The Ties That Bond

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Warrior Games




I groan as I get woken up by my alarm. I pick up my phone and look at the time and it is six am. The warrior games are today, and Levi decided to have it at eight this morning and I am so not a morning person. We have been busy with planning the Games and trying to figure out answers of what happened two weeks ago with the pack that invaded us. It has been a stressful week and I just want to sleep in. I understand why it needs to be done. We can’t have anything like what happened happen again. That is a whole other thing that we must figure out, but right now we have other things that must be dealt with. I shut the alarm off and turn over to see that Levi is still sleeping. How he could sleep with as loud as the alarm was? I have no clue. Asshole. He can sleep through anything.

I considered taking my pillow and just hitting him with it. Not just because it would be funny, but because he made it to where I had to get up so early. I couldn’t be that mean, could I? I watch him sleep for twenty more minutes while I decide how to wake him up. I decided to go with cold water and then a pillow. I kiss him on the cheek before getting up, careful not to wake him, and head to the kitchen to get ice water. I sit the water on the bedside table and grab my pillow, so it is at the ready. I grab the water and throw it on him and then throw my pillow at him.

“What the hell was that for?” He yelps.

“That’s for making me have to get up early and then sleeping through the alarm!” I said laughing. He jumped up when the water hit him and then the pillow was just icing on the cake. Or so I thought. His shocked face turned into an evil smirk. It was that moment that I knew I was in for it. He leapt from the bed and grabbed me. “Levi! You’re all wet and now you’re getting me wet!” I squeak.

“I wonder how that happened and now you must pay.” He said, bringing his lips to mine.

“I hate to break it to you love, but we have to get up and start getting ready since you wanted to start this so early. Have you even planned any of this out?” I ask trying to get up off the bed, but Levi holds me tighter.

“We have a little bit of time before we have to head down. It’s only six forty-five.” He said with a wink and a mischievous grin on his face. “And for your information, I do have it planned out. We may not have had to have this happen in a while, but it is still the same concept. First is hand-to-hand combat and then combat in wolf form and to finish it off there is an obstacle course with a five-mile run at the end. The bottom ten are going to be relieved of their duties and will have to find something else to do in the pack. Which is where you come in, lover. You are the Luna, so, you help find the members of our pack jobs among other things.” The fact that he thought he had to mansplain what being a Luna is kind of irritated me.

“You realize that I know what my job entails right? I know what being a Luna consists of babe. You don’t have to mansplain it to me. Are you sure this is necessary? I mean I understand that the breach should have never happened, but they did explain that they were fighting off others.” I explained.

“They could have been lying. They could have easily asked for help, but they decided to do it on their own and I don’t allow that under my leadership, and they all knew that. So, yes this is necessary.” He said. “And I’m sorry for trying to tell you what your job description is.” This time I am the one that kisses him. I understand where he is coming from and he is the Alpha and my mate so of course, I’m going to support every decision he makes, even if I don’t agree with them all the time.

I climb on his lap as I deepen the kiss and start grinding on his growing bulge receiving grunts of pleasure from him. I move my kisses down his jawline, to his neck, down his well-defined abs until I reach the top of his boxers. I nip at where his happy trail is while lowering his boxers until his erection springs free. I take my tongue and lick from the base of his shaft to the tip of it and slowly slip his tip into my mouth and the pull it out with a ‘pop’ noise. I do that again and again and I can tell he is getting agitated being teased.

“Willow, if you keep doing that then I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’ll be limping out to the fields.” He said as his eyes changed colors. And what exactly does my petty ass do? I do the same thing again and the get up to walk to the bathroom to get in the shower. I don’t make it very far before Levi growls and throws me on the bed climbing on top of me. He puts his lips to mine, kissing me in a bruising manor. His hands gliding down my thighs, moving to take my shorts and panties off and then his thumb is moving slow, torturous circles around my clit. I let out a soft moan.

“Levi, please!” I beg wanting the release my body so desperately craves.

“Love, you tortured me for a good five minutes, now I’m just getting some payback.” He continues to torture my pussy. Getting me close and then stopping. The next thing I know my legs are over his shoulders and he rams into me in one swift motion. He does it again and again and I can’t contain the screams of pleasure coming from my mouth. I know everyone in this Pack House can hear me and at this exact moment I don’t care.

“Fuck! Levi! Harder, please. Faster!” I scream. He doesn’t disappoint. He picks up his pace slamming in and out of my pussy milking it for everything its worth. “Levi! Don’t stop!” I moan out. “Don’t plan on it love.” He says through gritted teeth. I can feel my orgasm building and I know he’s getting close to.

“I’m going to come Levi.” I said in a loud moan.

“Almost, baby girl, almost.” He says pounding in and out of me until I can’t hold off anymore.

Fuck! Levi!” I scream out my orgasm. He pumps in and out a few more time before finding his own release.

“Fuck, baby. You’re going to be the death of me. Let’s get in the shower and head to the arena.” He says taking my hand and leading me to the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later and we are heading down the stairs to head to the training arena. We have twenty minutes before it starts and I’m starving. I walk into the kitchen and grab a banana nut muffin while Levi grabs a chocolate chip muffin. “Ready to head out babe?” He asks.

“Yeah. Let’s do this thing!” I say pumping my fist in the air. He shakes his head and chuckles pecking me on the lips and leading me to the door.

When we reach the arena, there are at least a hundred warriors waiting in the arena and pretty much everyone from the pack are sitting on the bleachers around them. Levi and I walk into the middle of the arena to explain what is to happen. “Welcome everyone! As you all know, we had a border breach that should have been avoided. So, we have decided to have the warrior game. The first round will be hand to hand combat. You will be fighting until someone submits! The next round will be combat in wolf form and you will fight until the other submits. The third and final round will be a series of obstacles and a five-mile run. The bottom ten will be getting demoted and will see my wife to find something else to do. You will be judged on everything you all do today. Now, at this time, before we begin, I would like to give the floor to Willow so she can explain what she needs to.” I stood there in shock. He never told me I had to talk! Time to do what I do best.

“Welcome all.” I say hiding my nerves behind a neutral facial expression. “Now as Levi has said, the bottom ten will meet me in my office one at a time once this is finished. I want you all to do well and I wish you all the best. If you happen to be in that bottom ten then I will do my best to fit you to something that will best suit your skills. After this is finished, I will have a sign in sheet with times to meet for today over on the table. I expect anyone who would like to see me go ahead and fill that out, but remember, I will be seeing the bottom ten first. So, please leave the first ten spaces open. Now, I need you all to find your partner and line up. Once everyone is partnered up the horn to start the matches will begin. Good luck to you all.” I say heading over to Levi and my seats.

The first round was interesting to see. It was nice to see our warriors fight the way they did. With passion for what they do. There were some that were weaker than others, which resulted in their matches being shorter than the others. It took about an hour for everyone in the first round to complete their matches. The second round is wolf forms. It’s always good to see your warriors fight not only in human form, but also in wolf form. Those that are weaker in their human form may be stronger in their wolf form. I was right. There were some that were stronger in their wolf form than in their human form. In my opinion, they should be able to hold their own in human form as well just in case they can’t shift when they need to. It took another hour to finish the second round and then it was time for the third and final round.

For the third round there are three obstacles along with the five-mile run. The first obstacle course is the wall climb and jump. They must climb the ten-foot wall and then jump down and land smoothly without causing injury. They must do that four times. Then the second obstacle course is crawling under wires. The first they must crawl through is dry and the other is wet. They must do that in their human and wolf forms. The third course is made up of different types of monkey bars. Some have an incline, and some have a decline. Once that is successfully completed they line up and wait to start the five-mile run to finish it off. Levi blows the airhorn and they all start the courses. An hour and half later they are well into their run. Levi and I compare notes with Ryder and Jason and their mates since we have the final decision.

“So, I think that Vega is the best one we have. I think he should be promoted to lead one of the teams. I also think that Joshua should be in one of the bottom ten. He doesn’t seem as trained as he could be.” I state and Levi agrees about Vega but feels that Joshua should be given the chance to prove himself since he just joined a week ago. After debating for around thirty minutes all the men and women arrived back and we have made our decisions. Levi stands to make the announcements.

“Thank you all for participating in today’s events. There are some good warriors her, some that I’m disappointed in, and some that I’m happy with. Now I, Ryder, Jason, and our mates have all gone over whom we think deserves this. We all agreed that the best one that will lead a team of his own and that was William Vega. Vega if you would wait until the end and we will have you pick your team of twenty men and or women. Moving on, the bottom ten are as follows and will sign up with a time to meet with Willow to discuss further on what you can do. If you have a problem with being demoted and decide to take it out on my wife, I will personally see that you get the worst of the worst jobs there is. As I call your names please go over and pick a time on the paper on the table in front.” Levi explained before he started reading the names off.

“Baxter, Holland, Nevland, Jameson, Prince, Johnson, Parker, Summers, London, Costello! Head over and find a time to meet with Willow. I’m sorry but you are all in the bottom ten.” Levi says walking over to me.

“I see that Joshua isn’t one of the bottoms ten.” I said.

“Babe. We agreed.” He said.

“I know, but I just feel that if he doesn’t get better someone could get hurt. Or worse, he could.” I explained. He kissed me on the cheek before agreeing with me.

“Give him a month and if he doesn’t get better then I will make sure to demote him. Everyone in agreement?” He asks not only me, but everyone at the table.

“Okay. I trust you and I will always support you in all you do even when I don’t agree. I love you.” I said to him. All the guys signed up for the times they wanted, and I had a few hours until they begin.

“I think I am going to head home and eat some lunch and take a nap before my meetings. I’m exhausted from someone keeping me up all night.” I said poking Levi’s side.

“I’ve got a few things I need to take care of in the office and then I have meetings of my own throughout the day. I will see you when you come through, yeah?” He asked.

“Of course, baby. Walk me home?” I asked giving him my best puppy dog stare. “And you better get something to eat before you start working. I’ll bring supper later when I come in.”

“I will always walk you home, my love. I’ll grab something small to hold me over until you come with supper.” He said.

“I love you.” I tell him before turning to the other two men in our group. “Ryder and Jason. I need you two in my office around five when I have a break for meetings to discuss something important. Shay and Alexis already know, and they can fill you in on what I’m speaking about.” I said as we started to part ways. They both said okay, and Levi gave me a confused look. “You’ll find out soon enough babe.”

“Okay. I trust you babe. Oh, and I love you too baby. Let’s get you home so you can rest. You’re not looking to well.” He said.

“I don’t feel all that well either. Can you believe we have been married for three weeks now? It’s like time has gone by to quick.” I said and then I had a thought of why I’m not feeling too well and am exhausted. We get home and Levi walks me to the bedroom and kisses my head as I snuggle deeper in the bed. “I love you so much babe.”

“I love you too love. Get some rest and I’ll see you when you get into the office.” He said kissing my head before leaving the room. After he left I couldn’t get my mind off the thought of possibly being pregnant. I decide to text Alexis.

ME: Hey…can you bring over a pregnancy test?

ALEXIS: A WHAT????? You don’t think you are do you?

ME: If I didn’t I wouldn’t be asking you to bring one over now would I?

ALEXIS: I’ll be over in an hour. XOXO

ME: Okay…thanks…I’m going to take a nap…XOXO

With that I let my eyes close and the dreamless sleep come willingly.

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