The Ties That Bond

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The Challenge

I can’t believe this is happening. I thought we would have more time to prepare. We haven’t gotten a good plan yet. How the hell are we supposed to fight them now. Sure, we have a strong pack, but the Kings is stronger. We were supposed to have the element of surprise. Now, here I am being held with my arms behind my back by the King himself. “Please, let me go!” I beg. I just want to be back in Levi’s arms.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that Willow. You see, my son, Jackson was promised you long ago and when I found out that you were mated and married, I couldn’t help but wonder why. You were supposed to be brought to the kingdom after you graduated, but I see that didn’t happen.” The nerve of this guy. King or not, I could never be with his son even if I never met Levi. If it weren’t for the mating bond helping, it would have taken a lot for me to even trust him, but I know he would do anything to make sure that he earned my trust. It was just the type of guy he was.

“I don’t think you understand. My parents made that deal NOT me and NOT my sister. Now. Let. Me. GO!” I yelled. I know I shouldn’t yell at the King, but the nerve he has.

“Speaking of your sister, where is she? We have much to discuss. Also, watch your tone when you talk to me, I will not tolerate disrespect! If it weren’t for my son, I would have your head for the way you talked to me.” He sneered.

“I don’t care who you are! I have my mate and I would NEVER be with your son. Even if I was forced. As for my sister, she isn’t here. She’s gone.” I lied. Of course, she was still here, he just didn’t need to know that.

“I said to let her go! She is MINE!” Levi snarled. I could tell he’s starting to lose his cool. He’s fighting with his wolf and his eyes are almost black. He can’t go up against the King. Not yet anyways.

“Levi, calm down baby. I’m okay. We’re okay.” I said trying to tear myself from the Kings grasp. It’s not helping. “Baby, I need you to calm down. Please. For me, for our baby! We can’t lose you!” I plead. I can see he is starting to calm down some, but not much. He’s glaring at the King like he is about to rip his head off.

Babe…I need you to keep a level head. We can’t defeat him if you get killed. If you die, I die. Baby trust me. I tell him through mind-link. I’m starting to formulate a plan and the last thing I need is Levi trying to go after him. His eyes start to soften when he looked at me but hardened once again when he looked back to the King.

“You see, I know you’re lying about your sister. I have my men bringing her here now. Once she is here, we have much to discuss.You stand down Alpha before I rip your head off.”

“Let me go, please.” I pleaded again. He let me go but threw me into the arms of whom I assuming is Jackson. “Don’t touch me.” I sneered.

“Feisty, I like a challenge. Come on now baby is that how you treat your soon to be beloved?” He asked.

“I’m nothing to you and I never will be. You are sick if you think I would ever go for someone like you. Taking me by force will get you nowhere. NOW. LET. ME. GO!” I growled. What is it with men manhandling women like ragdolls? I’m over being treated like shit.

“Oh, baby girl, I’d never let you go. You were promised to me and I get what I want. When I want something, I get it.” I’m going to be sick.

“Shay!” I heard Ryder shout. I turned around to see her being dragged to the arena and Ryder running towards her. She looks so scared and I can’t get to her to make her feel better. She’s my baby sister and I can’t do anything because I’m being tightly held by Mr. Cocky. The nausea isn’t subsiding and it’s only getting worse. I can’t move very well, but I manage to turn my head enough to let all the contents from my stomach come up.

“What the fuck!” Jackson bellows throwing me towards the ground. Did I mention that I couldn’t get my head turned completely so some of it landed all over him? I waste no time at all getting my balance and rushing over to Levi.

“Did you…just throw up on one of the Princess?” Levi asked with amusement in his eyes.

“The baby made me do it.” I said with a slight smile as Levi leaned down to my belly and told the baby good job.

“She’s pregnant too!” I heard the King bellow. “Now that both girls are here let’s get down to business. I will give you three days to collect your belongings and say goodbye to your loved ones before you come with me and marry my sons. We’ll deal with the problem of you being mated and knocked up once you are back to the Kingdom. If you refuse to come there will be a war and I promise that your Alpha lover will be the first to die. I will be staying close, so don’t try anything stupid.”
“You will not touch my child or my mate! I will not allow it! I, Levi Andrews, Alpha of Orange Moon, challenge you, King Alevandar Hayes, for the title of King!” Levi spit out.

“Levi! No. You can’t!” I exclaim.

“Trust me baby. I got this. I will not allow anything happen to you or our baby. I will protect you with my last dying breath.” He says kissing me.

“You challenge me? Ha! I am the strongest wolf out there. You are a measly Alpha. Unfortunately, I must accept the challenge and don’t worry, Jackson will take good care of your Luna when I kill you. You have three days!” He sneered as he turned to leave.

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