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Risking Life #9

(Play song- wings- by Birdy with this scene. I cried a bit)

Andrew Rogers POV

Ben is driving completely crazy, as we gain closer on sight--I can see that my station had made it. I watch as Antonio clips on a harness around his torso, readying himself. Ben slams on his breaks right in front of the first response team, without turning off the ignition--he is already out the driverside door running towards my Chief. I quickly catch up making my way up to the fire truck’s side storage door to get dressed in my bunker gear and grab a radio com. Hastily getting dressed I look over to see the side of the road, the barrier has been broken from the incident. I couldn’t see much until finally getting dressed before running over to the side of the road.

I can hear Ben shouting at my Chief, “Why aren’t yall doing anything! My wife is down there dammit!”

At the edge of the road is a cliff, the Pacific Coast splashes against the edge of the rocky wall and the ocean breeze whips against my face. My eyes widen in fear, yes fear, because right down there is a car---Hailee’s car wedged between two giant boulders. The back window of the SUV is shattered while harsh waves constantly hit against the top of its hood. I squint my eyes trying to see if I can see Hailee in there. But, I couldn’t. “HAILEE!” I shout for her, “HAILEE!”

I can hear the crunching sound of the loose gravel behind me. I turn around seeing that it is Ben coming this way, I shake my head taking a step towards him and place my palm atop of the side of his shoulder, stopping him from coming any closer to the edge--to see.

His face written in worry, he says “She’s...She’s my wife, I-I can’t lose-” I shake my head stopping him.

I notice how the bottom of his eyes gloss over, “I know.” I say. I look over to the side seeing Antonio getting ready to zipline down...

I face back to Ben seeing his face, something in his eyes hit with uncertainty. I knew right then he was thinking of the worst--whether if she was alive or not.

“Antonio...let me go down there,” I call out before he was beginning to zip down from a line that is connected to the front of the fire truck.

Antonio raises his brow in question but doesn’t say anything as he hurridly takes off the harness.

I run over to gear up and attach myself to the zipline, making sure its all ready for me while pulling out the tension. I walk backward slowly until I am at the edge of the cliff, leaning down to test how stable I am. I look over my shoulder to visualize all my surroundings and where to go from here.

I hold my breath, before giving Ben a last glimpse, he is running his fingers through his hair in frustration--probably because he feels useless at the moment. The air around me seems to thicken, as I slowly zip down the rocky edge towards the SUV.

The loud noise of the ocean shore rumbles and clashes against the sea edge. I lean my head down, closing my eyes--praying to God, hoping she is alive, that she is okay. ‘Please.’

My hands clench tightly around the line taking each step with calculations, and with ease. I look back to see that I am now just a few feet away from the vehicle. Suddenly, after doing so well the wind start to pick up at highspeed from the updraft--pulling me and taking me with it--causing me to lose my footing on the slippery surface. “Fuck,” I mumble, trying to steady myself back onto the rock wall.

Looking down I didn’t have any other choice before the wind takes me in and causes me to slam against the wall.

So I held in a breath, before letting go of the line, having me quickly zip line, free-falling down onto the back of the SUVs back bumper. I kneel down and lay my palm onto the hood, eyes scanning around, “Hailee!” I call for her.



I keep searching and searching, until--

Until I see a patch of deep brown hair flowing underneath the water at the bottom--on the top of the SUV’s front hood. My eyes widen at the sight, forgetting all the safety protocols from my training I have made a decision. I am getting my stepmother out no matter how bad this gets or how dangerous this is. I quickly with trembling hands unhook the line of the harness that’s around my body and climb in from the back window towards the broken front windshield.

Flashes of that day of Mary and I first met and hung out came to mind.


“What would you do if someone you loved needed saving? Would you risk everything?” She looks down smirking a bit from the side of her lips, cheeks blushing. I tilt my head leaning close to her, trying to catch her attention.

Mary finally looks up, our eyes lock together before I give her my answer, “I risk everything. I would rather go down in history...In that moment, if it comes down to it.” I tell her.

She smiles then laughs pushing my shoulder in a playful way, “that was so poetic.”

I laugh with her shaking my head until I finally meet her eyes yet again, but this time, I find myself captured in them. Not ever wanting this moment to end.

But, it was when I hear her bedroom door burst open seeing a girl with deep brown hair and the same features as Mary.

(End of flashback)

I pull Hailee out of the water her lips purple and body blue. I lay her atop of the SUV top hood and start giving her compressions and blowing air into her mouth. “Come on Hailee, come on!”




Ben Rogers POV

I pace back and forth, as it has been more than ten minutes already. I blow heavy breaths, feet shaking and shoulders tense thinking about this moment, a moment I would never want to believe. Though I try to stay positive, I cant. I couldn’t.

The last words I told her were ‘I didn’t marry a liar’ and left the house last night. I left her. My last words to her, and I didn’t even mean it--I said them out of anger and now, now I can’t get past that. I can’t forgive myself--I will NEVER forgive myself for that.

My chest constricts with this pure agony, I am not able to speak, nor take in all my surroundings at this moment. It’s as if my world is spinning, lost, afraid.

I can’t even think of what to say to Mary...

Thinking Isabella not having her mother-

NO! I can’t think like that-I can’t. It’s my wife...She is the strongest woman I know.

Af if life is playing a sick twisted joke on me, we were just starting a life, a family! WE planned on more, more than this.

I interlock my fingers together, bringing them close to my lips, while closing my eyes, and let my mind imagine her, image her and the baby growing together. Remembering that dream I had last year was slowly fading away in my mind.

“Boy’s help him!”

My eyes snap open looking over to the edge of the road, all the firefighters pulling on the line. I numbly walk over feeling my heart stop, it’s Andrew pulling up Hailee’s body.

I can see that Andrew is trying to find me through the crowded area--scanning his eyes in every direction, until his eyes finally meet with mine.

My breath quickens feeling a slow lone tear slide down my cheek hearing his words.

“She is alive, dad.”

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