The Ties That Bond

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It’s been a week since the intrusion and it didn’t take our warriors long to overpower our enemy, but it didn’t stop the man who claims to be Shay and I’s father from getting away. I want to talk to my parents about what happened, but there are far more pressing matters at hand. Like our warriors slacking off. If it weren’t for them not being where they were supposed to be, Levi and I would have already had sex by now. You don’t want to cross a sexually frustrated she-wolf that has been marked and I am pissed! I don’t know who is angrier between Levi and myself, Ryder, or even Jason. We all head to the arena to meet with the warriors. We couldn’t have them meet us in the office because there are too many of them. Levi is the first to speak.

“Tonight, fifty rouges were able to pass our borders. That should have NEVER been able to happen. Who was supposed to be guarding the southern border? Step forward now!” He growls. We generally have at least six warriors guarding each border and that is how we keep our pack safe. I know this because Levi and I had talked about pretty much everything before the ceremony. Levi, I, Ryder, Shay, Jason, and Alexis all stand in the middle of the arena waiting for the men or women to come down. After ten minutes of impatiently waiting, six warriors make their way to the center of the arena with us, including the man that came to warn us.

“Anna, Rex (the one that informed us of what happened), Bradford, Greg, Helen, and Princeton, care to explain why Rex was the only one at the border a week GO?” Levi asks. They all look at him like he grew two heads. “ANSWER ME!” He fumes.

“Alpha Levi, we were out patrolling, and they slipped past us. They sent us on a chase. We went after ten rouges and they went in when we were focused on the others.” One of the warriors said.

“There were to many for me to take by myself and the others were preoccupied with the rouges, so I came and got you.” Rex explained.

“You’re all dismissed. Go back to your seats.” Levi said before addressing all the warriors. “Attention all warriors, with recent events that have happened last week, we will be holding the Warrior Games early this year. I am NOT going to let my warriors not reach their best potential. If you do not do well in these Games, then you are done with being a warrior and will have to see your Luna for a new job! I AM NOT going to put up with incidents like what happened last week! The games will start next Monday morning at eight sharps! If you are not here and ready, then you will automatically be demoted!” Levi says. “DISMISSED!”

“Let’s get you home Mrs. Andrews.” He said with a smirk. With all that happened this past week I am ready to just take a nice hot bath and cuddle with my husband before tomorrow.

“Sounds good, Mr. Andrews. I could use a nice hot bath and a massage.” I said as I grabbed his hand.

“You automatically think that I’ll give you a massage? You know what they say about assumptions.” He spoke.

“Oh, I’m not assuming anything. I know you’ll give me a massage.” I said with a flirtatious smile.

“Oh, is that so, love? I may have other intentions with you for tonight. You are my wife and I can sense how sexually frustrated you are.” He says as he leans down to press his lips to mine. I let out a small moan and intertwine my fingers in his hair and tug, earning a groan from Levi.

“Get a room you two!” Ryder says as he comes up to us. “Are you sure about the warrior games? We haven’t had them in a few years Levi.”

“I’m sure that something needs to be done and we can’t have anything like what happened last week happen again. My wife was put into danger. Your mate was put into danger Ryder. You and Shay are having your ceremony tomorrow evening.” Levi said with a voice that says, ‘there is no discussing this and it is final’. Ryder just nods his head and takes Shay to their room and Levi and I head to ours.

We arrived back to our room and I am beyond exhausted. My mind is a mess and I feel dirty. Is that man really my father? What does he want with Shay and me? What about our brother? These questions have been running through my mind since he left.

“Unzip me?” I ask Levi.

“It would be my pleasure.” He said coming over to unzip my dress.

As my dress pools at my feet, I bend down to pick it up in order to put it in the hamper. I look back and see Levi eyeing my rear. “Like what you see Mr. Andrews?” I said with a smirk and shake my ass to tease him a little.

“You have no idea babe.” He said.

I go to the bathroom to start the shower and Levi follows shortly after. I look at him in his boxers and might I say this man is sexy as hell. The bathroom is slowly filling with steam and it just makes his muscles look that much better. “Like what you see Mrs. Andrews?” he mockingly asks. I take my bra off and step out of my lace thong and step into the shower. The water is cascading down my body and I can feel the dirt falling off my body. Levi steps in behind me and wraps his arms around my waist kissing my neck. I lean back into him, tilting my head so he has more access to my neck. I can feel his growing erection on my back. I turn towards him pressing my lips to his.

His hands run down my body until they are on my hips, going down to my legs under my butt and he lifts me up and presses me against the wall. I grind against him, ready for him to be inside me. I wrap my legs around his waist and his cock is rubbing against my clit. I let out a moan as he slowly enters my vagina. He stills for a minute while I get use to him. I start moving my hips again and he starts to thrust in and out of me. It feels better than anything I have felt before. Without missing a beat, he turns the water off and we step out of the shower and I’m on the bed with him still inside me. He brings my legs over his shoulders so he’s deeper inside of me.

“Fuck! That feels amazing!” I moan.

“You’re so tight baby. You feel so good.” He says bringing his hand and starts rubbing his thumb against my clit.

“Harder!” I need more. I want more. “Faster Levi. Make love to me like it’s the last time.” I whisper in his ear. He thrust faster and harder. His balls are slapping my ass he’s going so fast. It feels amazing. I feel the pull of ecstasy filling in my belly. He’s so deep, it feels like he’s hitting my uterus. “Levi! Fuck. I’m going to cum!” I’m at the peak and he exists my hole and rams into it again and that takes me over the edge. As I’m riding out my orgasm, I feel his seed spilling into my walls and some of it leaking out.

“Fuck! Willow!” He says as he collapses besides me.

“That…was…amazing. I love you.” I say cuddling up to him with my head on his chest. He’s running his hand through my hair and I can feel sleep pulling to me.

“I love you too, babe. And that was amazing. Let’s get some sleep. We have a long day tomorrow.” He says kissing my forehead.

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