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Collision #8

Atticus Rhoades POV

Revving the engine of my motorcycle, playing with my throttle on the handle I try to catch the attention of the man that is standing right outside of the garage door to an old warehouse. Once I catch the man’s attention finally, I turn off my bike and kick the stand out to stabilize it. I climb off it and reach into my coat pocket to retrieve my pack of cigarettes and lighter. I roll my eyes in annoyance seeing that the man pulled out his gun and starts to point it towards me, “State your business?” He asks me, sounding unpleasant.

I reply, giving him my name which I have rehearsed for so long, “My name is Atticus Rhoades. I am here on business for your boss, Alessio Ramirez.“.

The man slowly puts down his gun and raises his other hand holding a radio, he speaks into the radio, “Rhoades está aquí“, he says. Many reasons I speak five different languages is because this position I am put in right now helps me to understand fluently. (Rhoades is here)

“El está solo...” (He is alone)

I sigh, “Look just tell your boss I did what he asked of me and sent that damn ‘threatening’ note of his to her. Now tell him I did everything he asked of me. I took care of the Mannings and the Hodges people, what more does he need?“.

At this point, my patience is running thin. I usually am a patient person but this, and these fucking silly requests are simply amateur on his part. The man speaks on the radio again once he did I can hear the other end of the radio speak out, “Let him in.’.

Finally! I straighten up my coat before walking underneath the slightly opened garage door and make my way towards a dark alley inside. I bring a cig up to my mouth and cup one of my hand over it before lighting it up at the end. I sharply inhale before blowing out puffs of smoke before seeing a light shining from the other side of what looks to be a clear plastic wall in front of me. A dark figure is standing behind the plastic wall-unmoving the figure speaks up, “Stay where you are at, Mr.Rhoades,” He firmly orders. I refrain from rolling eyes at the thought that he still is not showing his face nor his identity. So I stop and stand about a few feet away from him, “So the Mannings and Hodges?” He asks me.

I take the cig out of my mouth before replying, “All out of the way...” I confirm.

Alessio thinks I am a two-faced corrupted double Federal Agent. And I would like to keep it that way...Especially killing and selling drugs in his favor to show that I am not working for them in their favor but for his. That’s what he thinks, however, he doesn’t know that I am working undercover in the favor of the D.E.A. I report anything new to the Feds once I find out who and what or why the Mayor is showing foul play from some significant evidence that pertained to the Sonora Cartel.

“You send a note to uh what’s her name?” He questions me. Now I am beyond annoyed.

I flick my cigarette down onto the ground before speaking, “Her name is Mary Johnson. It would be a great way to ruin them by blackmailing the Mayor-”

“Yes, but the Mayor doesn’t know about the child? Am I right? I told you I have had it with that man...He took my money and owes me the drugs he promised he’d pay. He double-crossed me!” He cuts me off getting to the point.

My only mission is to shut down this whole operation by taking down their most valuable customer. It would be the Mayor, do too how much money he had sent out, come to find out he stole from them...

He speaks up again only this time I didn’t expect to hear the words, “I want you to take care of the girl... I want you to take her out as an example to the Mayor of what could happen to his son or anybody that is connected or related to him. I want him to know about this child...After all, it would be a great scandal...I had my guys out at the party that night, they have photos, evidence of the Mayor’s son and her.“

This was news to me. Do they have pictures?

I met Mary in her school yesterday, she seems so innocent and pure. I couldn’t help but stare into her light brown eyes staring back up at me. Now I am being ordered to take her down. To hurt her. These were never my intentions all I wanted to do is make up a scheme and swindle him into engaging with the Mayor for more evidence, evidence that in fact will put him behind bars along shutting down the source of the operation.

“Don’t disappoint me, Rhoades. I will have a couple of my men follow you to make sure it’s done. You have a week. If you fail...They will do it themselves.“

With that, I had enough of this. I turn around and charge out of the garage of the warehouse and make my way to my motorcycle. I take out another cig and light it up before leaving on my bike peeling the back tire and speeding off into the streets.




Mary Johnson POV

I got ready at Andrew’s apartment before it was five in the morning. I had to be at the house before Jessica showed up to pick me from school. Also, before the babysitter arrives to watch over Colton.

So, here I am sitting on the passenger side with Colton strapped in the backseat. I lean head back closing my eyes feeling every bit of tired from lack of sleep last night. I couldn’t sleep.

“You okay?” I hear Andrew ask me from the driver’s side.

I turn my head to face him, he is still staring ahead at the road-focused. “Yes, I’m fine,” I tell him.

Andrew called Ben earlier before we left the house about the little note we received. Ben said to make sure to bring it to his office so he can further investigate. Andrew told me he would gladly go to the department as I needed to go to school.

We turn in on the driveway of the house, I can see that Hailee’s car is still here, and I assume Ben was out all night working after their fight they had about-well me. Parking the car he switches the ignition off, I unbuckled myself quickly and opened the door to get Colton out.

Grabbing Colton and grabbed his diaper bag and shut the car door. From the corner of my eye, I see Andrew holding out his hands, “Here, let me carry him so you can hurry up and get going,” He rushes out.

I furrow my brows in confusion on why he is rushing me--


My head snaps towards the street, it’s Jessica in her Volkswagon--the passenger window is rolled down where I can see her lean forward from her seat and smiles--smacking her gums very obnoxiously with gum in her mouth. She slightly tilts her head down raising a hand up to tilt her dark sunglasses down the bridge of her nose. “Oh, hey Andrew!”

I turn back to Andrew looking up to meet his eyes, come to find out he was already staring down at me, “Guess this is my cue to leave, innit?” I say, voice low.

Andrew nods, “Don’t worry, I’ll have him until the babysitter arrives...Do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you,” I reply without hesitation, placing Colton gently in his arm, “bye-bye, baby,” I kiss the top of my baby boys head softly, “momma will see you later, okay.” I give him one more kiss just in case.

Andrew chuckles, “Go before you’re late for school.”

Walking towards Jessica’s car I give one last glance before over at the boys before I climb on the passenger side.

Andrew his waving Colton’s chubby hand for me, I laugh.




five hours later...

Ben Rogers POV

I read the note for the hundredth time. Trying to decode it or some shit. Andrew is sitting across from my desk right now, being very quiet as I read it. I tried for fingerprints but there were only partials. So there is nothing, unfortunately, I can do for Mary. All I can do is keep this as a record in case something else happens.

On the other hand, I do need to try and get ahold of the D.E.A. administration. Maybe they have some entail on what they know about a ‘certain’ someone that just visited me yesterday. What was his name--oh, yes, Atticus Rhoades.

He may be apart of this, after all, he did warn me about to stay put with Mary since she could be tied--accidentally involved--or linked you could say with the drug cartel.

I look from the note to see that Andrew is already at the edge of his seat, waiting for me to speak, “I am sorry, Andrew. But, without fingerprints, I’m afraid we have no leads for this.” I inform him.

Out of nowhere, Andrew shoots up from his seat causing the chair to fall backward and make a big loud commotion out of it. He slams his palm atop of my desk, though I didn’t flinch from the sudden action I watch his face twist in what looks to be--that I know all to well--his temper.

“Fuck!” He shouts out, now pacing back and forth, “This is bullshit! Someone just threatened Mary and Colton!”

“Calm down Andrew, we will--”

“We'll what, huh? We'll wait...As if I am capable of waiting when someone is out there playing games, sending stupid ass rhyme-y hickory dickory dock notes!"

I raise my brow, placing my hand on chin trying not to laugh at his use of words in anger, though I must say he is very colorful with his wording...I'll give him that, "Trust the system. We will get there." I promise him.

Ring ring ring ring. I hear his cellphone go off, "Arent you going to answer that?" I ask him. He shakes his head still pacing back and forth, I roll my eyes in annoyance.

"Andrew everything--"

Suddenly, Officer Wickets comes through my door interrupting me, his face in alarming expression, "Srg. Rogers, it's Hailee--"

Once I heard her name slipping out of his mouth I instantly stand up from my chair, I held my breath as my mind reels in all the worse possible things that could go wrong. Hailee.

"Spit it out Wickets, what about Hailee?" I spat out, my heart is racing at this point.

"I thought Andrew knew? The dispatchers got a call a few minutes ago and the first response trucks are out there on the side of the cliff--"

I didn't let him finish as I am already running out the office door, hearing Andrew following behind me.


Author note: I decided to update this chapter I already had. I hope you like it.

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