The Ties That Bond

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We get into the meeting room and everyone is waiting on us women. “Sorry we’re late gentlemen, but we went to the doctor to check on your future alpha.” I know I just told everyone that I’m pregnant, but they were going to find out soon enough anyways. I sit next to Levi, who pulls my chair out for me and kisses me on top of the head before sitting down himself. After all the congratulations to the Alpha pair, Levi starts the meeting.

“As you all know we were attacked this morning. The leader of the pack that attacked us will be staying in the packhouse per the orders of your Luna. He is her and Shay’s father. He has given us some valuable information and I would like you all to remember that Willow is your Luna and even if you don’t like her decision, you will respect it. If you do not, then you will be punished appropriately. I will not have anyone disrespect my mate and your Luna. Now, Josiah has said that he was trying to take the girls somewhere to keep them safe from the kings’ sons. Apparently, they were promised to them at a young age. However, we plan on sitting down with their mother and father and biological father after this meeting. This meeting will consist of the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma pair, and Mr. and Mrs. Thompson.

I look around and there are some angry me that are glaring my way. I can tell that they’re not happy, but I don’t really care. I’m taking this threat seriously and trying to make Josiah comfortable, so he won’t hesitate to tell us more information. We all know about the King and his sons. Jackson and Taylor Hayes. They are known as playboys and are always in trouble. Personally, I have never met them. I mean, clearly since I found my mate and am not with whichever one I’m supposed to be with. I’m brought back to reality with the sound of arguing.

“What do you mean she let him stay here? He should be in the cages or dead!” One of the Elders says.

“Just as I said Francis! She made the decision and I will follow that decision. She is my mate and the Luna of this pack. I highly doubt she would do anything to hurt, or put, this pack in danger. Now, you need to watch how you talk to me. I am still the Alpha of this pack and I will be respected.” Levi growls.

“Now, after we have the meeting with Josiah and Shay and Willow’s parents I will have another meeting to discuss everything we find out. I am not letting them get to either of these girls. Meeting dismissed until I call for another one later.” The glares don’t stop, and I am starting to get irritated.

“Do you have a problem, Francis? If you don’t wipe that look off your face I will gladly do it for you. You have been glaring at me since this meeting started. That goes for all of you glaring at me. You may not be happy with MY decision, but you WILL respect it. I will not put up with disrespect.” I stated. Levi looked shocked that I would blow up like that. I don’t see why as I was blowing up at him after I got out of the hospital. Everyone leaves except for me, Levi, Ryder, Shay, Jason, and Alexis. “What Levi? Wipe the shocked look off your face. I’m emotional and I don’t want to deal with stupid wolves that think they can intimidate me with their glares.” I tell him. His shocked face turns into one of lust and his eyes darken.

“Baby girl, you should really watch your tone before I fuck you in front of everyone in this room.” He says causing my panties instantly become wet. Not about everyone watching, but when Levi fucks, he fucks.

“I don’t think you will. I’m your equal and I am not going to cower down to be some obedient bitch. Maybe I like to defy you occasionally. I mean it is a great fuck.” I say staring right into his eyes, not backing down. I know it’s dangerous to stare at the Alpha as their wolf takes it as a challenge, but I don’t think that’s the case this time. I’m hormonal and horny as fuck. I know he can smell my arousal as can everyone else in this room. I look away to see everyone staring at us. “Don’t look at me that way you guys. I’m not the only one that is horny as fuck right now. I can smell it!” I say.

“Out! Be back in an hour for the next meeting.” Levi says not taking his eyes off mine. Everyone leaves and I know what is about to happen. Levi drags me from my chair and into his lap so I’m straddling him. “So, you like to defy me, huh? Maybe I should show you what happens when you do that.” He says, sending shivers down my spine. His lips meet mine in a hungry desire filled way. I moan into his mouth giving him access to roam around my mouth with his tongue. He stands up and lays me against the table. It takes all of five seconds before he has my clothes off and his as well. I can’t help but admire his body. “I’m not going to be easy baby girl.” He says before he plunges into me until his balls are touching my ass. I let out a loud moan as he exits and slams into me again.

“Fuck, Levi.” I moan out. He keeps pounding into me and I feel the warm sensation of ecstasy building in the pit of my stomach. I can tell he’s getting close as well. His grunts get louder as his thrust get faster. I clench the walls of my pussy together making him growl.

“Fuck baby girl, if you keep doing that I’m not going to last much longer.” He says through gritted teeth. So, I do it again and again.

“That’s what I’m hoping for.” I smirk at him. He slams into again and again until I burst at the seams with my own orgasm as he cums with me.

“What are you doing to me woman?” He asks as he leans over me kissing me softly.

“Giving you a run for your money, Mr. Alpha.” I say. We lay there for a few minutes trying to calm our breathing and he pulls out of me and gets dressed. I get dressed as well and sit on his lap in his chair. “What are we going to do babe? I believe him, but I don’t want to.” I ask.

“I don’t know baby girl. I just know that you need to trust your gut and if that is trusting him, then I trust you and will follow your lead. Now, let’s have your parents come here so we can get this meeting over and then the other one so we can go home and get you to bed and make plans for tomorrow.” He says. I love this man and I am glad that he supports my decisions as much as I do his.

I call my parents and ask them to come in for a meeting and Levi calls his Beta and Gamma to come back as well. He sends for a warrior to go get Josiah and our friends are the first ones to show up. “Why did you guys have to fuck in here? You couldn’t have just done it in your room like we did? It reeks of sex in here now.” Ryder says.

“We couldn’t wait that long.” Levi says to his brother.

“Dude it’s literally upstairs. You know two doors down from mine and one door down from Ryders?” Jason chimes in.

“Yeah, well. I can’t help it that Willow is just so fucking sexy I couldn’t wait. Besides, it’s not like you haven’t had sex in this room. Remember when I walked in on you and a certain lady.” Levi says.

“LEVI!” I say slapping his arm, laughing. Before we can continue our banter, my parents walk in and shortly after, Josiah follows. This should be interesting.

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