colton.

6:03 a.m.

[Me] Ok.

6:04 a.m.

[Andrew] I'll pick the two of you up once I get off work.

My eyes widen in shock. What the fuck!? Why would Andrew want a paternity test for Colton? My mind is racing with so many questions right now. Is this why he was upset with Mary the other day? I remember Ben telling me of what happened when Andrew found out about Colton and freaked out on Mary. Ben simply just thought Andrew was just upset that he didn't know about it. Ben also said he really didn't understand half the conversation only that Andrew was upset that his friend from high school knocked her up.

Andrew could be the father?

How could this be? Mary never mentioned Andrew ever being at that party?

"What are you doing with my phone?".

I jump startled hearing Mary's voice from beside me, "Shit, don't do that!" I chastise her for scaring the shit out of me. Mary scowls looking down at her phone in my hand then back up to meet my eyes.

"Why are you looking in my phone? What the hell Hailee, ever heard of privacy!" She raises her voice. I don't like how her tone is with me right now, but, I keep my mouth shut only because I have invaded her privacy and deserve a little bit of it. I frown deeply handing her phone back as she yanks it out of my grasp. "Colton is ready. I changed him in his clothes and fed him. I'm leaving," With that, she walks over to the front door and opens it.

I call out to her, "We need to talk after you get off school today!" She slams the door shut.


I hear Ben from the side of me as he pulls a strand of my hair behind my ear, "Is everything okay?" He asks, sounding worried.

I turn my head over to him seeing that he is now dressed in his black police uniform, "No and yes," I grumble. Maybe I should tell him what I found out? I can't keep this a secret any longer. He doesn't know about the rape part, and now he doesn't know about the Andrew possibly being the father part. All Ben does know is what Mary wanted me to say, and that was that she had sex willingly and got knocked up by Mathew. Because her excuse was that she didn't want Andrew to find out and 'worry' about her or 'think badly' of her. I realize she was trying to cover her excuses up by using Andrew's own illness against him. That he would get angry or freak out if he knew what happened to her. And might do something he might regret. Now hearing it, it's stupid that I have kept this for so long and have fully investigated. Now Ben needs to know the full truth and with Andrew being apart of this, he has to know. "Ben..."

Ben is staring down his phone standing beside me. His face in all seriousness looking down on his screen, "Ben?" I call his name again trying to get his attention.

After a few moments, his piercing blue eyes meet my gaze with lips pursed together. I raise a brow at that, "What's wrong?" I ask.

"I just got a text from Officer Wickets saying that Andrew was reported from the Greene's two hours ago? They are pressing charges and filing a restraining order against him.".

Oh, Andrew. This isn't good...

I notice Ben's jaw ticks as he walks over to the front door. He turns to face me, "I have to go deal with this. Do you have the kids until the babysitter comes?" He asks, sounding uptight. His good morning turning into a bad one. I nod before he turns to open the door, "Love you!" He shouts out before walking out and closing the door shut.

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