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Hot or Cold #7

Mary Johnson POV

I heard him.

I heard every word he whispered behind me as he thought I was sleeping in bed. His words repeating inside my mind constantly of how he admitted how he felt about everything. How he feels about if Colton were his or Mathews he would love him just as much as he loves me.

Andrew Rogers loves me.

Once the words 'I'm in love with you, Mary,' came out of his mouth my breathing stopped. Those words penetrating my heart like a needle pricking my insides. Body numbing and small goosebumps rising up upon my skin. I wanted so badly to reply back to him how I feel...But, I find myself staying silent and pretending I was asleep once he finally leaves the room leaving nothing but silence in the air. Colton is laying beside me between two pillows sleeping soundly. I try to force myself to sleep and get some needed shut-eye, but, I can't sleep.

Tossing and turning in my bed; trying not to wake up the baby at the same time, I give up. I sigh softly wiping both my eyes in frustration. I swallow hard feeling my throat dry irritatingly.

I should get a glass of water. Maybe I should ask Andrew?


I gasp out loud sitting up from the bed with wide eyes in panic hearing something loud hit the outside of the window in the room. What the hell was that? I furrow my brows looking outside from the opened curtains seeing that there is nothing in sight. Only the tree branch swaying back and forth from the gust of wind. I then sigh in relief thinking it was going to be another intruder breaking in through the window.

My heart was racing the whole time as I land my palm atop of my heaving chest. I look over to the side of the bed seeing that Colton is still sleeping. I smile a little grateful that he is becoming more of a heavy sleeper in a nightly routine; which is making my life a little bit easier.

Though I can't sleep myself it seems tonight...

Without thinking, I slowly get off the bed form the side and pull the two extra pillows that I was using to place them around Colton, making a pillow square around him to trap him from moving around the bed to keep him safe. Once I did I turn around and walk out of the room towards Andrews's room. His door is closed so I stand here for a minute thinking on how to or what to say before knocking on his door. Honestly, I know asking him for a glass of water at this late hour is stupid but I am going to anyway.

So I knock on his door lightly.

"Andrew?" I softly call out his name. All of a sudden I'm nervous and anxious at the same time. Like I was waking up a parent though Andrew isn't and he probably is sleeping-

Suddenly, the door opens having my eyes widen ever so slightly seeing him from the other side of the door once he opens it up.

He is wearing nothing but black trousers. I couldn't keep my eyes off his chest as it heaves in and out heavily with prominent dips and curves. I unconsciously lick my top lip noticing that from the eighteen-year-old boy I known before was lean and scrawny, but now, I can see how built and filled he is with muscle tone and depth. Wow! "Is there something wrong, Mary?" I hear a deep voice ask me. I shake my head to rid trying to focus and finally train my eyes up to his blue soul gazing ones.

I stammer a bit, "Uh, um, I woke up thirsty a-and wanted to ask you-"

He cuts me off right there shaking his head before raising a thick brow my way, "Wait, you're asking me," He points to himself looking bewildered, "if you can get a drink?" He finishes sounding quite aghast about it. I nod my head awkwardly in slow motion. I then realize maybe I really just wanted to see his face again and tell him how I feel...

I want to tell him that I have always loved him.

Always, probably from the first time; the first time we hung out to be very honest, though, I never admitted to myself at the time. "Erh, yes..." I reply, voice low and hesitant. Oh God, my heart is pounding! Why!

Andrew stares at me for the longest time, eyes locking with my eyes. Until his lips curve up into a cute smile showing two small dimples on each side of his face, "Babe-Mary, if you're thirsty you don't have to ever ask for my permission," He smiles sheepishly, correcting himself at the beginning. He rubs the back of his neck before taking a step out and walking past me down the hallway. I follow behind him.

I knew I didn't have to ask for a glass of water. I just wanted to be near him at this point and maybe finally confess my feelings to him. I follow him until we get into the kitchen. It's a cute small little dine-in kitchen with a tiny bar countertop. As we both walk-in Andrew stops and folds his arms up against his bare chest before leaning himself back against the bar counter. I furrow my brows in confusion, "What are you doing?" I ask him.

Andrew's nose crinkles up, "I thought you said you were thirsty?".

"Yes?" I trail off.

"Well, get you something to drink," He simply says with a shrug on the shoulder. Um okay?

I look around before walking towards the top cabinet by the sink. As I was about to open the cabinet door I hear his voice speak up saying, "Cold.".

I pause and look over my shoulder throwing him a side glance, "Seriously?" I ask out loud, kind of not wanting to play games...

Andrew bites his top lip and looks to the side away from me, "Still Cold," He mentions. I frown at first but then grin at how cute he looks right now. I do miss the playful side of him. So I turn my head and start this 'game' he just started. I quickly start walking forward to the other cabinet but then pause yet again hearing a "Colder.".


I huff out before starting to walk on the other side of the kitchen, "Warm...warmer.".

Just as I was about to open the cabinet door by the fridge, "Cold again," Andrew calls out chuckling. Oh. My. Fucking-

"God! Andrew just tell me where your damn cups are," I mutter, unhappy. Then regret raising my voice sounding like a tantrum. Could anyone blame me though? It is frustrating.

I look up to see that Andrew is staring at me with lips smirking and eyes filled with what looks to be amusement. "Warm..." He says, raising a thick brow as if daring me.

I tilt my head giving him a quizzical look before I take a step back just to test him. Once I took a step back from him, he speaks up, "Cold.".

Now taking a step towards him, "Warm," He says. Slowly wanting to tease him knowing what he is doing now I take slow steps his way, "You're getting're on fire Mary," He jokes wistfully flashing me a wink. I am just right in front of him as he is leaning back on the bar counter. I am assuming the cups are down in the cabinet under the counter that is behind him. I can tell he was waiting for me to speak up but I do something he probably wouldn't see coming or thought would happen. After this game he had started, I am feeling a bit devious. So I smirk at him lifting both my hands up to take off the only ponytail I have that is around my wrist and slide it off. Andrew furrows his brow in what looks to be confusion.

Slowly I start to raise my hands up with the one ponytail in hand and began to pull all my hair back up, not once losing his eye contact as I wrap the hairband around my hair to make a messy bun. "What are you-" He cuts himself off as his body tenses up once I quickly kneel down in front of him. My head is so close to his crotch area. I can hear Andrew inhale sharply as I place my hand on one side of his outer thigh; slowly running my fingers up and down his bare skin underneath his black trouser. My eyes flicker up seeing through my dark lashes seeing his reaction.

Andrew is biting his top lip again while downcasting his dark eyes at me. Someone has a naughty mind...

"Tell me...Am I hot now?" I say, voice low and somewhat seductive.

Andrew hisses, "Fuck, " under his breath before rubbing the back of his neck. I smirk up at him before I slowly reach over to the side and open the bottom cabinet to retrieve a cup. He sighs nodding cooly seeing that I had played him. He chuckles deeply, "You are a fucking tease." I can tell he is trying so hard to hide his blush but from the reddening around his neck and ears, I have definitely made him feel hot and bothered.

I stand back up bringing the cup with me. I laugh a little walking over to the sink to get me some water, I turn on the faucet, "You started it..." I trail off taking a sip of my water after turning the sink off. Before I could even turn back around I freeze feeling his presence from behind me getting closer. So close to where I can feel hot breaths hitting the back of my neck. I place the cup down in the sink feeling my entire body-work up into overdrive as if my blood is rushing up and down do to my heart racing. My eyes widen in surprise seeing both his arms on each side of me placing both his large hands at the edge of the sink; trapping me.

My breathing picks up feeling something soft and wet behind my ear. I realize that it's his lips once he whispers, "Mary.".

The way he said my name sent shivers down my spine in delight. His deep riveting voice serene my ears sending a tingling sensation all the way down to my toes.

After a long moment of deafening silence, Andrew starts to leave soft warm open mouth kisses along the side of my neck, causing me to lean my head to the side relishing in the touches. A soft moan escapes my lips after closing my eyes shut tight, "God, you're so sexy baby," He groans out sounding pleased.

I gasp feeling his hands grip both sides of my hips firmly and pulls me back slamming both our hips together. I hum in approval feeling my own arousal seep out ruining my panties in excitement. I can't believe we are dry humping in the kitchen...

I can feel his hardened cock strain against his trousers rubbing up between my ass cheeks slowly. I bite my bottom lip before saying, "Please." I honestly don't understand where that came from? I will always want Andrew, yes. Although we tend to fight and he leaves most of the time; I find myself still and will always come back to him. I know it sounds toxic, but, I have done my fair share of research over the year whenever Andrew left.

Schizophrenia makes it hard for people to form close bonds. ... Schizophrenia can change behavior and personality; symptoms make caring and loving individuals appear distant and cold.

That's what I remember reading from Google. At that time, when I read it I didn't want to believe it. Because this is Andrew we are talking about. Which to me doesn't make sense? Because I also read on the internet that 'many individuals with psychotic illness succeed in parenting their children.' So typically as my older sister always tells me before is to not rely so much on the internet. So this raises a question for me; did he mean everything he said? Or was he just saying them to try and convince himself that he could? Yes, Andrew has some friends and me, though, he never tells anyone how he feels nor listens half the time whenever we were in the school hallway when one of his buddies talk to him. He just ignores and looks away as if those voices told him to.

"Hey, are you okay?" I hear a deep voice ask me from behind sounding concerned. I had just realized Andrew had stopped while taking a step back from me once I turn around to face him.

I give him an earnest look, "I-"

A loud knock from the front door cuts me off having jump startled at the abruptness. Andrew squints his eyes to the direction of the door, "Who the fuck is here at this late hour?" He asks out loud more to himself. I become anxious all of a sudden watching him walk out of the kitchen towards the door. He looks through the peephole on the door before slowly unlocking it to open. Once he opened it I furrow my brows in curiousness as Andrew takes a step out and disappears for a moment. My heart is racing at this point and legs become numb just about feeling panic in the back of my mind. Ever since that intruder from almost two years ago still haunts me to this day. I don't think I could ever get over the fact that my life could have ended that day and my only thought when a knife was up against my neck was 'Hailee would be alone and I can't stand if I were to die that night leaving her with no one'.

"Andrew?" I call out his name feeling nervous. He hasn't come back yet, "Andrew?" I raise my voice calling for him again.

Something eerie crosses my mind as I quietly tiptoe closer to the front door where Andrew walked out. I swallow hard placing one hand on the door as I slowly peek my head out-

"AHH! Shit! Andrew, you scared the fuck out of me!" I shriek slapping the side of his shoulder. At the same time I was peeking my head out the door, he shows up.

Andrew frowns, "Who is S.C.?".

I raise a brow, "What are you talking about?".

Andrew lifts his hand up with what looks to be a small piece of paper folded up, "This was laying on the ground. I don't like what is written on it. I should turn this in-"

"What does it say?" I ask curiously.

Andrew hesitantly hands me the piece of paper and frowns. He then looks away staring off somewhere else; in the direction of the street as if searching for something. I look down and open the paper up to see black ink handwriting on it. Bile starts to rise up from my throat reading it over and over again. Trying to make sense of this note.

Mary mary had a little boy,

now we are coming,

hide if you can, but we will always know,

Mary mary run if you can.


Andrew snatches the note from me, his eyes ablaze and jaws clenching in anger, "Whoever this is, they have another thing coming if they mess with you and Colton. Son of a bitch!" He punches the brick wall on the side of his place which causes me to flinch from the sudden action. Andrew looks over to me eyes softening, he sighs, "We will take this over to Ben's and Hailee's in the morning before you go to school and drop off Colton to see if they can take some fingerprints from it. I know we touched it but there can still be some residue from the scumbag.".

I nod in response losing my voice. Someone wants to hurt me and my baby?

How can that be? This can't be happening...

"Hey, hey, Mary it's okay. You and Colton will be safe with me, okay? I would never let harm come towards you or him.".

I couldn't help the slow hot tear running down my cheek as my lips start to quiver, "C-can Colton and I sleep with you in your bed tonight?" I ask him, voice shaky at the end.

Paranoid now, I can't seem to register any words coming from his mouth as I just turn my head and stare off at the street, wondering if that person is watching us right now?

I blink a couple of times feeling the pad of his thumb and finger hold my chin and tilts my head up to look at his face. His dark blue eyes bore into my caramel brown ones, "Get Colton and come in my room. For now, you are to sleep in my room. I'll get a crib for Colton in the evening.".

With that, we both walked into the apartment. Andrew made sure to lock the front door and all the windows before we got Colton and laid in his bed beside him.

Colton is laying in the middle of us making cooing sounds. Andrew is laying on his side facing me as I am facing him. We both smile. I open my mouth and try to mouth out, 'goodnight'. After that, he mouths out something like, 'night bitch,' although I think that isn't right. I am pretty terrible at reading lips so he probably didn't mouth out those specific words? Maybe he said beautiful?


Author note: thank you for waiting patiently! After this chapter, I plan on making it get more interesting! I have plans! Thank you for reading! I haven't read through it to edit much but I will later.

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