The Ties That Bond

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Unexpected Visitors

It’s been two weeks since Josiah brought forward the information of my future. Plans have been made and remade. There have been tears and hateful words. Josiah’s pack arrived a few days after the last meeting with my parents and they have been training with Levi’s warriors. We have sent some of our best scouts to scout out anything that could help. It hasn’t seemed to help other than the fact that they are looking for us. I still don’t understand what could cause a mother or even a father to stoop that low. I don’t think I will ever understand. I don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Levi being my support. He has been amazing. Even with his Alpha duties, he is always there.

I’ve had to put off the meetings with the warriors that got demoted until we figured something out, so that’s what I’m taking care of today. I walk down to Levi’s office since I go through his to get to mine so I can get started with these meetings. After I meet with the ten warriors I have to go over to the labor and delivery and pick up the papers for all of the new births and enter them into the system before filing them. Then, I have to oversee some training since one of the head warriors is out with his mate after having their baby, then I can finally go home and relax and watch some Netflix with my handsome mate.

“Morning baby girl.” Levi says looking up from his paperwork as I walk in.

“Morning babe.” I say.

“Everything okay?” He asks.

“Yeah, I’m just exhausted and ready to be in bed with you. This is going to be one long ass day. Not to mention this little one won’t quit making mommy throw up every five minutes.” I say.

Levi gets up from his desk and walks over to me engulfing me into his arms. His warmth cascades me with calmness. “It’ll all be okay baby girl. Just know I’m right here if you need anything.” He says before leaning down to my stomach. “And you mister need to be nice to your mommy or you’re going to be grounded.” I can’t help but let out a small chuckle.

“I’ve got to go get everything ready. Baxter will be here in about ten minutes for his meeting.” I say kissing Levi’s cheek.

“Okay babe. I love you. I’ll be in here filing my own paperwork and I’ll be in meetings with Ryder and Jason, but don’t hesitate to get me if you need me.” He said.

“I will babe. I love you too.” I say before going into my office. Five hours later and I have gone through all the meetings and got the guys set up with something else to do here. They weren’t happy with the outcomes of what happened, but it wasn’t my fault. It was the rules. One of the guys decided to raise his voice and step up to me saying it was all my fault. He realized he made a mistake when Levi, Ryder and Jason ran into my office and Levi grabbed him by his neck and threw him up against the wall telling him if he does it again he’ll rip his throat out. It was an eventful morning. It’s now one pm and I am starving. I pack my things up and head out of my office locking it up.

“I’m going to get some food before heading over to the hospital. Are you hungry? I can bring you something back after.” I asked Levi.

“Yeah, that would be great baby girl. I have a meeting in five minutes to discuss how the warriors are doing.” He said looking at his paperwork. I wish I could multitask as well as he does. I’ve never been good at it.

“Oh, I looked over the contracts that you put on my desk the other day. They’re in my top drawer with my notes. Most of them are good deals, but others are trying to throw things in through small print. I guess it’s a good thing you married a lawyer.” I said.

“Okay, I’ll get them in a bit. I’ll see you after you get back from the hospital baby girl. Thank you and I suppose it isn’t the worst thing, except you are too good at the arguments we have. Be safe. I love you.”

“Always baby. I love you too. I should be back in about an hour.” I say walking out. I decide to go to the hospital first and then swing by the kitchen and get lunch and eat with Levi. The hospital is about a fifteen-minute walk from the packhouse and I take the time to enjoy it. It allows me to clear my head and sort my thoughts out.

“Luna Willow. What can I help you with?” The receptionist asks.

“I’m looking for Shay. She has the paperwork for the newborns I need.” Yeah, my sister works in labor and delivery. She has always wanted to be an OB/GYN and she finished her degree a few months ago and got a job here. It helps that she is the Beta Female, but I won’t tell her that. Alexis got a job at the school after she graduated.

“She should be in her office. I’ll let her know you’re on your way up.” She says and I reply with a thank you and head to the third floor to Shay’s office.

“Hey sis. Do you have all the papers ready? I’ve got to get Levi lunch. The guys have been in meetings all day. I think they think they are taking the worry off us.” I say.

“Yeah, it’s right here. I know. Ryder just left not too long ago after lunch here. I wished they realized we are still going to worry and stress about it even if they think they’re taking most of it.” She said.

“I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for the papers. I’ve got feed Levi and myself. This little munchkin is starving.” I say giving her a hug. “I’ll see you later, yeah?”

“Of course, it’s game night.” I wave and head out of the hospital. I take my time walking back towards the Packhouse taking in the scenery in front of me. I get in my head and the thoughts of what my parents did seeps back in. I think that’s why I’ve kept myself as busy as I can these past two weeks. I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to be mad at my parents. I’m still hoping this is all a joke. I hate being mad at the two people who have been there my whole life. What would my life be like if I were with one of the Kings sons? I know it wouldn’t be filled with love with him not being my mate. That’s another thing that gets me…my mother left my birth father for her mate. She knew what it was like to be with a man and then also be with her mate. So, why would she make her daughters go through it? I just wish I could understand and see where she was coming from when making this decision. Hell, I want to know what my father was thinking. This is just all too much. I can’t take it. I can’t take the stress that comes with it and I know it isn’t good for the baby.

I’m so sorry baby. I know mommy is stressed and I’m trying not to be for you. I can’t help but think that I’m already failing as a mother. No, I can’t think like this. I need to be strong for Levi and our little munchkin.

I make it to the Packhouse and walk into the kitchen and see that there are salads prepared along with chicken and broccoli fettuccini. My favorite. I grab two salads and fill two containers with the pasta and grab two waters and head back to Levi’s office. Once I get there I walk in and he is on the phone with someone, so I wait for him to finish his call. I clear off a corner of his desk and lay out the food that I brought and get it ready for us to eat. I pull up a chair and sit in it and start to eat my salad.

“What do you mean they’re dead? They weren’t supposed to be seen!” Levi says, clearly agitated. Who’s dead? Does he mean our scouts? They are the only ones I can think of that would be doing any type of snooping. Oh, Goddess…They were found out. Panic starts to take over me. What if they find us? The King cannot be happy with us not being paired with his sons. Levi slams his phone down and brings me out of my thoughts.

“Who’s dead? Is it our scouts? Does the King know?” I ask hastily. Levi sighs and I know I’m right. Nausea instantly hits me, and I rush over to the trashcan and empty my stomach. This can’t be happening. We were supposed to have the upper hand.

“Willow, it’ll be okay. We’ll figure it out baby girl. Don’t worry. You can’t have this added stress. You’re still early in your pregnancy baby. I need you to be strong. I love you and I will do anything and everything to protect you.” He says rubbing my back and holding my hair. “Are you okay?”

“Levi, how am I supposed to not worry about this? I’m scared. I know I need to calm down for the baby, but how the hell can I do that when everything is going so wrong? No, I’m not okay, but I’m going to be strong for our pup and our pack. I love you.” I say going back over to the chair I was sitting in. “Let’s eat. We have to be at the arena in an hour to oversee the training.”

We eat our lunch and are joking around and talking about the baby. We talk about everything. We keep no secrets from each other. As we’re eating and talking, I managed to enter all the data that needed to be entered into the system and after we finished eating, I filed the papers that I got from the hospital and now I’m waiting on Levi to finish up what he needs to do. Fifteen minutes later and Levi is finished, and we are heading to the training arena.

“Whose team are you covering for today babe? I need to know if I need to change you.” Levi asks.

“I’m covering for Hudson. Remember? Him and his mate just had their baby a few days ago and he came to ask us if he could be home with them for the first few days.” I explain.

“I remember. I guess I’ve been a little stressed and may have forgotten momentarily. Hudson covers hand to hand combat. You can’t do that right now babe. Why don’t you take my team? They’re just fighting in their wolf forms. Even though you can’t shift, you can critique.” He says.

“What’s the difference of watching hand to hand or wolf on wolf Levi?” I know he’s worried, but still.

“Baby girl, hand to hand you have to interact and do it too.” He explains.

“Okay. We’ll switch then. What is it? Switching every hour?” I ask. I haven’t watched over a training in a while and Levi changes everything like he does underwear.

“Yeah. I’ll be right by you with Hudson’s group if you need me.” He says kissing my forehead.

I head over to my station and wait for the guys to come over. “Where’s the Alpha?” One of the warriors asks.

“He’s taking over for Hudson. I’m taking over for him since I’m pregnant and he doesn’t want me doing the hand to hand. I’m assuming you all know that you are training in wolf form. I also want to remind you we are only fighting to submission. Once the wolf submits you will wait until we switch partners. Now, partner up and shift. I don’t want any slacking off. There is a war coming and we need to be ready.” I say.

“I hate to burst your bubble, but the war is already here.” A voice I don’t recognize says.

Before I can say anything, Levi is running towards me. “WILLOW! Get away from her! You cannot have her!”

“Now, is that a way to speak to your King, Alpha?” The King said.

The King. He’s here.

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