The Ties That Bond

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It felt so good to be back home in Hartford. I missed it and I was glad to get away from Jake and everything that he did to me over the two and half years we were together. I just wanted to forget about it, and I thought that I could since I didn’t have to see him in class every day now that I’m home, but it doesn’t work that way apparently. After he grabbed me at graduation it brought all the memories back. I thought I was past it, but apparently it takes more than four months to get over it.

After walking into the doors of my childhood home I head straight to my old bedroom. Nothing has changed. It still has the same full-sized bed and the Eiffel Tower bedding that I had on it the last time I was here. The blue walls were the same with my pictures from high school with my friends. It feels good to be back. My parents and my sister are leaving tonight to go back to New Haven where the Moon Forest Pack is so my sister can see if her mate is there. I know it sounds weird not to look in your own pack, but the Moon Forest pack is bigger by about a hundred people and it is also where my parents met. My mom lived there before she met my father and moved to Hartford to join the Orange Moon pack with my father. So, we are having a family dinner to celebrate my graduation and homecoming before they leave.

I need a shower so I can wash the stress of the day away. I gather my towel and some clothes and as I’m heading to my bathroom my phone dings. It’s my best friend since we were pups, Alexis. She has also been my life savior during college and everything that was happening with Jake.

ALEXIS: what are you doing tonight?

ME: having dinner with my parents before they leave.

ALEXIS: when are they leaving?

ME: probably around eight or so. Why?

ALEXIS: I’m taking you out to celebrate our graduation!!! Don’t even bother fighting me on this you won’t win.

ME: I was just going to stay home and unpack and relax...maybe binge watch my DC TV shows...

ALEXIS: you can do that any night. Come on it’ll be fun I promise. We deserve this.

ME: Fine. Where?

ALEXIS: Posh. 9PM.

ME: see you there...

I guess it wouldn’t hurt. I did work hard and barely went to any parties while at school. I was either in the library, my dorm, or class studying my ass off to get my law degree. I really wanted to relax a little before though, but Alexis is the type of girl that won’t give up until you say yes. I’m the same way so I guess that’s why we click together so well. Its seven now and dinner is almost done when I get out of the shower. I throw on my tank top and pajama shorts and head downstairs to my family.

“It’s about time you grace us with your presence. I thought you were going to miss out on your homecoming dinner!” My mother exclaimed.

“You know I could never miss out on my favorite meal mom.” She makes the best homemade chili there is.

After dinner I am stuffed! Chili has always been my favorite food since I can remember, and I always eat a lot of it when she makes it. “Alright young lady. Your mother and I got you a graduation present. We are so proud of you and wanted to get you this because you worked so hard.” My dad says as he hands me a little box with a bow on it. I open the box to see a set of keys. I look at them with furrowed brows. I didn’t see a car when we pulled into the driveway earlier.

“Follow us.” My dad says.

“You guys didn’t have to get me anything. Just being there today and every day of my life is enough” I told them.

We walk out of the door and there in the driveway is my dream car. A white Chevy Tahoe. I have always wanted one. “You guys didn’t!” I yelled. I can’t believe they got me my dream car. My parents aren’t the richest, but they have worked hard for all they have and saved throughout the years.

“We wanted you to have something nice. You are going to be a lawyer after all. You can’t just walk to work and back every day. Your father and I use our vehicles so they wouldn’t be here when you left.” My mother explained.

“Thank you thank you thank you! I love you guys so much!”

“Does that mean I get a new car when I graduate college?” My sister asks my parents. “We’ll talk about that when you actually do.” My father said. We go back inside and it’s almost time for them to go on their trip. They’ll be back on Monday since they’re only staying the weekend.

“Alright honey. We’re heading out. You be careful and don’t have too much fun while we’re gone. Make sure you clean up after your party tomorrow.” My mom said. They have always been easy going about me having a few friends over for a party and they trust me, so I don’t get asked very many questions when I want to do something.

“Okay I’ll make sure I do just that. You guys be careful, and I’ll see you Monday. I love you guys. ” I say. I watch them leave and it’s now eight thirty and I still need to get ready.

Posh is a new club that opened a few years ago. It is supposed to be nice, so I need to look the part. I go up to my room and pick out a red dress with an open back and a plunging neckline. It’s not so far down to where my boobs fall out. It is mid-thigh length and it shows my curves perfectly. It’s not skintight, but its tight enough to accent my body the way I want it to. I finish getting the dress on and grab my black ankle boots with a wedge heel before I straighten my hair and do my makeup and I’m ready to head out. It’s a good thing that the club is only ten minutes from my house since I have just that amount of time before I meet Alexis. I called an uber earlier, so it should be here anytime now. I shoot Alexis a text to let her know that I’m on my way.


ALEXIS: okay. You won’t believe who is here!

I don’t even think I want to know. It couldn’t be Jake could it? He’s been trying to get me back, but I keep turning him down and it keeps pissing him off. He wouldn’t show up here. Would he? He was supposed to go back to his parents’ house that was a good 3 hours away or so. I instantly felt like staying home and not bothering going, but it is a little late since I’m already here and I did look hot. It’s a big place maybe if he is here, I won’t see him.

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