The Ties That Bond

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It feels like I just fell asleep when I was shaken awake by Lexa.

“Hey sleepyhead…I brought what you asked for. Now get your ass up and take this test. I actually brought three.” She said.

I groaned as I started wiping the sleep from my eyes. “I feel like I just went to sleep. Wait…why did you bring three? I just needed one.” I questioned.

“Well I figured you didn’t want to do this alone, so I brought one for you, myself, and Shay.” She said nonchalantly. I feel like she’s hiding the real reason, but I’m too tired to argue.

“Okay. Where is Shay?” I asked looking around for my sister.

“She is on her way up. She had to help Ryder with something.” As soon as she finished talking, Shay walked in the room.

“Let’s get this party started. I brought snacks and movies! We’re having a girls night tonight lady.” Shay said.

“I have meetings I have to go to in about an hour.” I protested but got a the ‘I handled it’ look from my sister.

“I already talked to Levi and told him that you weren’t feeling well, which he already figured out, and told him we were having a girls night and he said to tell you he will be home later and to have fun and he loves you. Now you get to go pee on the stick first.” She said and I did what I was told to do and peed on the stick. Shay followed me and Lexa followed her. We set a timer for three minutes and picked out a movie to get loaded up to keep our minds busy. “So, I brought all of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies and the Twilight movies. So, which should we start with?” She asks.

We all three said Fifty Shades at the same time. The timer went off and we all went to the bathroom where our tests were. “Oh. My. Goddess. How is this possible?” I asked quietly. We looked at our tests and there was only one positive out of the three…and it was mine. “I can’t believe it. I need to tell Levi, but I’m going to do something and I’m going to need your guys’ help.” I told them.

“What do you have planned?” Shay and Alexis ask in unison. I give them a mischievous smirk. I tell them the plan and they seem to like it.

“First things first. Let’s head to the office and I’ll have Levi pull Jason and Ryder into a meeting.” I said as I took the phone off my dresser and texted Levi.

ME: Hey…babe…I need you to call Ryder and Jason into the office and us girls will meet you guys there…

LEVI: What’s going on??? Should I be worried? They are already here. We’re in a meeting.

ME: Okay…be there in five…love you…

“Alright girls…let’s go get this over with so we can get back to our night.” I said. We walked down from Levi and my room and went to the other end of the Packhouse where the offices are.


“Come in.” Levi’s voice came through. I opened the door and we all walked in and looked at our men. They must have seen our faces because they came over and led us to sit on their laps.

“Ladies…what’s going on?” Ryder asks.

“Well…first things first…how do you guys feel about a triple pregnancy?” I ask. Their facial expressions were priceless. I wish I would have taken a picture. It took everything I had not to blow it right there.

“What do you mean?” The guys ask at the same time.

“Well, I haven’t been feeling well lately and I asked Alexis to bring me a pregnancy test and she brought three. One for each of us.” I said.

It was silent for what seemed like hours when it was only a few minutes. “We’re having a baby?” Levi asks me. I look at him and give him a kiss.

“I know it’s really soon. We’ve been mated for only a little over a month and I was in the hospital for a while and we’ve only been married for three weeks and we have moved so fast, but yes we’re having a baby.” His face turned up into a smile and he smashed his lips to mine.

“We’re having a baby!” He exclaimed.

“How is this even possible? How could all three of you be pregnant at the same time?” Ryder asks.

“I guess the Goddess just figured that we needed a baby at the same time. I don’t know.” Alexis explained, but she couldn’t keep the straight face. I figured she would be the one to blow this whole thing.

“Why are you laughing?” Jason asks Alexis.

“You guys should see your faces right now. It is priceless. The only one pregnant here is Willow. She came up with this scheme to see how you guys would react.” Shay explained. Before we could continue the sirens started to go off and we were rushed into my office that acts as a safe room.

“What the hell is going on? Levi you can’t expect me to stay here. I need to help the others get to safety. I am their Luna. It is my job!” I said.

“They know to get to the panic rooms in their homes and those who aren’t at home are to go to one of the panic rooms around the grounds. You are not to leave this room. Any of you. Don’t argue me on this Willow. You are pregnant. We will be back as soon as it is over.” Levi said.

“Levi…” He gives me the look of ‘don’t start right now’. “Come back to us. If you don’t I will kill you myself after bringing you back to life.” He gives me a nod before kissing my lips and he and they guy’s head out locking the door behind them.

I rush over to my computer and turn it on. I have access to our cameras around the border and the pack. “Will…what are you doing?” Shay asks.

“I’m looking at the cameras. I want to know who the fuck this is and what the hell they want.” I said. Both Alexis and Shay pull up the chairs in my office around my desk and watch the screen. I must say that I am glad we held the warrior games. It seems that our warriors are kicking ass. We weeded out the weak and made them stronger. I see Levi in his wolf form. He’s massive. That’s when I see he’s trapped. Six other wolves are circling him. I let out a shriek. I can’t lose him. I feel the tears streaming down my cheeks. One of them nips at his hind legs before Ryder and Jason can come over. That’s when I see it. A figure just watching the destruction in front of him. “I have to get out of here. He needs my help.” I say.

“Will…you can’t leave. It’s locked from the outside and only Levi, Ryder, or Jason can unlock it with their handprint and eye scan.” Alexis says. I know she’s right, but the man that ruined my wedding night is standing right there and I know what he wants. He wants my sister and myself.

“Shay…it’s the man that claims he is our father…”

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