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Lighting Matches #5

Andrew Rogers POV

I'm here at the Clarksville Police station since I was reported to the authorities. A cop came to my front door and handcuffed me and brought me here. I really can't be here as I need to be at work. So, this is a waste of my time. Sitting here in a small room on a chair waiting for someone to release me after a couple of stupid questions. I straighten up hearing the door finally open with someone coming in.

It's Ben.

I sigh out, "Can you let me go? I need to be at-"

"What the fuck do you think you were doing? Assaulting and threatening the Mayor's son!" He roars out, eyes narrowing. He is definitely angry though I give him a flat look in return. I will be damned if he takes sides with that low life piece of shit Mathew. I don't understand why he would be upset with me as he knows?

"My actions and words towards Mathew are justified," I simply tell him, folding my arms. Ben scoffs running his fingers through his hair.

"Honestly, Andrew I don't see how you don't see that this is one step closer to being behind bars!".

My anger gets to the best of me of how this conversation is going, so I didn't hold back a word once getting up off my chair and taking a step close to him, pointing my finger sternly his way, "If I fucking had my way in the beginning. I wouldn't have hesitated to kill the motherfucker myself!".

Ben's eye's widened, "What is going on Andrew? All this trouble because you're what? Jealous...Jealous because Mathew is the father-"

I stop him right there, "Jealous? Hah, you think I did all this because I was fucking jealous? Come on now..." I scoff, rolling my eyes.

He opens his mouth about to speak up though I don't give him enough time to, only because my anger proceeds, "You really think I would let the fact that he hurt Mary, get away with it?" I grit out. I notice how he stays silent as he lets me finish, "Believe me when I say I fully stand behind my actions toward that sorry ass excuse of a human being!" My chest heaves in and out deeply trying to calm down my nerves. Ben stands there looking completely confused?

"What do you mean by 'hurt her'? Hailee told me that what they did was consensual and that he wasn't going to be any part of Colton's life after he found out she was pregnant?" Ben exclaims, frowning.

At this moment I realize that he obviously didn't know anything as much as I did before. Hailee kept the truth and told him a bullshit lie, probably because Mary told her too. Mary told me last night that she didn't want me to worry about her and I knew it wasn't just because she thought I'd worry about her...No, I think it is because she knew I'd blame myself for letting this happen and how I would react? I do blame myself which she would be correct on that part. If I hadn't left she wouldn't have been taken advantage of nor would she be pregnant unless-

"And I might be the father to Colton. I asked Mary for a paternity test this morning but we are figuring this out as we go," I say seeing Ben's face become even more confused by the second, so I explain further, "I was at that party too. We were together before I-I freaked out on her and left after a big fight we had. I came back only to not find her...I found out just last night Mathew had her and forced himself on her that night almost a year and a half ago shitfaced drunk...".

Ben stands there seeming to process every word I have said. I can see the look in his eyes flicker an emotion showing what may be the look of betrayal? Maybe because Hailee withheld the truth. Ben finally breaks the silence, "Colton might be yours?" He asks looking shell-shocked. I nod.

He frowns deeply, looking to the side as if thinking more about the situation. He looks back over to me and narrows his eyes, "Did you put all your weight into that punch?" He asks me with a hint of a smile.

I smirk, "The fuck I did. Now, can I please be released? I need to get back to work.".

He nods stepping to the side to let me leave, as I was about to pass by him he speaks up again, "Don't let this happen again, okay?".

I look over my shoulder and give him a slight nod before finally leaving the room and making my way out of the police department.




Ben Rogers POV

After Andrew left I walk towards my office for a meeting with the D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Administration). I honestly wish I could do this another time, only because right now I am pretty pissed. Pissed off because Hailee had withheld everything from me and not to forget the fact that Colton maybe Andrews? Did she know about that part? About Andrew possibly being the father? What the fuck has Hailee not been telling me?

I open the door to my office, I see a person sitting on my chair behind my desk with his legs propped up on my keyboard like he owned the right to invade my work area. I couldn't see the person's face only because its behind a newspaper sheet. I clear my throat, "I guess you have no decency when it comes to respecting one's area," I grunt out, not pleased.

The person puts down the newspaper and places his feet back down onto the ground. I got to say, I am surprised to see how young this man looks. He is wearing a grey fedora hat and dark grey coat I can tell from here his eyes are the color of what he is wearing, he smirks cheekily my way, "Chief Rogers, nice of you to join," He greets, voice deep and not what I managed to hear coming out from his mouth. He looks to be around Andrew's age.

I didn't say much only what was on my mind, "Is there a reason why you set up this meeting?" I ask.

He gets up off my chair and walk around the desk to near me, I notice how he reaches into his coat pocket, "My name is Atticus Rhoades, I was assigned from the Feds to go undercover around this jurisdiction. So, basically what this meeting is all about is, 'don't step on my toes and I won't step on yours'." He explains taking out a pack of cigarettes and chrome-colored butane lighter. I raise a brow at him thinking that he wouldn't just smoke inside my office-

And he does, putting the cig in his mouth and lights up the end; puffing out rings from his mouth.

"What are you? Stuck in the sixties? Take that outside-"

He cuts me off, flicking the lighter closed with a loud clink, "I need to warn you...I was only assigned because the Feds have red-flagged Mayors interactions lately. I have been following up on the Sonora Drug Cartel for quite some time. I can't say much but I can say is that boy which I am assuming is relatives to you? Shouldn't be messing with the Greene's...Any line or connections the Greene's have the Drug Cartel will know and I for warn you they are not to be messed with."

I look away scrubbing my face frustrated before looking back over to him, "You are to believe that the Greene's are a danger?" I ask, disbelief crossing my mind. I find myself stunned by this newfound information. Mayor Greene is cricked? Honestly, I am not that surprised but hearing it out loud...

A lot is running through my mind at this point. Especially, "My sister in law...She was raped by Mathew Greene and ended up pregnant, so, does that mean if the drug cartel knows-"

"Then she very much is at danger Chief," He simply answers. Then he adds, "Anything that has to do with that family is.".

Fucking shit...

Atticus brings the cigarette back up to his mouth and inhales before talking again, "Do the Greene's know about it, that your sister in law specifically had Mathews, son? Cause if not that will help," He explains trying to lighten my mood.

I shake my head no, "Right now, I don't even know who the father is neither does anyone, unfortunately. I myself just found out.".

He shrugs and starts to walk pass be toward my office door. I turn around to see that he is opening the door and gives me one last glance, he smirks with a cig in his mouth, "I will be on the other side of the line, so, as I said before, don't step on my toes and I won't step on yours. I will be on the side of the Cartel and will do anything they ask of me to do because I was trained to do it. If I were you I will be sure to keep your family close and stay away from them...Unless..." He trails off at the end frowning as if thinking to himself.

"Unless?" I coax.

"Unless the Sonora Cartel already knows about them," He finishes and turns to leave out of my office.

Once he left, I immediately slam the door shut and grunt out, "Fucking dammit!".




Mary Johnson POV

The school bell rings letting students know that class is finished and now it's lunchtime. I walk down the crowded hall scanning around for my friend, Jessica, only to bump into someone accidentally having all my books in hand fall down and paper scatter to the floor, "Oh my God! I am so sorry-"

I cut myself off meeting with grey eyes staring back at me. I blink a couple of times before taking a step back from how close I was to this dude. He is wearing dark jeans with a white v-neck t-shirt, his hair cut evenly while long and wavey on the top. His jawline sharp and narrow and lips full on the bottom. He looks older? Like he could pass as a twenty-year-old...

"It's my bad. Here..." He trails off bending down and picking up all of my books to hand it to me. I shake my head trying to focus, who is this guy? I never saw him around the halls before, or ever coming to this school? I take the book out of his large grasp feeling my face heat up as I advert my eyes to the ground.

"Thanks," I mumble out.

I finally look up to see that he is still standing in front of me, he looks around the hall and back towards me then smiles, "I'm new around here, so I am a bit turned around," He explains to me. Shouldn't he of had a tour before starting? Though come to think of it, this school is full of surprises of what they do or don't do.

I nod before finally speaking up, noticing that my voice cracks a bit, "Um, well where are you supposed to be at right now?" Why am I reacting this way? Damn Mary stop it!

I notice how his lip slowly lifts up on the side, "Cafeteria," He provides me.

"Oh okay? Um, I was just about to head that way actually. You can follow me there?" I offer him guidance trying to look anywhere from his gaze towards me. I can feel him staring at me, there is something about this guy, yet, I don't know what it is? A feeling of mystery and obscurity fills my mind once I pass by him hearing him follow behind me.

"So what's your name?" I find myself asking out loud as we reach closer to the lunchroom. As I was about to open one of the double doors another hand reaches out quickly to open it for me instead. My eyes widen seeing the stranger standing beside me and towering over while holding the door for me; loud noise coming from inside the mess hall.

"My name is Atticus Rhoades, yours?".

I smile, "Mary, Mary Johnson.".

I walk through the door and instantly see Jessica come up to me with a sly smile, "So who is that hot tamale you were talking too?" She says, sounding chipper. I blush, my face heats up in embarrassment wondering if he is still behind me hearing this. I turn my head back to see that he is long gone. I furrow my brows at that, confused. I scan the place until my eyes land on him seeing that he is walking over to the other side of the cafeteria and leaving into another set of doubles doors. What? I guess he isn't hungry?

"Mary? Earth to Mary...Hey, do you want to go out and get some food instead of eating here? I really don't think I am up to today's chili bowl-"

I nod, "Yes, let's go," she didn't even have to ask me. I'd rather eat cardboard boxes then to eat the school's chili bowl.

We both leave the school's premises and got into her Volkswagon. She turns on the ignition and starts driving off the parking lot and into the streets. I notice as we were driving by the school I can see that new guy again, Atticus, standing outside and leaning against a black motorcycle smoking a cigarette and looking down on his phone.

The memory of his grey eyes flashed in my mind before shaking my head to rid the image. Jessica turns up the volume to the radio blasting a song on as she sings to the lyrics. I smile and sing with her.


Author Note: Yes in some or rare occasions undercover cops or feds do this. But I don't want to say much because it spoils shit and I really hate explaining myself though some people would think that this doesn't happen. IT does. Thank you for reading! YES, a new character!

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